Times Turn 11

Players have visited 76% of all inhabited regions.


In the desert of Baldhanddhan lurks the Sphinx (489). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Ainglen roams the Sandlings (226). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Deeland.
In the jungle of Dodspibgot roams the Clan of Wild Men (205). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Baldhanddhan for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Adoclewn for the glory of the Gods.
In the mountain of Mustfolk lurks the Undead (497). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Airghagen for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the rootstone of Charseerpoo.
In the forest of Habach roams the Family of Ogres (176). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Liha.
In the desert of Ba'eld roams the Sphinx (216). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tunnels of Vatcontlem lurks the Dragon (593). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Delon lurks the Evil Mages (443). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Beastcebick for the glory of the Gods.


The gobins appeared. Shabby by the storm, but not by the Sphinx. Richard wanted to thank all the winds of the World that it was not the Sphinx - the reason for delay, but because the storm was just caused by the south wind, this wind did not deserve a thanks. From lingered goblins Richard learned that it was a "Khamsin", and it turns out that they distinguish several varieties of desert winds, starting with "Sharav". What is "Sharav" remained unknown to Richard, since it was necessary to begin the assault.
Archers and firework masters were ready. The evening promised to be really hot.
Desert Eagles (11)
"We've taken the second city, sir..."
"I see a 'but' hanging in the air, and it's not the top of your trousers either.."
"Er.. Yes, sir. The board wasn't it's usual self *cough* after that vodka tasting. "
"If I, at my age, managed to do my bit, I expect everyone to do their bit too!"
"Sir, yes sir. But we still have to postpone eh, 'talking' to our next takeover target".
"And.. tell the board their bonus is gone.".
The bank (12)
The City is ours RIP those few brave souls in our army who lost their lives. 
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

Day 275

We emptied Kishbank today. We took all the food and silver we could get our hands on. Then we boarded our contraption of rafts tied together and left the town full of crying elves behind. Whether they were crying out of joy to see us leave or from misery because we took everything I have no idea and frankly I don't care. There aren't any harsh winters on this world and the treehuggers can survive on grass or tree leaves for all I care.

Day 281

Another boring sea voyage. At least we have our own place on the rearmost raft. It's not soundproof but the girls and I can be quiet if we want to. We don't want to.

Day 288

I had a sparring session with Zodd. Wait, I never mentioned Zodd. He's a pirate I found in the dungeons of Kishbank. The guardsmen kept him captive for years. He's a quiet fellow but big and strong as an ox. Smells better than an ox too now that I got him released and he had time to bathe. Made him captain of our fleet. 

Day 293

Now that the girls mastered all the foundations I decided that it was time to teach them the basics about artifact lore. I'm thinking about polishing my long forgotten artificer skills myself. We have all those nice iron swords. We can't let them all rust up in this salty sea air can we? It's still some time before we can enchant them properly but we're getting there.

Day 298

We arrived to Puwood and took the town as soon as we exited the rafts. The centaurs provided excellent targets. Our front line troops also learned their lesson at Kishbank and made good use of their new swords. We only lost a single man. Our only regret is that the battle was over so fast that Moira and I didn't get to shoot a single fireball. Moira suggested that we kill a few of the town folks for practice. Clever girl. Unfortunately Skalpers heard her and intervened. He says we shouldn't hurt the locals. His town, his rules. At least he's allowing our men to collect taxes until he can organise the new garrison.

Day 304

Our shipbuilders added another two rafts to our little fleet. It's was about time for the expansion. We need the extra space to store the loot.
Silver Eclipse (15)
So, some strange people have started to apear near our [in general] lonely lands... Friends or foes? Time will show.
What we don't like - most of those travelers are too silent to give good hopes for future frienship.
Gray Ones (16)
How should i tell Mrs Chosen that hew husband is coming home one month later because of some rookie in the sqaud that has broken his leg in the rat hole? The war laws are irrational. Let generals decide whether we go or stay!
The Chosen Few (17)
"Okay 30 new wood elves recruits. What is your job? Oh. Ummm help the farmers and then when the time comes stand in front of the archers shooting at the town guards."

"Do we get weapons or training?"

"Well ummm yeah. We'll see what the budget has left next month."
King of the Penguins (18)
Now we find our new home at the peninsula of Pendut, Stiouberg and Grenke. If you are interested in trading with us please come to the desert of Onle. We pay very good for horses.

Tribes of Bructeri (20)
Surrounded by factions on an island... Too long to build a ship... To random to teleport... May be shaft?
Black Tower (21)
Gobelins ? What are these cheap and weak creatures doing in my service?
- they are cheap Sire..
- deal!
Silver Hand (22)
Many good things happened last month, to cut it short:
49 to go...
Skalperians (24)
First ship set on the water. We did a test journey around our island. Sad we could complete it in 2 turns ...
Scoiatael (25)
Sildoral kept glancing at the newest member of his Council of Advisors. He had chosen the elven Lady Elthaniel not for her looks or any ulterior motives, but for his impression of her high moral integritiy and her level of civilization. He really had hoped for at least a bit of stimulating discussion.
But now she had gone feral on him. Of late she was doting on a wolf cup and even brought him into council sessions. What kind of backwater no-good provincial slum had he gotten into.
Elves of Lund (26)
Sir Carter was on his afternoon walk.
Then he noticed men fooling around on a field, throwing stones at some wild hares.

He rememberd one of the faces. "Aren't you supposed to be teached farming" he asked.

The men immediately dropped their stones. One of them answerd "Our teacher never turned up"

"Go back to your studies" he said upset "i find him myself"

He found Farmer Bob working on the docks.

He took a breath and wanted to start bollocking the man, but Bob was faster.

"Gladly, you turned up here so i must not come to your office. I am way much to valuable to do this kind of physical work. I have a master degree in agriculture and stockbreeding and you send me here to push crates?" Bob said. 

"Uh, now i'm here to correct my error, your students await you" Sir Carter hastily answerd.
"Another month of studies wasted" he thought.
Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
(Stories from ancient Darealone family book - Tales from Torsee Darealone - VII)
The village felt quickly, attacked from every direction as planned. Guards did a token resistance but were soon defeated.

The acquisition and training of a tactician was a good investment.

Torsee, smiled. He was not mayor of a small harbor village close to the mountains.
This is Paradise (29)
Further exploration of the underworld. The chasms, open up into caverns, movement will be faster. lets see what we find.
The Filras (3)
A furious wind rips the sails,
The old Varangian is at the helm.
Three ships will sink tomorrow,
The usual thing for a sailor.

Northern fleet,
Bastards, take off your sails,
On Board the ship!

There's no meat in the hold, and we're out of beer.
How much further to great Rome?
Source teksty-pesenok.ru
It will be difficult for us - it is tolerable.
Like a woman waiting for us to make money.

Northern fleet,
Bastards, take off your sails,
On Board the ship!

Wars are tormented, burning cold.
The Northern fleet is going nowhere.
God has forgotten our land,
The enemy will cry, everything was not in vain!
Gyperboreya (30)
For once a quiet month. Preparations are going well. We will have eyes on the sea. Soon the city guards will feel the power of Light.  And then the Evil minions. We
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
Shoo!  Shoo!  The settler's wife angrily shouted at the filthy, stinking ettin that was unapologetically tromping through her garden at this very moment.  She should be afraid, she thought, but not today.  She'd already given enough to this unforgiving underworld and she was not about to give another inch.
The Obsidian Order (34)
Too many things to do and not enough hands,
the Elders of Clan Jaguar ponder the options.
The easy choice for now is more taxers, but soon
the Clan needs to diversify.
ClanJaguar (38)
A place that looked like a dead end is in fact full of secrets.
We should explore it and seek an undiscovered species!
Beastmasters (39)
Let's keep this simple so you cretins out there can understand.

If we see your units, we will attempt to contact you through two diplomatic channels.  

If you ignore our diplomatic messages, then where force permits, expect a sword in your back and your units attacked.  It's not that hard to respond to a message and don't go complaining to us if it happens to you.

The Hunt Begins (4)
We let our guest continue his journey. Other than that a miserable and event less month. 
Miserable Maniacs (40)
This is quite the pleasant little island. The neighbours seem tolerant of my bumbling about, crashing into things. It doesn't possess a bounty of materials. It does have gems. At least we can charge into battle with some sparkle.
Northern Viking (42)
Land, send message to Bjorn that we have sighted land.  Prepare to land. Let's see what this country has to offer.

Meanwhile in the desert. Corporal, we've beaten the Sanlings. Grab the stuff from the creatures and bring it to Eastwatch. A great victory, men! I'm sure Bjorn will reward you richly. 
Greyfish (43)
As the scouts returned, it became clear that the land was very narrow. Clearly, the era of land exploration was drawing to a halt - lizardmen scouts or ships would be needed. The Children of the Four Winds had heard of shafts to the underworld - could such windless places be somewhere they could prosper?
Children of the Four Winds (44)
We are preparing an expedition. Longbows, swords, tacticians, all should be prepared soon. and we will ride out into the dark, the deep dark. See what we find. Settlements? Monsters? Death? Only time will tell
Filcist (46)
Exploration is a long process. We are now one year in, and the end is not in sight - of my own island. Let alone the wide world! Still I have a little bit of hope to find the seven cities of Cibola before anyone else does.
Anuii (47)
My, these city guards seem so bored. We tried giving cheering them up with a show of fireworks, but they stayed inside speaking about duty and discipline. I think we should free them from their duty so they can go enjoy the open prairie. 
Little House on the Prarie (49)
We killed all the city guards ... It is now under our control.
Now, we will devote a large part of our resources to develop the economy of neighboring regions.
Build roads to the other cities we discovered.
We will also have to deal with the monsters we found in the swamps.

inhabitants of Sunis, Lapraerte & Adoclewn
French Connection (5)
Land indeed, but land already inhabited and guarded by some Gnomes. We'll leave this land to those wee peoples and head out to find more land. We are in desperate need of wood, or perhaps stone if we can find some humans to come along with it.  It appears against all initial intentions, we are a shipbuilding people, so to shipbuilding we go.
The Weird Company (52)
The Head Fire Mage looked at the map again.  With so many monsters underground, it was dangerous to be a scout.  But that was their job. He expected to lose half of the new recruits and no amount of relooking was going to change it.  If they could only find a few footholds, maybe, just maybe, it'll work.
Fire Dancers (55)
Western, western, the only hope was western...
The Guild (57)
There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a fleet in the depths of an ocean. And I knew I'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon. Once you get locked into a serious expansion, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. Oh, boy, am I glad that sailors understood everything correctly. 
Some newly met people seem to disappoint me. At first, I though, I was being unfriendly, just passing through their lands without saying hello. By the time they stopped me, I was starting to feel ashamed of that. However, now I have said hello, and they haven't replied! Now that's just rude. I'll have to think of some way of dealing with that. At least, people of S.L.A. are still nice. 
Sweet sounds of production, albeit distant. Picks clanking, stone crumbling, hammers hammering. We're finally going to have some infrastructure soon.
Chaotic Neutral (62)
This mountains is very hard for goods transportation. We really need to do something with our logistic, maybe train some riding goats...
cdr (68)
This month was better than any previous. We settled down. Enough food, enough stone and iron. And good relationships with neighbors. Good time to make an army!
Royal Pinguins (69)
Not finished guards is trying to return the city, but they have no chance.
Moon Knights (7)
All the gnomes are standing in rows,  some with sword, some with bare hands...
City Guards are preparing for fight.
Gnomes all around, it will be terrifying massacre.
Anomymo (76)
Zombie swimmers are discovering new lands. Some of them are empty. It looks like world is not as full.
Eternal Empire (8)
We built Pelton city, we built Pelton city on swords & shields
Built Pelton city, we built Pelton city on swords & shields

Say you don't know me, or recognize my face
Say you don't care who goes to that kind of place
Knee deep in the drama, sinking in your fight
We got too many evil factions eating up the night

Kivio is a bully, listen to the Discord ohhhhh....., don't you remember
We built Pelton city, we built Pelton city on swords & shields
Ovuna (80)
Word of Sangarios and his companions spread to the council of elders.  So the city guard came and brought him and the others to the areopagus to stand before the council.  Never before had Sangarios and his companions seen men so fat.  They appeared in stark contrast to all of the other residents they had met thus far.  The fattest one among them all bellowed "What is this you say to stir up the people?  This council will have none that!"  Sangarios paused for a moment and replied "You have grown lazy, and your people wander like lost sheep as a result of it.  It is time to cast your old ways aside and find your new zeal!"  Some of the guards snickered.  "Any more of this and I'll have you put in irons.  Take them away!" the fat one bellowed again.
The Phrygians (83)
They're all dead.
The guys with the swords, the leader, some people drowning in the bay.
At least we'll know all there is to know about the ocean via our sea scouts.
Luxadom (86)
Standing at the heart of the Nexus and looking over the different terrains he could travel to, he decided to head to the desert.  The harsh terrain would be avoided by most, and therefore would give him the time he would need to raise and train troops without interference from others.
Stepping through the Nexus portal, expecting to see a vast expanse of desert… he found himself on a small desert island… This wasn’t what he expected to find at all…
Riders of the Storm (89)
Fishmongers have allies.. Recently, Skalpers and Silver Eclipse have told to my allies to leave their homes and go to hell.. sry.. to underowrld or sail away. Well, I suppose it's good advice. Maybe I should go with them ? This underworld is tempting.... could be good base for our peacefull artificiers, there is plenty of good resources, right ?

We've heard rummors, that Silver Eclipse must to eat every four weeks something fresh, and there is so few factions left on our island. Maybe better to go now, when they ask?
Fishmongers (9)


It is rumored that undead stalk the land and surprise travellers with spring bouquets of flowers.
cdr (68) kingdom is going to be ruined by west warriors