Times Turn 10

Players have visited 65% of all inhabited regions.


In the mountain of Poacla lurks the Giant Birds (1160). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tundra of Clatpe'ach lurks the Yeti (300). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Blialan for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Arder for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Certicount for the glory of the Gods.
In the underforest of Tonhutont lurks the Troll Pack (406). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Hawheci lurks the Troll Pack (364). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the jungle of Quellhawle roams the Grizzly Bears (132). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


Let it be known that our neighbors have treated with us with honor and integrity, and show respect for the forests.

Dearbhaímid cairde na Sidhe dóibh.
The Sidhe (11)
Unidentified rider approaching! They must be one of those evil factions that seeks to ruin our harmonious melodies! Trample around little rider, trample around, for you can't stop the sound.
Legion of Boom (12)
"Dig faster", screamed the hill dwarf, "that iron won't mine itself! How are supposed to make weapons and armour without any raw materials?"
He sighed and looked at a returning scout. "Have you found any wood?"
The scout shook his head. "The forests are heavily guarded and our scouts have been forcibly turned back. No idea if the trees are good enough for wagons or if they're only good for firewood."
 It seemed the struggle for resources other than silver was beginning to bite.
Children of the Four Winds (13)
The gnome was wandering in tunnels for nearly a month. Slowly his mind was filling with thoughts about his unlucky life. Why did he rush into that shaft? It would be far wiser to go back to Imperial Scouting Division HQ and personally report about found shaft... damn, he even does not know has the message sent to HQ reached it.

He was so deep in those thoughts that almost fell into a pit. A very very deep pit... Full of imps, demons and... balrog...
Avalon Empire (15)
The Atlantis Critter Compendium
If you know your enemy, you can run more motivated
(The who is who of Scouts hazards)

Snakes (Jungle)
Long creepers with beady eyes and forked tongue at one end and lots of tail at the other. They are coming in two general designs. One kind is inserting various poisons into the victim by way of their pointy teeth (at the end with the forked tongue, the other end is relatively harmless). Common to all the different kinds of snake poison is their more or less lethal effect to the victim (this is also common to most non-snake poisons). The other general design of snakes is the constrictor-type creeper. They normally lack the poison, but will make it up in size. They used to embrace their victims and suffocate or crush them. Witch type is more dangerous is up to the readers choice.
Nekojin Empire (19)
October is the month of revolutions, and it's not different in Acerne
The Lizards (20)
The world is becoming a smaller place as neighbors meet and share knowledge of our surroundings. The unknown dwindles and the most intrepid explorers continue underground. Wandering beasts harry scouts and caravans, while mysterious rumors of quests in search of heroes circulate.
Jax (21)
Those are always good news that more and more factions join in battle to defeat the big threat that is Great Devourer, that means more potential allies in a fight against him and his evil followers...
Skalperians (22)
A knight was walking through the tunnels. His path was long. Along the way, he lost his horse, helmet and armor. Only the sword remained.
The knight was hungry and thirsty.
Suddenly in the distance he saw an underworld lake. Barely on his feet, he moved to the water.
But a dragon was sitting by the lake itself. The knight gathered the last remaining forces, drew his sword and began to fight with the monster.
Day fought, the second fought. On the third day, a dying dragon fell on stones.
A dying knight fell nearby, no longer able to stand on his feet and hold his sword.
And then the bleeding dragon asked:
“Knight, what did you want?”
"Drink water".
“Why didn't you just drink it?”
Dark League (24)
"Orcinius is dead" reads the Elf in the report. Good news! This old mad alien didn't understand the true nature of the people of the forest. He gave an appetite for a stronger power though...
Something to exploit. Who knows? The whole forest could fall soon under the authority of a newly created elven kingdom!
Silver Hand (27)
Any quest in Davale?
Demon's Duchy (28)
E'ar jāhor aderī sagon īlvon    
Valyrian Freehold (3)
The Inquisition, let's begin
The Inquisition, look out, sin
We have a mission
To kill all the Heretics
We're gonna teach them 
We're gonna help them
And make an offer that they can't refuse
Ordo Hereticus (30)
- Master Ruri, a new mage has arrived through the gate.
- Glombie, why he is  not with you ? Do you have a greetings letter from him, at least?
- err... he has inscription on luggage, 'just passing by'..
- How rude, nevermind .. - and here Ruri made meaningless gesture of ..
- I will tell Sabrina..
- What ? - voice of Ruri was deep and  almost cheerful but in the same moment strange and cold
- On the box with belongings of this enchantress is  also name: "Sabrina", I will tell her..
- Wait. Change of plans. Boyz, come with me, my new associate has arrived, let's help her feel like in home. New home. - we all know, such a rare opportunity is valuable
Frozen Snails (32)
Halflings taught us well. Be sneaky, hide your allegiance, sniff around. Because knowledge is power.
Red Skulls (34)
"Master! Our people see Grizzlies again! What shall we do?"
"Keep calm.  Our friends the Frozen Snails will help us! Praise them and off them a beer."
Atlantis Explorers (35)
This month Muad'Dib met delegation from Bene Gesserit. Sisters (like they call themselves) survived collapse of the Dune and as always have some plans inside plans inside plans..

They never were friends but let's listen what they can say.

Meanwhile expansion continues, more and more sands are seeded with Shai'Hulud's seeds and his children will ride again. Spice must flow.
Fremen (4)
"Ready Master!"
The dark shape looked at the troop gathered in the cave. "Do you really think it is enough to liberate the city?"
"Hum... That's all I could recruit and train, Sir"
The dark shape turned back and walked out the cave. This idiot had no sense of the importance of this first assault. A defeat would seal the fate of the Black Tower...
"Come see me in one month with better news, if you don't want to recruit and train your successor!"
Black Tower (40)
need more centaurs!
ClanJaguar (42)
VP of Research and Development (1353) reports that the situation in the Clatpe'ach tundra has grown quite bizzare. 

All the units from Meron [Demonic Empire] were spotted dissapearing into thin air! One month they were recruiting peasants and going about their business, then just a few days ago they were all gone. From several regions all at once. There were reports of them being cornered and blocked by guards several places, but no casualties had been reported.

Could this be the work of the much talked about Yeti (300)?

Disasters Inc. has hired the top gnome investigation agency Moulder and Skelly to conduct this high profile investigation. We will designate this investigation the Y-Files. Why? Because the people need to know the truth!
Disasters Inc (43)
Mother Superior Harishka didn't remember how the Chapter planet was conquered. "How could I forget such a considerable event?" She didn't remember how she managed to land here.
The good news was she has found a bunch of Reverend Mother and Sister. It was such a relief! And it was a good start to rebuild the influence web of the Bene Gesserit!
Surprisingly (or not, destiny can be strange sometimes), she found Fremen too. Some warriors but also the leading family: Muaddib, his mother and his sister the Abomination. 
"A known threat is better than an unknown threat" whispered a very old memory...
Bene Gesserit (45)
Maintaining the eternal balance is a costly endeavor.  With time, the coffers will grow, but for now, we must rely on the kindness of others, and, more importantly, the newspaper that will accept literally anything for cash.
The Darkest Night (48)
Looking at the maps Gnarl was scratching his bald head in silent amazement. Just a few months ago he led only a few handful of his kind. They were just another goblin horde in the swamp. After just a few months Uthark's followers amassed almost two hundred souls. And not just goblins but gnolls, orcs, lizardmen and even a few centaurs. Their knowledge about their surroundings grew rapidly as well. Before the 'Master' arrived their whole world was no more than the immediate surrounding of their hideout and the village Panedyl. They heard some rumors about a tundra village to their southwest but nobody ventured that far to check and return with the information. Now? They had information about more settlements than an average gobling could count using his fingers (and toes). Granted, they still had to leave the badlands to get to those settlements but the rafts were ready and the goblins were eager to see what the future would bring. Even the lowest of them who cowered in fear a few months ago from every little noise now felt twice as tall than before because the "Master" was here and with the "Master" they were invincible. And they were right. So far everything Uthark did was a success. He wondered if the trend would continue. 'We'll see how we fare at Jyrholm.' he thought.
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
  We found this blasphemous recipe somewhere in dark forests of Bentci.
"Why keep digging out corpses from graveyard as a last resort only? Remember that old fat juicy human bi....ehm... lady we ate last night? No problems at all. Yeah people say  -corpses not good, corpses stink... but hey one just needs to cook it correctly. Want to know more? Here's how...
   This isn’t so much a recipe as a series of guidelines. The fun is in the experience – you’ll find your own methods as you progress.
  First - dig it out and cut off the leg.
Then ingredients:
1 large corpse leg on the bone (I prefer elf or human, but any corpse will do)
1 bulb garlic
A large bunch of fresh rosemary
Olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
666 drops of vampire bat piss
one green frog as s starter for each attending person.
   Get your fire going, even FIRE 1 will do. It wants to get nice and hot with a good bed of embers beneath the flames and immediately below where your corpse leg will roast. Make sure the main rod is clean, then thread it through the leg under the shank, through and out the top of the leg, as close to the bone as possible. Use some thin wire to fix the leg securely in position, adding in some fresh rosemary sticks as you do so. 
   Stud the corpse leg with peeled pieces of garlic and season all over with plenty of salt and pepper and a trickle of olive oil. Goblins tend to add some vampire bat piss, but it’s a matter of taste - for orcs any piss will do.
    Cook steadily and consistently over a good hot fire, turning periodically, raising or dropping the level depending on the heat from below. Keep feeding the fire (or casting it) and watching.  The leg will take several hours to cook, so careful - your fire mage will be exhausted in the end.
   When your roasted corpse leg is ready, serve with potatoes cooked in the embers, roast onions and use a green frog as a starter.”
 BONE APP THE TEETH! Bone Apple Tea!  err... you know, that french thing they say when ready to eat some corpse...
Dii Minores (50)
The brave walkers had walked across many paths until they have arrived in this land. They shortly considered changing faction name to runners but soon got the bravery back.

The lands around appeared small and already well populated. Scouts and factions everywhere. Oh well, no big empires this time. Small own region will have to do. Let's walk around and look who is who.
Brave Walkers (51)
Ever wonder how those gnomes get kidnapped? That's very simple - they get promised to see the world and then they have to farm in the garden instead.
St. LongEar (54)
A man arrived in Bedorf this morning. He appeared in a Portal, in the borders of the town. He said that he was William Tyrson, and that he arrived from The Nexus. He may be one of the Devourer's Refugees. William offered us to be part of his Guard and I accepted, thinking that would be interesting to do something else but planting cucumbers. Well I was wrong! Tyrson told us about his culture and the importance given to vegetables in his land. Now I'm part of The Cucumber guard...

- John of Gialarson
United Vegetables of the Northern Fields (65)
Darkness.... Is it the night? Last thing i recall is shock and pain.... Am i dead? Oh, a light over there! What's my name? Strange: it looks like a stone arch which lights in the dark... There is magic there! Wait! How do I know anything about magic? And I can't remember my name! No choice there: the light of the arch or the darkness of the night. Let's explore!
Cartographers (69)
King Sabaton looked at the boat, "Those wood elves don't seem to understand the use of wood. This boat is still growing."

Lieutenent Crakow replied, "It doesn't leak and you can run it aground and it repairs itself. It also has a dance floor so you can do a little soft shoe."
Feet of Fleet (7)
Trolls come for their 100 coins
Faction (71)
No suitable quest for me.
Wodia Empire (8)


E'ar will soon be ours
Aasgarthr be prepared to beg on your knees !
If nobody can be trusted, then everybody can be trusted.
Taxation is theft!
A gate jumping mage has been seen. Name is Sabrina. She carries a banner that reads "Just passing by". She is not polite enough to contact locals. Some people are determined to make sure she is never to be seen again and banner needs to be changed to "Just passing away". Suits her well. Rest in pieces.
Skalperians you showed your local of trust-ability by stealing not by any rumor.