Times Turn 17

Be productive and strong; explore new land and find a way to survive.


In the mountain of Samalldon roams the Grizzly Bears (143). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tunnels of Moulye roams the Ettins (274). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the mountain of Poacla lurks the Giant Birds (1160). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Branfel for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Erquo.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Teda.
In the tundra of Lincal lurks the Ice Wurms (296). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Cestheth for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the grain of Hardel.
Build a Temple in Acalleigh for the glory of the Gods.
In the cavern of Etsce lurks the Dragon (1440). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Acerne for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Arder for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Arpoonway for the glory of the Gods.
In the tundra of Echan roams the Yeti (193). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Coflol for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in A'abua for the glory of the Gods.
In the underforest of Hawheci roams the Ettins (278). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the herbs of Duckcap.
Build a Temple in Certicount for the glory of the Gods.


Cuireann an Sidhe fáilte roimh a gcairde na haircí!
The Sidhe (11)
Bloodshed is rarely the wise decision, but sometimes it is warranted.
Legion of Boom (12)
The jungles looked impressive and turned out to be the finest source of herbs anywhere. However, the foragers sent to gather nature's bounty were not happy. There were tarantulas everywhere, and many exotic stinging insects. They still kept gathering - the general had commanded that bags and lassos were a vital part of the war effort.
Children of the Four Winds (13)
Report of AE Explorer for the past month: there are jungles close to our coasts, but... they are full of undead. Consider sending Legion to get rid of them and pray that they won't attack us...
Avalon Empire (15)
The Atlantis Critter Compendium
If you know your enemy, you can run more motivated
(The who is who of Scouts hazards)

Dragon (Mountain, Underworld)
They come in different colours. Some say dragons of some colour complexion would have different dispositions. Even towards friendly and helpful. But experiences with the overgrown lizards show that all of them have a god complex of a annoying to dangerous degrees. They tend to miss by inadvertence to disregard by bad faith the well being of any smaller entity in their vicinity. Since the average scout has a size disadvantage of several degrees he should never ever mess with dragons regardless of the (dragons) colour.
Nekojin Empire (19)
Beware the shafts.

Sometimes they lead you to the mouth of the dragon
The Lizards (20)
As our scouts explore the ocean and we make new friends across the seas, we remain eager to establish trading relationships. Informational alliances are also welcome, should anyone have and/or want insight into obscure game mechanics.
Jax (21)
Proud members of Skalperians nation, after spending more than a year in tundra and swamp,
have started a petition to get infinite resources and finite needs in this world for everyone,
because reality is starting to be unbearable.
Please sign below!
Skalperians (22)
There are a lot of forests on Earth. Forests are made up of many trees, shrubs, grass, and other plants. Forest, depending on the types of trees, can be coniferous, deciduous or mixed. Deciduous trees turn yellow in autumn and drop leaves for the winter, while conifers remain green year-round. In the forest you can find various mushrooms and berries, some of them are edible, while others are not. Also, the forest is home to many animals and birds.
Oh my God! How I want to the plain!
Dark League (24)
A quest on our doorstep, lets see what we can find
MalibuWest (25)
The hunter crept silently through the swamp in search of his quarry.  Sightings of strange creatures had been filtering in for the last week or so and he had been sent to investigate.

As he approached a particularly dense area of the swamp he thought he caught a glimpse of something to his left.  As he approached, he noticed a group of small objects hovering just above the ground in tight formation.  The hunter took aim and as he released his spear he knew that his aim was true.  The dying creature emitted a high-pitched shriek as it released its last breath.

He approached cautiously and picked up the impaled creature and was astonished.  Although it was dead, it's hide seemed lighter than he had expected, almost as if it could float.  Hmmm, he thought.  If I were to add this to our ships...
Covenant of Souls (26)
Welcome new players.
Demon's Duchy (28)
Nyke emagon se lentor ziry! Ziry iksos ñuhon! 
Valyrian Freehold (3)
The warrior who acts out of honour cannot fail. His duty is honour itself. Even his death - if it is honourable - is a reward and can be no failure, for it has come through duty. Seek honour as you act, therefore, and you will know no fear.
Ordo Hereticus (30)
Boyz are growing in number. Sabrina is taking them on walk, she is still smart, well, at least smarter than rest. We are working hard to give her new possibilities. It was funny to watch them training "Embark!" order. "Disembark!" was even more funny. They just can't swim and in the same time can't drown. And how it will work during "Boarding!" ?

Frozen Snails (32)
Why do Red Skulls always have to be a low-quality rubble? Time to change it.
Red Skulls (34)
'Master, shall we feed the grain and livestock to our workers or sell it to the inhabitants of the town?'
'What is the effect of each?'
'We save on silver silver, if we feed our worker.'
'We need any silver we can get! That is very good!'
'On the other hand, if we sell to the town inhabitants, the population will grow and with it the tax base.'
'That is also very good! We need to increase the production of grain and livestock!'
Atlantis Explorers (35)
Observer raced on horseback through the dungeon. Suddenly his path was a Goblin scout (3719). Goblin clearly showed signs of aggression and tried to attack the rider. For that was punished. The horse trampled him into the dusty, dry soil.
Gyperboreya (38)
People in fremen cities demand more food and luxury items they want to buy.
They want to have fast and safe roads to nearby settlements but willing to pay more taxes for all of those.

It sounds interesting. Muad'Dib ordered his people to fulfill settlement needs and make people happy.
Fremen (4)
Everything was ready. The different factions were in position, surrounding the city, waiting for the signal. Shadows on a hill, ready to manipulate dark energies. Archers, playing with the string of there bow. Infantrymen, holding nervously their swords and axes.
At the first light of the dawn, the battle began. 
Black Tower (40)
need more trainers ... leaders are expensive!
ClanJaguar (42)
Upper Management (484) has come to the conclusion that the surface market is saturated. The last mission to bring consumerism to the nearby settlements have been sent. Time to dial it down a notch. Down to the <underworld>.

Giving up the corner office on the plains was needed. A new headquarter was built in the underworld. With expert [BUIL] skills and plenty of [ROOT], a Building [1] : Magical Tower was erected, scraping the cavern ceiling. Dragon (362) to the left and Dragon (540) to the right - what better decorations could one ask for?
Disasters Inc (43)
The Fremen disappeared in a hole in the rock. The Reverend Mother sighted: "their habit of hiding in the ground hasn't changed." She had a thought for the poor Lady Fenring who was wearing a nice dress as usually and who would probaly ruin it. "She should have kept the traditional aba instead of fancy and useless clothes".
"Let's see where they want us to find out"
Bene Gesserit (45)
On a morning like any other, desert rascals raise up to take us by surprise.  For those who live in the shadows, being taken by the shadows is a rare thing, and certainly one unsettling enough to never fall victim to again.
The Darkest Night (48)
Uthark walked the streets of Shresta with his followers committing to memory every guard post and every path the city guards used to patrol the city. They had to plan the takeover properly as there were no allies to help the Tribe this time.
"Why is it that the guards never pick up on the planning of a takeover? They never seem to have a leader either." asked Ryzzar eating a roasted rothé ham.
"Yeah, I've noticed that too." said Shakaa.
"And it seems like it is always the one wearing red shirts that die first."
"Maybe they are red becaue they are bleeding heavily?"
"Nah, I'm telling you. Some of the guards are called redshirts. They seem to be the dumbest, most unimaginative people. They never see it coming."
"Well, you have to be dumb to become a city guard this day and age."
"Also, whevener we throw fireballs around it's like I hear invisible dices rolling."
"I heard it too when we were in Bactgill but I'm pretty sure it was just the gamblers in the tavern."
"The mysteries of the world we might never learn. Allright. We can go back to camp now. Everything seems set. Another month and we'll be ready to take this city." said Uthark ending the discussion.
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
  We met our first dragon. Does it really want to attack? Our scout may try to boldly tax right under its nose and even hire some of its worshipers as more scouts. 
   Shoooo shoooo worthless worm, you are a source of good spoils, nothing more! We just need some more time to prepare.
   One more thing. There are factions who consider a settlement theirs while not even having a scout in them. We will make them reconsider.
Dii Minores (50)
First of the walkers fell victim to large bunch of monsters. Suspiciously several different groups of monsters, including undead, lizardmen and great apes banded together against us. It was a bit sad and further we walked around that place. 
Also there was certainly certain increase of variety of scouts that arrived. It was a bit suspicious. But let's send our scouts back to them.
Brave Walkers (51)
A new travel in magic gates, a new land. A land already owned. Time for another travel in magic gates.

The search for the promised land for the faithful is indeed hard.
No Hope Nation (61)
All study makes for no fun.

So, to liven things ups, we're going to make a claim on territory.  Ici.  2 mountains and a lake.  Yep, that's it.  Come along and visit.  Let us know beforehand so we can declare you neutral!  Declaring scouts of factions that contact us will not be blocked.  Others... well... hope you have a lot of silver!

May Yr 2 Arrivals :
Another visitor (Disasterous Scout C)!  Stay awhile, Stay forever!! A big Princess welcome to you!

Naughty Princesses (62)
Apparently the northerners had sorted themselves out and the village was in their hands and the fire magics of South was left without usefulness.

However, advisor Chane said to the leader, we do not need village itself, right?! How about we just get some money from those that want to tax those northern scum and finance our studies and travel with their money.
Sounds about right, agreed leader. Let's cooperate with them and then we can reach the south and establish our kingdom there later.
Southern Kingdom (68)
Time is the night. Place is a remote shore.
The soldiers were hidden in shadow of the forest and were observing the beach. A small ship was laying on the sand and two elves were whispering nearby. As far as the soldiers could see, no flag on the ship, no insignias on the crew. 
The orders were clear regarding spies and unauthorized visitors...
After a short fight, the soldiers searched the dead bodies. They could only find a number of unit "1912" but no affiliation to any faction.
They sent their report to the Lost King who decided to increase the readiness of the coastal guard. "If they come back, we will be even more ready!"
Lost Kingdom (69)
Lieutenent Crakow said, "Shall we check on the ship exploring?" He sheepishly placed a small viewing globe on the table.

King Sabaton looked into the globe.

A Centaur was singing at the top of his lungs:
What shall we do with the drunken sailor?
What shall we do with the drunken sailor?
What shall we do with the drunken sailor?
Early in the morning!

A gnome responded to the singing, "Can you take a break for a bit?"

Toss! Thump! Splash!

Lieutenent Crakow looked from the globe to the King and back to the globe again. He commented: 
"We need a better human resources department."
Feet of Fleet (7)
Trolls bought fewfew friends. Will there be enemies? It's getting a little crowded.
Land of Trolls (71)
I did not know that, now it is known
The Great Unknown (72)
Finally the family members have arrived. Most of them looked a little rattled by the strange experiences of the last few weeks, but all of them are now here.
On another thought the number of armed men in the city has increased tremedously. Ninrolfs fears of an imminent invasion seem to come true. The question now is should he help the current owners of the city to defend themselves or maybe help the invaders and ensure future safety for his people that way.
Freemen of Lund (79)
Slow but steady
Wodia Empire (8)
Brave new world! How long we waited for it? Years? Centuries? Thousands of years? Nobody knows.
Apiary (82)


Anyone know where RGEM are usually found? Asking on behalf of a gnomish friend.
First quest completed! No Artifact of Power but now i have gliders!
Welcome Supreme Judge Kenoghar. We hope you can bring some order to this rubble of bickering factions.
One new skill and three relevant new items are now available in game:

writing [WRIT]: This skill deals with all aspects of creating fiction. A unit with this skill may PRODUCE Pad Poetry on level 1 while higher levels allow the creation of Romantic Novels (level 3) and Plot Armor (level 5).

Bad Poetry [BAPO]: weight 0. This is a miscellaneous combat item. This item allows its user to reduce the morale and combat effectiveness of sentient creatures in combat.

Romantic novel [RONO]: weight 0. This is a miscellaneous item. This item allows its user to pacify dragons and bored liches thus allowing scouts to escape an otherwise lethal encounter. For its use the unit needs to have 1 Romantic Novel in its inventory and has to be set to AVOID 1.

Plot Armor [PLAR], weight 0. This item is a type of armor. This armor will protect its wearer 100% of the time versus EVERY kind of attacks with the exception of Plot Twist, Deus Ex Machina, Red Herring and Plot Hole spells.
I see my neighbor building a galleon. It is a good ship, plenty of room, two mages can study. I hear Galleys are even better, they provide protection at the cost of less room and only one mage can study. Still a good multif…. multifnuk...multifucktional ship.
Big Brother is watching