Times Turn 14


Build a Temple in Arder for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Branfel for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the horses of Vetrorna.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Vi'ee.
In the underforest of Tonhutont lurks the Troll Pack (406). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tundra of Lincal roams the Yeti (193). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Hawheci lurks the Troll Pack (364). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Coflol for the glory of the Gods.
In the mountain of Poacla lurks the Giant Birds (1160). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Arpoonway for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Certicount for the glory of the Gods.
In the tundra of Lincal lurks the Ice Wurms (296). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Erquo.
Build a Temple in Blialan for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Hawheci.
In the tundra of Lincal lurks the Yeti (1894). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Duckcap.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Teda.
Build a Temple in Acalleigh for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the grain of Hardel.


An alliance forms that honors the ancient spirits.  The Way of the Forest shall spread.
The Sidhe (11)
Nothing new to report, exploration continues of the wonderful concert hall below.
Legion of Boom (12)
The general examined the wreckage of the small mine in the underforest. It appeared that some creatures must have attacked. His scout found a pile of droppings, bent over to sniff and said "Trolls sir, they seem to have dined on drow elves recently."
"Not to worry, we'll track these down. Who knows - maybe these are the trolls we are questing for!" shouted the general.
"Unlikely sir", replied his scout, "there's five packs down here. Who knows which is the right one?"
Children of the Four Winds (13)
"Nothing will stop Legion from reaching its target." was Legate's thoughts when he looked on the battlefield after the occurred battle.
Avalon Empire (15)
So you are telling me its really slow to study these topics right here, you need cozy private place? eh, these smart guys, always have their demands.
Semigallians (18)
The Atlantis Critter Compendium
If you know your enemy, you can run more motivated
(The who is who of Scouts hazards)

Family of Ogres (Mountain)
Big, dumb and weatherproof. This is similar as Trolls, but Ogres are bigger. They are also more dumb. If one of this champs is moving, he can't be argued out of it, not with words nor with steel. It should be mentioned at this point, that this fellow-denizens of Atlantis are also fireproof. We acquired this information first hand from magicians who have tried to stop them with fireballs. Maybe we should substitute 'firsthand' with 'firstpulp' in this context (make it bloody, unsavoury pulp).
Nekojin Empire (19)
First Great Acerne's Mage Convention has been a complete success.

One of the most spectacular acts in the Convetion was a demonstration of force in the City of Bad'Al'And. After the Convention five new mages joined the School of Mighty Magic in Plunwick.

Next year a Greater One is waiting
The Lizards (20)
As our first sailors and swimmers set out to sea, we discover it is a hostile place. Pirates and Merfolk abound, and more dangerous things as well. The land feels much more comfortable knowing what lurks beneath the waves.

Then again, the appearance of a Roc may lead us to reconsider that position.
Jax (21)
If we agree that the material world created an unknown mind, perhaps God, or gods, or demons, then we must find the answer, and where did this mind come from? Who created it or them? Suppose God or the gods themselves were created out of nothing, and then created the mechanism of evolution of the material world or due to arbitrary informations, unknown energy, evolution, etc., which naturally should have existed before them.
The question arises, who created this nothing or what came before God...
Dark League (24)
The guards will fall, very soon
MalibuWest (25)
[message redacted]
Covenant of Souls (26)
the forest was almost free of aliens. The Elf sent his orders to all the territories. They had to recruit as many people as they can to build an army capable of defeating the Tents and, if necessary, of defeating any intruders. He had other ideas too...
Silver Hand (27)
Be careful. There are dragons underwold.
Demon's Duchy (28)
Doru tegon jorrāelagon naejot sagon lēdan         
Valyrian Freehold (3)
There is no place for the weak willed or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will mankind survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small.
Ordo Hereticus (30)
Many plans, many plans,.. Many oportunities.
FSF Impatience.
Let's see, who wants guests ?
Frozen Snails (32)
A lesson for you all: don't let orcs run the treasury.
Red Skulls (34)
(Rhedom is overpopulated, we need to cast special spell, so all here have something to eat. I wonder when Dii Minores and Frozen Snails will go away. Is there a way to speed them up? There are days, when one can't simply walk through narrow alleys of mountain town, all around - nothing but troops, resting, healing, stealing, taxing, practicing (also on citizens, only at night). These of Minores are the "worst", no cow, no hidden stash or pile of silver, no dwarven woman can feel safe.)
Atlantis Explorers (35)
After this victory, many things were still to be accomplished! The next city to take was in sight and the territories to exploited had been explored. Another thing to decide was who would be the friends and the foes...
Black Tower (40)
lets see if city guards are really that much better than village guards ...
ClanJaguar (42)
Orc Lives Matter protesters in our city.
Factions threatening each other in the times.
Some unit proclaiming the end is near, fulfills his own prophecy.
Our scout found the underdeep, greeted by Balrog and demons.
Another scout meeting both Noizy Tribe and Deathscarab in the same place.

Ok, that's the drop. We are closing down the insurance division.
Disasters Inc (43)
Riding like the wind, the Reverend Mothers with the Fremen stormed two cities on two months. No time to rest, no time to study, no time to listen to the Holy Word. When the war would be over, they could rest. Would this time come? Should this time come?
Bene Gesserit (45)
Though the night is best for such things, a long planning session and the constant pressures of leadership give rise to a great need for rest.  Battle plans proceed apace, the next months will be simpler.
The Darkest Night (48)
Uthark and the others led their horses down the windig cave system that was said to lead into the underworld. The animals were skittish and scared and moved their legs hesitantly on the rocky floor. They could hardly see in the torchlight.
Uthark had a bad feeling. His instincts told him that they were not alone. But no matter how he strained his eyes and his hearing he could not pick out anything in the darkness.
"Where the hell are our scouts?" Uthark asked aloud from nobody in particular. They hired the best from Bactgill but they were all human, almost useless in darkness below ground.
"They are dead. If they were the best you can afford you should turn back Uthark Stormfist, while you and your companions still draw breath." came voice from ahead. It sounded melodic and feminin. All they could see were a pair of red eyes in the darkness.
"You seem to know my name. I'm yet to learn yours." Uthark said while signaling his followers to stay alert but not to engage. So far they only had a single target.
"My name is Adrica." the owner of the voice said and the pair of red eyes moved closer and continued: "Your scouts mentioned you while they descended. They walked like a stampeding rothé herd. I heard them from a mile. They were loud and stupid. You and your companions are also loud. Are you stupid as well?"
"Some of us may seem that way." Uthark said with a frown glancing at Giblet and the others around him then continued: "But looks might be deceiving. Now why would a lone drow lady venture so close to the surface to meet me and my merry band of misfits?"
"Who says I'm alone?" The drow asked and stopped right outside the circle lit by torchlight. Uthark had infravision and could see her clearly. A slender female drow. Quite tall for her kind. About 5 and a half feet. Silvery hair, dark skin. Sharp features. Not too bad. Tattered clothes. Less arrogant than most of her kind. Must be an outcast. Uthark hated surface elves but he decided that drow elves were OK. He answered:
"If you weren't alone then we would probably be engaged in a deadly battle by now."
"True. My kind does not like surface dwellers." Adrica said and looked Uthark in the eye with a strange expression. What was it? Humor? Mischief? Defiance? Perhaps all three.
"So what are you doing here?" Uthark asked.
"Isn't it obvious? I'm your new guide." the drow said.
"Well, you certainly seem more capable than your predeccessors. Welcome to Noizy Tribe."
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
   We cannot hide it anymore, the truth is out. All the local graveyards are empty. More or less fresh corpses gone as food, their skeletons serve us as… yeah you guessed it - skeletons. Making servant skeletons from not so fresh corpses is a work in progress. 
   Need to feed grows stronger, time is near to start another reduction of  inferior or surplus people by selective slaughter. Which ones should we select? The culling cannot be delayed for much longer.
Dii Minores (50)
Who are you? Friend or foe?
No Hope Nation (61)
What will it take before we issue an attack order? Perhaps assassinate is a more fitting first step.
Naughty Princesses (62)
Hey! Onions! You see these rich people in the town? You go there, tell two or three jokes, sing a little song, spit some fire and... What? You can't spit fire? Hum... I thought every Jester knew how to spit fire... So... What about... Juggling, maybe? OK. Oh, and if they're not cooperative tell the Cucumbers : they have Swords...
United Vegetables of the Northern Fields (65)
The Lost King threw the scroll in the fire. With the neighborhood, it would be hard to find a place here. But this report about a kind of gate in the mountain was interesting. May be a safe and promising place was hiding down there?
Lost Kingdom (69)
Lieutenent Crakow said, "my King we have found a new way to contact the scouts!" He triumphantly placed a small globe on the table.

King Sabaton looked into the globe. A centaur was making a motion to be quiet. On the ground was some silver and an odd shimmering metal. Slowly he drew a small blade and moved to the metal. He raised the blade high to strike... And flames from the left of screen washed over our poor heroic centaur. Then nothing happened. The image shoot and a huge scaly head bumped the blackened remains over. It started out from the globe where our hapless hero had been. The dragon coughed some flame towards the viewers and the image went dead.

Lieutenent Crakow looked from the globe to the King and back to the globe again. He barely whispered: 
"I think we need to train our scouts better."
Feet of Fleet (7)
Trolls have money but they want more.
Land of Trolls (71)
I do not know where I am, or perhaps you do not know where you are?
The Great Unknown (72)
slide down the shaft. 
Wodia Empire (8)


Don't worry, voice. You are annoying everybody already.
I have a body like 18 years old.... Check it out, open the freezer.


Rumor has it that The Sidhe (11) found out what I did in the woods several days ago. No need to overreact, anyone could have slipped on it.


Hell I wish the currency of Atlantis be Ethereum! Silver is oldschool


In the underforest of Dilinteth lurks no one. Free the world from this emptiness and go lurk there yourself!


Forests of Mapa smell of centaur poo


In the swamps of Eterd lurks the author of these many rumours.  Free the world from this graphomaniac and be rewarded!
bla bla
bla bla bla………. no really you will be rewarded! Srsly dfntly
Noizy Tribe snore while they sleep.