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Times Turn 10

Players have visited 77% of all inhabited regions.
.----      - ---     --     ---   -----   - --       ----  ----   -     ----.
 )                                                                         (
(                             NewOrigins Events                             )
 )                            November, Year 1                             (
(                                                                           )
 )       Many adventurers are whispering about an encounter between        (
(      hostile forces happened in the forests of Plastitmed where many      )
 )      soldiers will never fight again. This battle will be known as      (
(                 Battle near the ocean of Atlantis Ocean.                  )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(       Many traders have heard about the skirmish between combatants       )
 )       happened in the swamps of Chomcont where battle ended in a        (
(        slaughter of one of the sides. This battle will be known as        )
 )                Battle near the mountains of Cherchesca.                 (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )    Multiple druids are worried about the skirmish between combatants    (
(        happened in the jungles of Stenlut where battle ended in a         )
 )       slaughter of one of the sides. This battle will be known as       (
(                 Battle near the ocean of Atlantis Ocean.                  )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(      Multiple druids are worried about the city of Duttborough that       )
 )      lies in the Wraredse tundra, where a rebels massacred guards.      (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )    A few commoners are discussing about the village of Pandholm that    (
(        lies in the Ca'a swamps, where a partisans expelled guards.        )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(     Multiple refugees are worried about the town of Mandear that lies     )
 )       in the Enknaindrun plains, where a rebels tried to cast out       (
(                       guards but were unsuccessful.                       )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(     Handful refugees are discussing about the village of Pami'o that      )
 )       lies in the Daprat forests, where a rebels expelled guards.       (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )        Handful merchants are worried about adventurers who have         (
(     annihilated Lizard Men (317) near mountains of Doosprub. Freeing      )
 )               the forests of Dasknonla from their dread.                (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )     A few traders have heard about witchers who have killed Grizzly     (
(      Bears (205) near mountains of Cherchesca. Freeing the plains of      )
 )                     Cencokstrel from their anxiety.                     (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )       Some bards are talking about witchers who attempted to slew       (
(        Grizzly Bears (323) roaming the mountains of Doosprub near         )
 )     forests of Dasknonla. But all of them were slain by their prey.     (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )    In the plains of Wiscri, near jungles of Grangoant, Undead (1054)    (
(            who continue to cause horror to local inhabitants.             )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(       In the ocean of Atlantis Ocean, near jungles of Urip, Pirates       )
 )        (388) who continue to cause anxiety to local inhabitants.        (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )     A group of adventurers slew the Crocodiles (280) who inflicted      (
(         horror on the inhabitants of the Speibucfolk tundra near          )
 )                         mountains of Lethitcha.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )     In the plains of Besflan, near ocean of Atlantis Ocean, Living      (
(       Trees (212) who continue to cause fear to local inhabitants.        )
 )                                                                         (
(__       _       _       _       _       _       _       _       _       __)
    `-._.-' (___ _) `-._.-' `-._.-' )     ( `-._.-' `-._.-' (__ _ ) `-._.-'
            ( _ __)                (_     _)                (_ ___)
            (__  _)                 `-._.-'                 (___ _)
            `-._.-'                                         `-._.-'


In the plain of Sonokark roams the Crocodiles (355). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Ascan for the glory of the Gods.
In the forest of Dabastpre lurks the Kobold Pack (1045). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Wichy'om.
In the swamp of Chomcont roams the Lizard Men (209). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Ca'a for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Baquaudblir for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Blarnfashire for the glory of the Gods.
In the forest of Starath roams the Wolf Pack (318). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Dasknonla.
In the mountain of Farsatstan lurks the Undead (620). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Ihietway.
In the jungle of Stenlut lurks the Great Apes (1833). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Slegladdes.
Build a Temple in Allswirnan for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the ironwood of Illford.
In the plain of Inteng lurks the Tribe of Centaurs (969). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the horses of Sonokark.
In the desert of Chrastnasest lurks the Evil Mages (632). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Ruhan.


Oh, is it that time of the month again to save the scouts?
Legacy of Disasters (106)
Is my wandering over? Time will tell!
Thornhaven (108)
We will try to occupy this Drumbrum village. Not a very good place, but there is no other.
Exhibits (111)
It's always good to make friends!

More friends - a stronger coalition!
Friendship is the first step to victory!
MMF (113)
Nothing but open ocean. Plenty of fish, but no land in sight
Idle Vice (12)
A whole new woooooooooooorrrrrld!
Faction (124)
These mountains look nice. But wasn't it supposed to be a forest around here? Let's take a stroll and see what shows up!
Disencharmed (125)
Is the world mostly land, or mostly water? Shipbuilders want to know.
Them (15)
Emptiness around me and the sea. How to cross the sea without wooden ships?! I hope in flying, but before that I should see the other coast.
Lords of the Sky (16)
Our scouts venture wider afield.  Allies tell of nearby villages, towns, and cities.  The world seems larger.  The bears are less frightening these days, but maybe there are monsters we don't even see lurking...
Kiiran (17)
Need more silver!
Clan of the Crooked Hooves (20)
Resistance is futile!
Borg (21)
It's pretty grim and not a soul...
Punkers (22)
"David preformed his first months duties perfectly."
"And, our coffers are starting to grow."
The Grey Order (23)
We need some shining magic coins. Otherwise we have nothing to share this month.
(all is good, don't worry)
The Wolves of Isengard (25)
... the city guard building was ablaze. There were corpses of guards lying around. The citizens who supported the uprising, with torches and swords taken from the guards, rejoiced. One of them kicked the lifeless body of the guard, pulled down self pants and urinated on body.
Something turned over in his memory at that moment!
"How dare you perform a Ritual on someone who has lost the spark of life!" he cried. "The ritual is permissible only with the embryo of a new life! Heresy! Apostate!". In an inexplicable rage, he brought down his club on the head of an not understanding anything citizen. That tried to cover himself with his hands, but he was too late and fell like a sack at his feet. "What's wrong with me? Where does this anger come from?" he thought in horror. Something inexplicable was stirring in the back of his mind. Something connected with the past, hidden from him by a veil of oblivion. We need to figure this out, but in the meantime we need to explain his act to the believers. In the glow of the flames of the burning building he began to preach...
Church of The Holy Deed (26)
The time of wealth and prosperity is coming 
Friendly people (27)
Aggression is coming from the east
Rainbow Falcons (29)
If you encounter one of my units or are denied entrance in a region by me, please contact me by game message.
The Merry Magicians (3)
Let's begin the ritual.
Dogs of war (31)
Greylords High Command announces:
As reported to us by peasants, members of the Monster Hunters killed in large numbers an innocent lone scout of the Greylords. A nefarious deed that happened while the scout was resting and did not suspect anything evil. His body was desecrated and dragged through the region by the Monstrous Hunters. Anyone who sees Monster Hunters, who also have a conspicuous 85 tattooed on their face, is hereby called upon to get to safety as quickly as possible and, if he can, to take revenge. The Greyloard forces are considering countermeasures.

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Greylords (32)
Knew it could be worse.

And was.
Three (33)
A deep cavern ? where does it go ?
Silver Hand (36)
Tourism is bad for the local economy. The bog thing ate all the gnomes in the tundra, and it didn't even leave a tip!
Babylon (37)
A roaming Dragon could be a problem.  How many Gnol will we require to subdue it.
Too many.  Lets train some recruitment staff to help get the numbers up!
Clan McTavish (38)
- Your Majesty we need to build up industry.
- So be it.
WindMasters (39)
Little by little, little by little, penny by penny.
Gyperboreya (4)
The old alliances, like drops of mercury, have gathered into puddles again. The former enemies, carrying their hatred from world to world, are sharpening their knives again and looking for ways to destroy each other. Or can he give up enmity, renounce the friendship and family ties that have outlived themselves and start with a clean slate?
Danado (40)
It had become time for the Children of the Four Winds to bow to the inevitable, and enact a strict immigration policy. Anyone wishing to travel through their lands would need to contact the relevant ministry for a permit. So far, all the friendly neighbours who had made contact were given free passage.
The Children of the Four Winds (41)
I've decided. 
I'm staying. 
Mine will survive somehow.
SkyRaiders (46)
From the diary of Gale Swifthands

The farewell party was a blast. We set sail with head splitting migraines. The ships are holding together. Irina decided to study magical healing. Ghorn and Argark decided to keep drinking. The rest of us are just suffering silently.
It turns out that a rival thieves' guild name Darlocks (107) has shown signs of activity in the area. One of our goblins had 17 silver [SILV] stolen. We have identified the culprit as Unit (3513) a lizardman from Quaskim but so far he has eluded capture.
We have arrived to Priscilla's homeland. She refused to leave the ship to stretch her legs. I guess she has bad memories regarding her birthplace. Either that or a bad conscience.
Sticky Hands (48)
Someone should put up a Warning sign at entrances to the UW. It's a definite hazard to one's health down there!
Brown Bread (50)
[Orders bears to die]
Tyranny (51)
The troops gather, or at least don't seem to run around as pointlessly as they used to.
Mantzikert (53)
Things are getting a bit better.
Rumors of battles in the neighbourhood are decreasing.
But silver is becoming rare, and winter is coming...
Some of my people will have to hibernate to survive so that others can work efficiently.
Iron Dwarves (54)
Continue to explore. What will we find?
The Order of Tolin (55)
If we can't get the vodka for now, we'll do the next best thing - conquering the world.
Drunken Dwarves (59)
So, this is about time! No more words. It is time to act.
The Order of Obsidian Shadow (6)
From the Throne Room

Queen Xot: "Do you have an update on the dragon you spotted last month ?"

Advisor: "I believe that dragon was more striped than spotted my Queen."

Queen Xot: "Insolent Fool, leave now before I hurt you"
XOT (60)
Land ho, friend or foe? 
Malibu West (62)
Reunited. Pt 1.

Some months ago…

During the tumbling and bumping of the fall Svyatoslav had tried to grab Kylie and somehow had lost hold of his pet. 

Baaa and Narochka awoke in a jungle.  Svyatoslav was nowhere to be seen. 
But at least they were alive. They had to live amongst the local lizardmen, helping with their primitive agriculture. In his spare time Baaa was already working on a still.  Soon there would be samagon. Bottle it, put a pretty label on it, and sell it to the dwarves for a pretty profit. Narochka liked a walk in nature. During one excursion she was resting on a log when it wriggled and threw her into the air. 
“Snaaake!” she screamed. 
“Im not a snake I’m a cuddly python.” it corrected “Want a hug?”
“Err, no thanks” answered Narochka, backing away. 
“Well never sit on me again then.” 
“Of course.” She promised, then ran. Her local excursions ended there. For what seemed like months nothing much memorable happened. Just work, sleep, and yakking with the locals. 

  Then a centaur scout appeared…
Rurikids (65)
What to do about factions who don't respond to messages?
Fon (69)
Rethu celebrates our fifth place status in furs.  Fifth place is our best score at anything.  We have been going steadily downhill since January, when we were tied with Melf for first place in leaders.  Rethu celebrates our steady downward slide in the rankings.  Thari Titthal wants to convert some of our furs to leather armor, but Rethu fears we will slide even farther down in the rankings if we allow any of our furs to be converted.

Kara Aslefa celebrates Thiyo Anaro's short life as an explorer.  Thiyo had heard that there might be weather in this world, and wondered where he might find it.  Thiyo rejoiced when he found a tower with clouds gathering overhead.  Thiyo tried to enter, but found this tower was clodes to player units.  Thiyo quickly sent a quick message by fast courier announcing his discovery to the rest of the Celebrants.  We have not heard from Thiyo since that final letter, but Kara did see a bright flash and rumble to the northwest.  Kara hopes Thiyo found his weather.  Kara will recruit another scout to send in the same direction to try to discover what happened.  Somehow, Kara feels this is a better task for a new recruit than for an experienced explorer like herself.

Ed celebrates the rapid bustle of life.  Time flies as an ancestor; why only two days ago, it was Monday.  It all goes by so fast.
celebrants (7)
Development is under progress. Is good. 
Free Adventurers (70)
We decided to pillage a poor region near us, and it worked nicely. Unfortunately, won't support anyone now, but we have a nice access cheap labour. 
The Filras (8)
Living in the swamp is definitely nice if you are an Ogre but surely there must be something else in this world to see!
Should we establish a stable to a noble king can ride on his black stallion or grow some wings to fly around?
But I dare say wings would not fit the drow
Drow (82)
Hunters don't like it when others take over their hunting grounds.
Monster hunters (85)
Yes, I'm ready to jump.
Yet Another Faction (9)
One day, as Karia roamed the forest glades, she stumbled upon a peculiar sight—a group of gnomes busily at work among the roots of an ancient oak tree. These gnomes, led by their ingenious leader, Tinkerthorn, were known for their inventive minds and their ability to create marvelous contraptions.

Karia watched in fascination as the gnomes tinkered with gears, pulleys, and levers, transforming the roots into a complex network of underground tunnels. Their eyes sparkled with excitement as they explained their project—a series of tunnels that would channel water to nourish the forest's deepest roots and ensure the well-being of the ancient trees.

Impressed by their ingenuity and their dedication to the forest, Karia approached Tinkerthorn and his gnome companions. She extended a warm greeting, and soon, they struck up a friendship as deep and enduring as the roots of the great oak.

Karia and the gnomes found common ground in their love for the forest and their desire to protect and nurture its wonders. They shared stories and knowledge, with Karia teaching the gnomes about the forest's secrets and the gnomes showing Karia the wonders of their mechanical creations.
Paykiss (92)
Les mois se passent calmement... 
Les mineurs creusent, les fermiers récoltent le grain et élèvent les vaches, chacun trouve sa place...
The Lands Kepper (93)
Chapter 5: The Advance of Technology
The tribe's brightest minds started toying with amalgamating magic and technology. Golems plowed the fields, enchanted boats skimmed over the swamps, and gliders soared above the mountains. Magic-enhanced crossbows and mystical shields were distributed to their army. The tribe was no longer just a faction; it was a rising empire, bound by faith and driven by purpose.
Revenge of the Cone (95)
Time to catch those lizards by their tail!
Tailenders (97)


We are looking for ... 
... in the depths of a gloomy, gray-veiled wild forest, in mystical terror The Graywolf was living ... but he didn't have long to live...
The Gray Wolf! Come out!
Come out, you sneaky coward!
Marvel (11) Zealot First (13) Jadetalons (18) Cthonic Underground (35) Scottish Engineers (45) Clans of Connemara (49) Greywolf (52) and Knights of Ruin (57):

The gods are angry at you for your lazyness. Be gone from this world!
Unfamous Th, huh? 
What a pretty little village this is.  I think I might stay for a while......
Il y a des gens qui parlent des langues bizarres que personne ne comprend!
A robot writes some of these Atlantis Times articles.
Trading, trading...
Faction 51 (Tyranny) wants to conquer the whole world!
But the neighbors do not agree!