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Times Turn 14

.----      - ---     --     ---   -----   - --       ----  ----   -     ----.
 )                                                                         (
(                             NewOrigins Events                             )
 )                              March, Year 2                              (
(                                                                           )
 )      Several scouts are worried about an encounter between enemies      (
(     happened in the plains of Higet where 204combatants were killed.      )
 )      The attackers were victorious.. This battle will be known as       (
(                    Battle near the forests of Wardcot.                    )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(        Several peasants are worried about a fight between enemies         )
 )      happened in the tundra of Speibucfolk where battle ended in a      (
(        slaughter of one of the sides. This battle will be known as        )
 )                 Battle near the mountains of Lethitcha.                 (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )      Multiple dockers are whispering about a clash between enemies      (
(        happened in the forests of Rethwood where battle ended in a        )
 )       slaughter of one of the sides. This battle will be known as       (
(                 Battle near the ocean of Atlantis Ocean.                  )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(      Several peasants have heard about the skirmish between enemies       )
 )      happened in the forests of Tarkacre where some men died. This      (
(     battle will be known as Battle near the ocean of Atlantis Ocean.      )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(       Many commoners are talking about the skirmish between enemies       )
 )    happened in the plains of Gele where battle ended in a slaughter     (
(     of one of the sides. This battle will be known as Battle near the     )
 )                        ocean of Atlantis Ocean.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )    A few commoners have heard about the city of Eicton that lies in     (
(        the Ceykessand desert, where an opposition expelled guards.        )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(     Multiple adventurers are discussing about the town of E'ichheath      )
 )      that lies in the Coldior tundra, where an opposition expelled      (
(                                  guards.                                  )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(     Some travelers are discussing about the town of Cedahes that lies     )
 )      in the Keffling tundra, where an opposition tried to cast out      (
(                       guards but were unsuccessful.                       )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(     Multiple merchants are whispering about the town of Bengosma that     )
 )       lies in the Coistbo tundra, where a partisans extinguished        (
(                                  guards.                                  )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(       Many bards are rumoring about the village of Hycktucstad that       )
 )          lies in the Si'e jungles, where a rebels slew guards.          (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )     Numerous traders are discussing about adventurers who have slew     (
(        Kobold Pack (199) near ocean of Atlantis Ocean. Freeing the        )
 )              mountains of Swespughlen from their anxiety.               (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )    A few merchants are talking about hunters who have killed Lizard     (
(       Men (270) near ocean of Atlantis Ocean. Freeing the swamps of       )
 )                       Pangmore from their horror.                       (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )     Many bards are rumoring about daredevils who have extinguished      (
(       Undead (1834) near forests of Ihietway. Freeing the plains of       )
 )                      Bresarfield from their fear.                       (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )     Several druids are worried about adventurers who have murdered      (
(     Living Trees (346) near forests of Junkoheim. Freeing the forests     )
 )                      of Wardcot from their terror.                      (
(                                                                           )
 )                         .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                         (
(                                                                           )
 )    In the ocean of Atlantis Ocean, near forests of Tyrmsca, Pirates     (
(          (3521) who continue to cause fear to local inhabitants.          )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(      In the underforests of Mestecwood, near ocean of The Undersea,       )
 )        Giant Spiders (480) who continue to cause terror to local        (
(                               inhabitants.                                )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(      A group of daredevils decimated the Undead (6619) who inflicted      )
 )    fear on the inhabitants of the Rardwincheb tundra near mountains     (
(                               of Doosprub.                                )
 )                                                                         (
(                          .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:.                          )
 )                                                                         (
(        In the mountains of Gainford, near ocean of Atlantis Ocean,        )
 )       Family of Ogres (200) who continue to cause horror to local       (
(                               inhabitants.                                )
 )                                                                         (
(__       _       _       _       _       _       _       _       _       __)
    `-._.-' (___ _) `-._.-' `-._.-' )     ( `-._.-' `-._.-' (__ _ ) `-._.-'
            ( _ __)                (_     _)                (_ ___)
            (__  _)                 `-._.-'                 (___ _)
            `-._.-'                                         `-._.-'


In the forest of Starath roams the Wolf Pack (318). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Chrastnasest lurks the Evil Mages (632). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Ca'a for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Ihietway.
In the mountain of Farsatstan lurks the Undead (620). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the mountain of Flelspidug roams the Grizzly Bears (181). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Wichy'om.
In the swamp of Samore roams the Crocodiles (355). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Allswirnan for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Baquaudblir for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Slegladdes.
In the forest of Dabastpre lurks the Kobold Pack (1045). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Dasknonla.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Ruhan.
In the jungle of Stenlut lurks the Great Apes (1833). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Blarnfashire for the glory of the Gods.
In the cavern of Beckfust roams the Dragon (478). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Miorlriras roams the Troll Pack (479). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Ascan for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the ironwood of Illford.


Scouts have all reached some type of destination they can work at, so no more times are needed.
Legacy of Disasters (106)
No matter how bad it is, never despair, hold on while you have the strength.
Darlocks (107)
Here at Mage School... but where are the professors?
Thornhaven (108)
I managed to escape from the Devil.

And it is not surprising but here in the underworld there are many people.

Maybe they are also running away from someone.
MMF (113)
The newly opened Thynbay Paradise Resort is booming! We did spot some trouble makers who had snuck in and weren't wearing their name badges so we had to kick them out. 

And received an offer of a visit to a Dwarven inn! We'd love to come. We'll bring some Rethwood casked rum once it's ready.
Idle Vice (12)
Underworld time! :D
Faction (124)
Let it be known that Ice Dragons are not to be provoked.
Disencharmed (125)
Peace brothers and sisters.
We are going North to defend the forces of Ice
Night Watch (127)
Ishamael looks at this world in disbelief. What good can it offer to him??
Seanchan (132)
Maybe there won't be a great clash of alliances. Maybe there'll just be a consensus choice of whom to dedicate cities to.
Them (15)
Since we are stuck on island without any forests, we are left with the one choice - magically request wood for our great Times articles. Here you go!
This will be one longboat, please.
Lords of the Sky (16)
I hear tales of an underworld.  Yet, no entrances to be seen.  Maybe I'll ask that Storm Giant - I bet he knows a thing or two and would be happy to talk...
Kiiran (17)
Ahh finally, a trade route.   Now, let's just keep those silver coins and trade goods flowing.
Atlanteans of Yore (19)
Bloody times now!
Crooked Hooves (20)
We are Borg!
Borg (21)
the dragon is ours...
Punkers (22)
It's snowing.....

Just kidding, there is no winter.
The Wolves of Isengard (25)
... after the capture of the town, he was taken to the local library. A book lay open on the table, the sheets of which were made of thin leather. On the open page was described the legend of a terrible nightmare that lives in the mountains and kills everyone who met on his way. Legend had it that this nightmare guarded a hidden treasure, the possession of which could make its owner great. His Church needs this, his Faith in the Holy Deed must receive not only strength, but also glory, so that new followers hurry to join him.
Church of The Holy Deed (26)
Now we are ready!
Friendly people (27)
Need more green
Rainbow Falcons (29)
If you encounter one of my units or are denied entrance in a region by me, please contact me by game message.
The Merry Magicians (3)
Any wars out there?
Dogs of war (31)
The Greylords High Command announces:
No special incidents this week. The population is asked to report any unusual occurrences. In particular, it is suspected that camouflaged thugs are roaming the regions. Specialists are in charge of the search. 
Greylords (32)
No news is good news.
Three (33)
"Lower your eyes and voices in prayer, children, for He Who Sleeps Beneath has blessed us this day!" caroled the priest, stepping daintily over the gore-slicked cobbles of the square and the bodies of the guards who lay therein.

"Pardon, o revered one, but that's not quite right," butted in a young woman, the fervour of true zealotry lighting up her eyes. "He does not SLEEP in the darkness beneath us."

The priest spun on his heel to regard her, one eyebrow cocked in unspoken question.

She met his gaze levelly.

Cthonic Underground (35)
Dragon 1 - centaur 0
Silver Hand (36)
The stage is complete, Ishtar is working on her next number for the dedicated audience.
Babylon (37)
So much forest, can't see the woods for the trees.
Clan McTavish (38)
- Your majesty, the death or our guards has been avenged. 
- Good. Let's hope that we won't need to do it again.
WindMasters (39)
Someone is secretly robbing my regions, and it looks like I know who.
Gyperboreya (4)
who was late, he did not have time! thirsty plain cities climb from all the cracks! we'll have to educate them to have a brain.
Danado (40)
The admiral received news back from the lizardman marine corps...the scouts had found a great treasure at sea, but it was in a whirlpool guarded by a kraken. Time to start working out how many troops would be required to hunt the great beast.
The Children of the Four Winds (41)
It looks like the calm before the storm.
OrTOdox (42)
In this turn, SkyRaiders decided to take a small village for themselves and attack the city guard. I hope they will succeed.
SkyRaiders (46)
From the diary of Gale Swifthands

Today we went to visit our horsemen. Well, gnoll horse tamers. The girls and I watched them in amazement as they overpowered the wild horses and bent them to their will. Having tamed horses will speed up our movement significantly. If only I had confidence that we will be able to ride them good enough to make use of them. As a goblin I never really learned how to ride a horse. Thinking of what a wild horse can do to an inexperienced rider makes me question about our plans regarding horses.  As for the girls? Well, we all agreed that they can try out their cowgirl fantasies in the bedroom tonight.
Sticky Hands (48)
One fisherman dreamed of catching a mermaid,
He got ready and went to sea early.
Only he caught a fish, but not a dream,
Then he decided to look for the kraken.
I tied the bait, threw the net,
And he waited for a long time, fell asleep.
But then he felt that the network had started...
Dark League (5)
In the desert you can't remember your name cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
Brown Bread (50)
[Orders gnomes to chop trees].
Tyranny (51)
Media sources are fleeing the area surrounding Greywolf's men. There is just not enough work to make a living.

Activity is so low amongst both the leadership and men that there is simply nothing to report.

They lie around all day doing nothing and are pretty much starving.
Greywolf (52)
New lands to find. New spells to lean.
The Order of Tolin (55)
And that’s what I get for mentioning the undead, a wild attack from them
Kragers Klowns (58)
We need some balloons! 
Drunken Dwarves (59)
February, Year 2

The winds of change blow in our favor. Our forces, under the command of The Enforcer, have successfully purged the plains of Inteng, ridding them of the Tribe of Centaurs that once roamed there. Their swift defeat is a testament to our growing strength and the might of the Obsidian Shadow.

In the depths of the underworld, our settlers have reached the entrance to a vast forest. The potential of this new land is immense, and I can feel the pull of its dark magic. It beckons us, promising power and resources beyond our wildest dreams.

Above ground, our battle group is strategically positioned near an independent settlement. Soon, it will be under our dominion, and its inhabitants will know the protection and order of the Obsidian Shadow.

And in the vast expanse of the sea, our ship, carrying another group of settlers, has set sail. The horizon is vast, and the possibilities are endless. The world will soon witness the rise of the Obsidian Shadow, and none shall stand in our way.

- Malagor
The Order of Obsidian Shadow (6)
Spain grew rich from the gold and silver it found after conquering native civilizations in Mexico and South America. It soon afterwards found itself poor as it cleansed itself of immoral living. 
Is there a lesson here ?
XOT (60)
Land, I need more land
Malibu West (62)
Reunited. pt 9. 

There were troubling signs and times around the regions inhabited by the allied factions. The clan wild men had split up into smaller groups after emerging from their quiescence in the jungle ruins. A tribe of centaurs had attacked a small band of scouts in the northern plains, wiping them out. Luckily, in a few months s trickle of crossbows should turn into a flood and those small problems will disappear. 
But rumours of a bizarre underworld ritual were spreading.  An of the allies swore he saw it with his own eyes. Thirty goblins of a single faction, each on his own, and each carrying a separate unit flag, all in the same cavern, had offered themselves to a demon. Who had promptly and gratefully roasted them with one breath of hellfire. WTF is going on there?  And how to deal with that faction, who had appeared in their midst from nowhere? 
Rurikids (65)
The fellowship is broken. Sad times.
Fon (69)
Ed celebrates the lives of many guardsmen.

Minty celebrates land that goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Hesss Owenss celebrates water that goes on, and on, and on, and on.  Hess Owenss celebrates large seas.  Hess had no idea that anywhere in the world there was water so far from land.  How do the natives make nets without herbs?  Why is there no seaweed in Atlantis?  And how do they move their stone without caravanserais?  The deep ocean is a strange place.  Hesss hopes he discovers land soon.

Zorion celebrates wine.  Let the northerners have their palette burning VODK, wine will be good enough for Zorion's trading.

Ninsunir of the northeast celebrates spinning wheels.  The tools of the fibre arts are so much more useful than the metal tools.  Metal tools are hardly worth the effort.  But spinning wheels now, spinning wheels are different, a single spinning wheel is as good as many months of study.
celebrants (7)
Our plans are moving slowly, but surely.
The Filras (8)
Who is there?
Drow (82)
Fishing is not hunting
Monster hunters (85)
We try sailing to the west, my lord!
Tribes of Bructerie (88)
The more that you wait
The more time that you waste
Yet Another Faction (9)
The forest elves lived in perfect harmony with the creatures of the woods, sharing a kinship with foxes, owls, and deer. They tended to the flora, ensuring the woods thrived with vibrant colors and lush greenery.

Underneath the silvery moonlight, they danced in a delicate ballet, their laughter harmonizing with the rustle of leaves. Their songs, sung in the ancient language of the forest, wove spells that protected their home from harm.

In the heart of the woods, where the starlight filtered through the leaves, the forest elves embodied the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Their stories, whispered by the wind and carried by the streams, were cherished by all who ventured into their realm, for they told tales of magic, unity, and the timeless spirit of the forest.
Paykiss (92)
la production de masses, de pioches, d'épées, de lances, d'arc long et de forts est lancée
The Lands Kepper (93)
Chapter 8: Shadows in the Wilderness
After the end of the conclave the missionaries spotted Tyranny(51) representatives in the far west inhabiting a small northern town. Apparently our tribe have established the western border.  

While the Revenge of Cone's fame and influence spread, a dark threat loomed on the horizon. Ogres, lurking in the forests, lizardmen in the rivers, and unseen monsters of the swamp began raiding their outlying settlements. Stories whispered of these creatures, united under a dark banner, challenging the very heartlands of the tribe. Two ogres had made a camp right next to the future capital city of the tribe.
Revenge of the Cone (95)
Do they have any sanity left? No, not really.
Tailenders (97)


Aval is Holden!
Gray is dirty white
Skeletons 1 Villagers 0.

An auspicious start to the season.
The Gray Wolf! Spit out the Cinderella!
XOT and Malibu are known to each other.

They are secretly working together.
Drunken dwarves wish to be more drunk than they are
It is rumored that silver can be earnt through the writing and telling of Rumors.
Without Holden, of whom should you write?  The plurality of Atlantists choose a grey faction.
Without hobbits, bread goes stale