Times Turn 1



Be excellent to each other!
Wyld Stallynz (11)
Hailing from a far flung future where classics such as "Dub-Step" and "Drum-and-bass" are the foundations of religion, the leader of one of these cults has been pulled to a far flung world. It is now their duty to spread the glory of the holy bass.
Legion of Boom (12)
Lets hope this world won't bring war, but allow me to live peacefully and explore while fighting all the evil, as I remember last time when they forced war on me, there were nothing from them left after a while, victory was bright, but the guilt of killing stays for a lifetime.
Skyforger (18)
So many centuries has passed from last adventures
Too much, too much...
So many swords to sharpen, so much magic to perform
Too much, too much...
So many worlds to explore, so many Empires to conquer
Too much, too much...
Only one history to make, only one legend to create and only one tale to tell...

Always yours,

Skalperians (22)
Emptiness... Silence, darkness and constancy. This is not "Chaos". This is "Harmony".
Not! A flash of light, movement, jerk ...
The fog broke up and the figure was among several dozen like her in the square. Among the seven ways...
The stranger who came from the void took the first step towards the future. On the eighth, hidden road.
Hello world!
Dark League (24)
My name is Orcinius and I was the chancellor of the Silver Hand before the Great Catastrophe. My people was peaceful and industrious, it exploited lands and produced many common tools or remarkable objects, but was not prepared for war. It was an easy prey for the Great Enemy and i find now myself alone in this weird place. 
I'm looking for other factions willing to rebuild a stronger world and which could provide security to my people in exchange of money, food, goods, tools and war gear. 
Please feel free to send me a message. 
Orcinius, chancellor of the Silver Hand (27)
Silver Hand (27)
Spice must flow...

MuadDib looked around weird place called Nexus, The Void. His brothers and sisters on Dune, Arrakis all died to The Devourer, Great Enemy. But he survived. He will build new Fremen. Spice must flow...
Witchers (4)
A new market!
Profits to be made.
Disasters Inc opens up a small district office.

So it begins again.
Disasters Inc (43)


Welcome to the new world.
The Shadow Lands that surround us are terrifying.  We must exits this at once.  Oh look there is a portal here, what happens if i walk thro..........
General Inc is the reincarnation of the Horde. Don't trust him!
Reverse logic is a pain