Times Turn 13

Be productive and strong; explore new land and find a way to survive.


Build a Temple in Arpoonway for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Hawheci.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the grain of Hardel.
Build a Temple in Branfel for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Teda.
Build a Temple in Blialan for the glory of the Gods.
In the tundra of Echan roams the Yeti (193). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Erquo.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Duckcap.
In the mountain of Poacla lurks the Giant Birds (1160). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Acalleigh for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Certicount for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Coflol for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Vi'ee.
In the underforest of Hawheci lurks the Troll Pack (364). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Arder for the glory of the Gods.
In the underforest of Tonhutont lurks the Troll Pack (406). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


Mar sin tabhair aird ar an bhfarraige ar shiúl ón bpoll,
Fir an oileáin seo chomh fiáin agus chomh saor in aisce.
Breathnaigh an fharraige amach as an bpoll tuirseach,
Fir an oileáin seo chomh deacair agus saor!
The Sidhe (11)
Expansion is slowing, the income from the local area is not great for rapid expansion. Hopefully, a change of locale will spice things up.
Legion of Boom (12)
Looking up at the jungle, it seemed this world was getting more and more bizarre.
"I say, does that look like livestock in the trees?" said the general.
"Yes sir, it's goats. Dozen of them up a tree. They go for the nuts, sir." replied his scout.
"Do you mean that literally or metaphorically?"
"Dunno what you mean sir. All I know is them goats go up the trees, eat the nuts and then the locals sift through the droppings for partially digested beans. Apparently they're valuable."
 The general shook his head. How would they ever extract money from this world to pay for enough troops to fend off a balrog?
Children of the Four Winds (13)
Imperial legion was marching already the second month. The goal set by Emperor was clear and Legate will handle it... regardless of any obstacles or casualties, it would need.

Soon they will approach territories under control of their neibhours. He ordered Legion to be ready for battle. Although he is hoping to avoid any fights before Legion reaches their target destination, it is better to be prepared.

The diplomatic division sent messengers with the hope to avoid resistance to Legion on uncontrolled lands... Soon he will know how well negotiations were concluded.
Avalon Empire (15)
Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.
Mortal Wombats (16)
The Atlantis Critter Compendium
If you know your enemy, you can run more motivated
(The who is who of Scouts hazards)

Demons (Underworld)
Commonly known to be evil to the bone, but the unknown truth is they are very caring and loving people with a well developed sense for art and poetry. The problem however is, they can be summoned by any snooty wizard who can count to five and is able to draw a decent pentacle (without counting to five the drawing of the pentacle would be somehow delicate. Beyond drawing the pentacle, the counting is not needed). The wizards abduct the unexpecting demons from their homes and drop them into their pentacles, demanding lot's of evil deeds to do and fortunes to gather. If this alone would not be enough to aggravate the peace loving demons, the above mentioned wizards enforce their demands with highly annoying magical spells. Additional to being annoying, some (better say most) wizards tend to be somewhat scatterbrained and will send the Demons, after they have done the bidding, not to their home, but to some random place, from where the Demons have to travel home on their own expense (rumours exists some poor demons have been dropped not only to the wrong place, but even to some completely different dimension). Due to this facts, whenever a normal surface dweller is encountering a homebound and very discomfited thus very irritated demon, he will misinterpret the demons grumpiness as personal offence and will let the situation escalate.
Nekojin Empire (19)
First Great Acerne's Mage Convention is about to start. All named mages around are invited to come.

Those interested in assisting please write a note to Grotus the Blacksmither, Great Ruler or Plunwick.
The Lizards (20)
How do you catch a thief?
You look for a person in the crowd, that is the first to shout: "He is a thief, catch him!"
These followers of the Great Devourer are spreading more and more lies, so we should be prepared. 
Skalperians (22)
Notes of the beginning magician:
You don't have a skeleton inside you. You're a brain. You are inside a skeleton. You're piloting a bone mech that's using meat armor.
Dark League (24)
New arrivals in the area, friends and the start of an alliance or conflict? Only time will tell
MalibuWest (25)
The gnome wandered the landscape casually picking through the exposed foliage, sometimes needing to excavate the proper portions of the plant needed for his medicines.  It was a boring and often thankless task however it beat swinging a pick in the quarry or performing tricks to entertain the peasants.  Oh, the extra rations didn't hurt either.

He spotted an extraordinarily large specimen and tugged at its roots to free it from the ground when something unexpected and marvelous caught his attention.  It was a strange object that was unlike anything he had ever seen.  He considered himself a fairly learned man however he could not place it in any of the histories he had studied.

At first, he was tempted to negotiate a swift trade with one of the traveling merchants however something about this object seemed worthy of further scrutiny.  The mage would most certainly pay handsomely for such a treasure.  It was decided.  It was nearly time to return home however he abruptly changed his course and began the trek toward the capital city.
Covenant of Souls (26)
Victory! The city was ours! We would have to deal with other problems now: feed everybody, develop the economy, strengthen the defenses, build a ship? The Elf added "swipe the Yetis" to the list. They got rid of Orcinius which was good, but they could no longer threaten the lines of communications. And, who  knows? one told that they had a treasure...
Silver Hand (27)
What's there inside the shaft? Let's find it out.
Demon's Duchy (28)
Nyke emagon māzigon rȳ nykeā oktion gōvilagon se tegon. Nyke jorepagon bona daorys iksos konīr
Valyrian Freehold (3)
The rewards more than outweigh the risks should we succeed. Imagine it! The Devourer will fall. Who can say such a thing is wrong?
Ordo Hereticus (30)
- Master Ruri, I report, there are two known factions(... ,...) - they are actively rejecting supremacy of High Council. They attack our allies, and block our messengers. What should we do ? 
- First faction - capital warning.
- Second, start realizing plan "Swamps of Burning Souls".
Frozen Snails (32)
Year two. First hostile contact in the desert. Why would anyone attack our scout without a word? It could be solved with a sword.
Red Skulls (34)
Shameless excuse to earn some silver. 
(here are beast all around, we must barricade doors at night, damned..)
Atlantis Explorers (35)
Peace and stability.
Aasgarthr (37)
Fremen scouts spotted some people in ragged cloths. Their faces were covered in blood and they were screaming something about Great Evil is coming and everyone need to kill themself.

Fremen warriors did not stand that and helped those men to do what they asked - kill themself.

Next week in one of the cities fremen delegation saw a strange thing - at the center alley man was screaming about The End is coming which name is Devourer. He said that the only ones who will survive is who will worship IT. Then he pulled one of the man from the crowd and cut his throat.

This man's name was Scout (766). Fremen jumped forward trying to stop this but it was too late. Scout was dead and people around this damned city started looking at him stepping closer and closer...
Fremen (4)
So the new comer had decided to join us? good news! Erasing him would have been easy and effortless, but would have missed an opportunity: 'If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together! And the Council had plans to go very far....
Black Tower (40)
time for some guys to wander from the village to the nearby big city.
hmm, desert cities are really not that big.
ClanJaguar (42)
Public Service Announcement: Automation is worth the time to understand it. Having automated trade units orders going to and from a settlement and production regions is golden. Drop off silver and pick up manufactured resources.
Disasters Inc (43)
Having a flawless operation is quite rare. Some of my men complained about being hungry, and I've had a few men starve to death. For one of them his life's mission was at an end anyway, after fully exploring a dead end hole in the ground for way too long. Hopefully this warning will save some lives.
Anuii (44)
Another city fell in front of the fury of the Fremen! But the new alliance showed signs of weakness: one of the members attacked another. 
Regarding the balance of powers, this treason was strange and helpless at long term... Maybe the traitor had another alliance to back him up?  
Bene Gesserit (45)
The shadows have settled for a time, though further conflict is surely on the horizon.  Power is earned, but the balance is shattered.  A time of true peace is required, growth must be fostered.  Nothing is clear, all is obscured, but a vague outline in the distance represents...hope?
The Darkest Night (48)
"The polar bear stew was excellent. It's a pity that there were only three of them." Ryzzar said as they approached the northern walls of Bactgill.
"Quit complaining. We'll have a feast in the city's best tavern tonight." Uthark said.
"If Giblet doesn't burn it down." Shaka chimed in.
"Giblet is sorry. Won't burn city. Promise." said the goblin.
"Pity. We were getting used to reading by the light of burning settlements. I guess we'll need to acquire some candles then." Gnarl joined in.
"All right, you all had your fun. Stop teasing our arsonist and let's focus on the task at hand." Uthark ordered and the group turned silent and did not utter a word as they made the last few hundred yards to the city.
"Halt, who goes there?" The guards of the northern gate shouted then seeing the non-human force approaching they sounded the alarm. They tried to close the gate but it was too late. The forces outside where only a fraction of the attacking army. The more numerous force was already inside. The Tribe's new hires along with allies joined in the carnage from within the city. The defenders were routed and killed in an instant without any casualities on the attackers' side.
It was well after mindnight when they started the dinner in the inn. Dividing the spoils and getting the new garrison organised took longer than expected. The city was huge and rich. It was a pleasant change after the badlands of the north.
"The new guards have been equipped. Our allies are pleased. Everything is settled for the night." reported Gnarl then asked Uthark a question: "Where do you want us to set up residence sire?"
"Bathhouse." Uthark gave a short answer as he was enjoying his first proper human-made meal in a year.
"Very well. I guess we deserve a warm bath after the frozen tundra." Gnarl said with a nod.
"Not just that. It's a stone building with the biggest water reserve in the city. Make sure Giblet stays there until it's time to set sail again." Uthark added with a wry smile.
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
  No one really seems to care about horrible death of silent, spying Ambassador in Rhedon. Could we please repeat? We would like to have him back - tasty as he was...
Dii Minores (50)
Once a pacifist, always a pacifist.
Naughty Princesses (62)
The leader had just arrived from far away and fate has brought him far from the South in the dark northern mountains. There lied Trulugn village. 
Leader grimaced - these northern people will have to finance their journey home to the South to rebuild his kingdom. And those northerners had no concept of defense against heat and fire and the leader thus recruited few apprentices and begun to teach them fire magics.
But in short time just as newly appointed apprentices were bickering about fire methodology, some other people under foreign banners quickly slaughtered Trulugn guards and raised their own banners over town. This was inconvenient at first.
Southern Kingdom (68)
Hum... The scouts have finally met someone... Friend or foe? the balance of forces will tell!
Cartographers (69)
King Sabaton looked at Crakow, "There is a new force far to the west that seems like they want to negotiate aggressively."

Lieutenent Crakow replied, "Yes. I wonder if it is just a scout playing footsie. You can never tell but I counsel patience. The true enemy is the Devourer and we can all learn to share."
Feet of Fleet (7)
The trolls built their first bridge and want money.
Land of Trolls (71)
Is it known? Isn't it known? Who is to know? 
The Great Unknown (72)
One step closer to the magic
Wodia Empire (8)


Racial tension is increasing as the economy is still not recovering. Numerous protests have been reported everywhere:

Orc Lives Matter protesters clashed with elven guards in several settlements.

Centaurs are training Social Justice Warriors to eliminate human supremacy.

The goblin representatives in the science guild demanded that the word gnome should be removed from all science related topics such as ecognomy, astrognomy and agrognomy. Gnome guild members were outraged and beat the goblins bloody and made jokes about the incident:
-What do you call a bleeding goblin?
Naturally the goblins called it a hate crime and are planning legal action. Since goblin folk are considered lightweight in the legal arena they are looking for some heavy-hitters. They are yet to find a literate troll with a law degree.

The rule of law is being eroded as ambassadors are seen beating law enforcement officers and skeletons are attending ANDIFA (Anorexic Dead Individuals Feeling Angry) rallies.

We live in troubled times indeed. Some say the Great Devourer is heading this way. Others say we should not worry because the Great Devourer does not exist. Others say the Great Devourer is a non-binary two headed balrog who is lactose intolerant and zhe (pronoun yet to be confirmed) is on a gluten free vegetarian non-GMO diet. Whom should we believe?
Ordo Hereticus is all talk and no game, all foam and no beer,  all wax and no wick,  all mouth and no trousers. This will get him  killed by MAFIA.
What, no Zora? Now whom am I meant to annoy?