Times Turn 1

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(                             NewOrigins Events                             )
 )                            February, Year 1                             (
(                                                                           )
 )     --== Nothing mentionable happened in the world this month ==--      (
(__       _       _       _       _       _       _       _       _       __)
    `-._.-' (___ _) `-._.-' `-._.-' )     ( `-._.-' `-._.-' (__ _ ) `-._.-'
            ( _ __)                (_     _)                (_ ___)
            (__  _)                 `-._.-'                 (___ _)
            `-._.-'                                         `-._.-'



A herald has come and said hear, hear ye peoples of this continent a new young promising nobleman has reached this continent. He calls himself Medger Cerwyn and sets out to build an empire. Fear him ...
The Lost Tribe (10)
A new worl a new dawn, you know how we feel!
Sonus Silentii (11)
The world changes.

Nexus remains the same.

Yet there was one that was not like before.
Iron Harlequins (13)
And the gateway to a new beginning was before my eyes. Just one step and an adventure will begin.
Avalon Empire (14)
"Ohh shit. Here we go again." said Edwin when he woke up and found himself in the Nexus. To look at the bright side he was alone this time. His demonic companions were left on Miskatonic 3 when his faisafe spell kicked in and saved his life. Not many wizards could brag about surviving the destruction of a whole world. For Edwin, it was becoming a common occurance.
Wandering Monsters (15)
Robe? Check.
Boots? Check.
Wallet? Check.
Wizardy fingers? Check

Sultans of Sling (16)
A new world, now lets see where we end up. Hopefully a save location.
The Filras (18)
There was darkness: days of darkness; turning into weeks of darkness; then those weeks became months of darkness... And then, there was light and there was the Nexus. A crowd, all bathed in the new light. All with their own designs for the new world.
Grey Order (19)
Many winds had moved the Children of the Four Winds, so many and across such varied worlds perhaps they should now be the Children of the countless winds. Would they choose the fresh air blowing over the plains, bringing dust storms, or would they choose a gentle forest breeze?
Children of the Four Winds (20)
Elven Kingdom of the North (21)
Peace at all costs!
Peacekeepers (22)
Steely eyed determination... check.
Boundless optimism...  check.
Water bottle... check.
Off we go then. Into the breach.
The Big Bad (23)
With the power of WISH many things can be done. Let's see what else it is capable of.
Thane's Ring (24)
This is a new world, and with it a wonderful opportunity to transform it into a prosperous land for all. Or to break it, like last time.
Fanhunters (25)
Up up and away! :)
The Mystic Nine (26)
What happened ? The Elf was in the middle of something, probably very important, when everything went dark.
He woke up and recognized immediatly a too familiar place: Nexus for the fourth time! 
Was he doomed to restart everything everytimes ? Was it no place to stay and live ? Was it no time to finally die ?
Silver Hand (27)
¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ Hello? Again?
Dark League (30)
Where am I?
What a strange place!
I don't remember how I got here.
People around look cautious.
These silent guards with ancient swords and armor... Who are they actually guarding?
I've got no weapons and this makes me feel naked.
And no helmet! What a shame!
The Tribe (31)
"So," the old man said, as he stirred sugar into his espresso.  "So, you think this new world will be a place where our family can be... successful?

The younger man shrugged, and smoothed his slicked-back hair.  "I think we can do business there."
The Family Business (33)
This life, this future, this is a new foundation
A new era we will bid welcome
Upright ones (37)
I'm starting my long journey home. And let chance determine where I'm going
Martiniks Trade Guild (38)
Lwa abhors a void. Papa Legba makes a choice.
Lwa Law (39)
Here we go again, good luck everyone
MalibuWest (40)
We are just Travelers. We came here to see the world... It was long since...
Travelers (41)
orcs hungry orcs go mountains!
orcs (44)
We are at the beginning of the road again...
Gyperboreya (46)
Welcome to the new world folks.
Truth seekers (47)
Time to leave the matrix and enter the real world. Let's see what's in store for us this time!
Lullabye (48)
Hello, world. Let's explore the world.
The Order of Hyperion (51)
Desert awaits us all, but lets hope burying in sand will happen to others while we find our Den.
Lost Den (52)
The fierce leader Decard Cain, once a wise old man, who then found a magic beer bottle of ale that made him young and greedy has arrived to lead 'The Merchants of Death' to glory and to rule by fist and coin. 
Merchants of Death (54)
Brand new world welcomes. Let's see what it contains.
WindMasters (58)


Remember, to issue the FORGET command the unit must be in possession of as many [VODK] as it holds living creatures (including [LIVE]..). 
Underaged players will not be able to use FORGET. Any factions aiding underaged faction units to FORGET will be punished by The Guardsmen (1).
Issue FORGET responsibly!
There is a bad smell in the Nexus.
The bowels of the earth opened and new life emerged anew.....
One amongst us brings Disaster.  
How many who want to take over the world