Times Turn 2

Be productive and strong; explore new land and find a way to survive.



The cartographers of the East and West winds met and decided. From this day, Wersvale shall serve as the zero meridian diving east and west on the world of Atlantis.
Children of the Four Winds (13)
A nice small quite town has been discovered. Nice plains and ocean around us. Lets now explore around.
The Filras (14)
The view is certainly lovable. Tall mountains tipped in snow on one side and the sea on the opposite side. One could make himself at home here, if it ever stopped raining.
Fanhunters (16)
From the diary of Bohica Miaburn of Trielkirk:

Day 1

I've done it! I've outsmarted them all and escaped the underworld. It will take them another two years to send someone after me the earliest. Well done Bohica. Well done. Now let's figure out how to get to the surface from this Nexus place.

Day 2

After careful consideration about the possibilities I let fate decide where I'd end up and cast my gate lore spell at random. I arrived to a dreadful place. It's cold and an awful fiery orb wanders the sky torturing my eyes. The locals say it's called the sun and it's winter here. They say that because of winter the sun is up only a few hours each day. Lucky me.

Day 6

I'm adjusting to my circumstances. I stole a fur coat with a hood from the locals and I sleep during the day in an abandoned hut. I only venture out at night.

Day 11

The locals are strange creatures. They have four legs. They call themselves centaurs. They remind me of driders. They smell and are just as hairy but have fewer legs. As for intelligence? We'll see.

Day 15

There's a big body of salt water to the east where the sun comes up every day. They call it the Stiaschelold Strait. If it's a strait that means that the other shore must be near. No matter how hard I try I can't see it. I'll need to check my notes about farsight or have a boat built.

Day 21

Still haven't hired a single follower. These daylight creatures are very distrustful of strangers that come out only at night. I'll need to approach them during dayligh. I dread the occasion. That accursed sun makes me almost blind during the day. Perhaps I should risk another gate jump?
Indigo (17)
Going for something completely different. What happened? I ended up in the northern tundra, just like always. Must be in my genes.
Big Ol Bob (18)
A village with some friendly goblins was found.
Hundreds of them wish to join our faction to help protecting wildlife.
Interviews are taking a lot of time...
Beastmasters (21)
Iron and stone: what could be better and more useful than that ? Let the craft begin!
Black Tower (23)
The Elf walk through the colored waves and emerged from the portal. He looked back but the energy rapidly vanished and, soon, no sign of the portal remained in the air.
He was alone in a kind of vast plain. "Here we go for a new start!, let's see what this word has to bring!"
Silver Hand (26)
Jungle, again.... I hate jungle. It is so wet, your beard starts to rot. The critters are slimy and poisonous and trying to kill you just out of spite. Why do I always drop into jungle.
Nekojin Empire (29)
Emperor entered the gate leading away from the Nexus... and memory returned to him.

Dying hurts... It was wise to make The Ritual and ensure that there will be a backup in the worst case as no one would imagine what could be an outcome when you fight against the whole world. But who would imagine that reincarnation would take so long?

The world was completely changed. No access to the underworld via shafts as some fanatics managed to seal them. They thought that it will save the world from evil… how naïve! Such a move, of course, led to massive cataclysms all around the world…

No big continents, islands everywhere… and volcanos! A lot of volcanos full of evil beasts. They wanted to save this world from evil… so they brought evil up to the surface. This will be interesting!
Avalon Empire (3)
Shablasshaw they call it. Not sure what it means. Maybe Shabla was living here. Laying the ground for this city. I hope we'll figure it out once we start looking around!  
Filcist (32)
What do you mean Monday? I thought it was Tuesday. Get the high priest of scheduling and sacrifice him to the gods.
The Most Righteous Order (34)
The Stormking discovered a settlement in the mountains and made his way to it.  It soon became apparent that the place was inhabited by a large number of orcs.  Orcs were not the brightest creatures, but they were hardy and hard working, at least when properly motivated.  He pondered things for a few minutes, then decided that these orcs would make the core of his new army.
Riders of the Storm (37)
Building a "knife missile" that looks like a centaur? No surprise they marked you as an eccentric.
The Culture (41)
Alone! ...

Alone? ...

Where are you all? ...
The Disinherited Knights (42)
Here I am. Cirdflankel. The Centaurs here seem strong. They will follow the Great Bird too. We shall honour my ancestor, together.

I studied the flight of the birds in the sky all day. Seagulls. The ocean is near. But I shall remain on earth, for the birds are more abundant here.
Heralds of the Great Wahzoh (46)
Hello, strange world. I am new to these lands. May I find fortune and glory.
Kingdom of Bogmor (47)
The mountain region did not seem welcoming for the First Representative. He hid behind huge rock as monsters roamed nearby, quickly paid couple local dwarves few coins to explore surroundings and stepped back into the magical gate.
The Trade Guild (48)
They try to discourage us from attacking. Witness us!
Red Skulls (5)
“There is a place to mine silver
And a place for gold that they refine;
Iron is taken from the ground,
And copper is smelted from rocks.
Man conquers the darkness;
He probes to the limit in the gloom and darkness,
Searching for ore.
He sinks a shaft far from where people reside,
In forgotten places, far from where people walk;
Some men descend and swing suspended.
Food grows on top of the earth;
But below, there is an upheaval as if by fire.
There in the stones is sapphire,
And the dust contains gold.

		Job 28:1-6
Truthseekers Alliance (50)
Nexus had imbued the adventurer with power and magics. He stepped through the magical gateway into new town and went straight away to recruit every able person into his new faction. Power shall grow.
Last of Cone (53)
Well. Tundra means tundra. In the end, these regions are rich in furs and resources are available here. 
Gray Faction (54)
New acolytes, called to the Truth!  Go, o Faithful, and ken this world!

Lux et veritas volunt!
Church of Light and Truth (59)
A new world to explore! 
Scouts: go forth where you can, please to avoid drowning.
ClanJaguar (64)
Gardan closed his eyes, said a quick prayer and cast the spell. 
He was not alone, but what will the world open up to him? Only time will tell
Malibu West (7)
Lot of guards in a settlement. Much more than ever seen.
Not a sight of the ocean, are we on a continent?
Global Trade Corp (9)


The cloaked man in the Fearless Minotaur inn will give you a map to a heap of gold if you buy him three ROOT beers.
It starts. Seven Prairies, we're coming.
Is it a friendly world or hostile? Lots of traders...