Times Turn 1

Players have visited 4% of all inhabited regions.



For the first time in many years, this is my new beginning in a new world. Amazing feeling. Once upon a time I was called .. it doesn't matter, today this name does not suit me in any way. A new world -- a new history. So who will I be in this world?
Lost in the RYe (11)
And so it begins
Nils Olav (14)
Day 1

Woke up in the Nexus. Memory is fuzzy. What the hell happened? Have I been defeated on Malachan? Impossible. But evidence shows that the fail safe spell I've implemented to activate upon my imminent death kicked in since I still exist. I'm in the Nexus. Again.
Let's see what's on the other side of one of those seven gateways.
Silver Eclipse (15)
So, let's go further. We gained some experience, we shall now be better than before, but so will be the others too...
Let the show begins:)
Gray Ones (16)
I will go out into the world, and tell people that new world is great. 
Feed the Paw (18)
Here we are again... Defeating the Old Enemy was not enough. No time to rest and to build a peaceful world...
Black Tower (21)
The Elf woke up in a dark place with tall energy portals only. Was it a dream? Did he fight the Great Enemy and win? Why would he have to start again ? 
Silver Hand (22)
New world, new life, new adventures, only battle against evil stays same old, same old...

p.s. let's hope those lizardwomen in swamp taverns are going to be cleaner this time around.
Skalperians (24)
Sildoral felt a disturbance in the astral network linking his mostly unconscious mind to the world he came from. Hope began to glimmer. Could it be that the Devourer really had been destroyed. Maybe it was time to return to his place of birth? 
Elves of Lund (26)
We want to wish you all a great adventure. Have fun, kill some monster and try not to let your units drown.
This is Paradise (29)
A New World welcomes us? 

Is it friendly? 

Will we meet new or old friends? 

Lets enter the gate and see where it takes us...... 
The Filras (3)
Here we go again!
The Hunt Begins (4)
It can't be! Whom do I see in this magical place, its Mafia! Now only KingKill33 is missing, or perhaps he has a different name now?
Miserable Maniacs (40)
New world and new frontiers, but this time it was different. There were no legions behind him, only he and his magic. Emperor can count only his powers to survive and rebuild the empire.
Avalon Empire (41)
The leaders of the Children of the Four Winds gathered. Only one could make the perilous journey to the new nexus.
"Stand down, general", said the Ambassador. "On this world we will attempt co-existence first, for we feel there will be no great devourer. Let your fellows go first - if we find a suitable host, we will summon your spirit to go where the Four Winds take us."
Children of the Four Winds (44)
So many new names around in the nexus, I wonder who everyone is. Do some of the veterans plan to conquer the world behind a veil of mystery?
Filcist (46)
Another new world to explore and conquer.
Hopefully this time take the time to build a successful colony
French Connection (5)
Hello World.
Adventures begin.
Gray Faction (54)
A new world, a new body, a new chance! But a new chance of what ?
The Guild (57)
A new place to map!
The Cartographers (58)
So quiet here, anybody wants to discuss some plancs? 
Falcons (59)
I remember there once was a world, where honor-less won a great battle. This time they won't. Honor will rise above all.
Semigallians (6)
New world has been born from Devourer death. We all must pray it will not happen again.
Unknown (8)


Here we are again!
But where the hell is Beigtais?
And thus it all begins again... 
The cartographers are apparently plotting something!