Times Turn 2



Dirty boots and sand dust. Everything is as always, as before. Richard stood near by a small goblin village on rugged and clay-covered land. A light wind blew, burning with particles of sand. Everything as usual. Usual for Richard. And goblins.
I missed him. I didn't see Richard for years. I hope he'll have a good destiny under this sun.
Desert Eagles (11)
So, we started in a small village on the sea shore. This time we started alone. Let us explore adacent lands and evaluate our situation a little better...
Pax Romana (13)
Sir Nils Olav walked through the portal, looking around gathering his bearings, this looks like a good place to set up camp. Now to find people to join him.
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

Day 2

The gateway I walked through led me to an elven town called Kishbank then disappeared behind me. Trees and pointy eared folk everythere. Mild weather and serenity. Let's see how long it lasts.

Day 3

These elves are pathetic. Can't buy meat anywhere in town. I'm sick of elven bread. Need to go hunting.

Day 4

Killed a boar. It's roasting nicely. Tavern owner was complaining about the smell. Vegetarian treehugger. He stopped after I kicked four of his teeth out and threw him out of my room. I have to get that window fixed.

Day 5

Memory is still fuzzy. Tried to recall some spells but I can't remember any of them. Seems like I need to re-learn everything. I still know unarmed combat though. The village druid visited me to complain. It turns out that the boar I killed was his pet. I offered him a slice of ham as a peace offering but he refused it. I told him I might be able to re-animate the bones after I finished eating all the meat and he completely lost it. I beat the shit out of him and threw him out. Good thing I haven't fixed that window.

Day 6

Time to settle in for the long haul. I expect to be busy in the next couple of days.

Day 17

After a tenday of meditation I gave up on recovering my memory. I'll have to regain my powers the hard way. Time to buy supplies and set up a lab.

Day 28

Elven wine is awesome! I love it! It's so smooth that you don't feel the alcohol until it's too late. Mighty hangover. I seem to be missing a few days. I should probably limit my intake at four liters per day. Where was I? I remember I went shopping for lab equipment but stopped at the wine merchant. Focus Schneider. Focus. Lab equipment. Let's go shopping again.
Silver Eclipse (15)
So, we have landed in new world. Alone in some town far away form the middle of this world where all bad things usually happen. Hopefully nobody will come here too soon, we must produce enough swords and armors first.
Gray Ones (16)
New world. New times. May the seas be open to your sailing glory!
Feed the Paw (18)
Mountain, rock, mineral, forge, weapons, customers, silvers... We know how to do it.
Black Tower (21)
First mage of Skalperian nation has arrived to his town. Alone, but not lonely. City guards are protecting him for now, but that might change soon. Scouts has been deployed to all directions, lets see what else we can find. 
Skalperians (24)
Let the hunt begins! Nothing better than a roasted ice wurm ;-)
Scoiatael (25)
Sidoral stepped from his refuge into a sleepy village lightly dusted with snow and was stunned. Where had his capital city gone to? Where was his home? And why did the friggin levitation spell not work?
Some thing had gone horribly wrong. 
At least he could see familiar people in the streets. Although these elves didnĀ“t seem to recognize him. Well time to find out what had happened and how are things currently in the Empire of Lund.
Elves of Lund (26)
Sir Arnold Carter, first chairman of the Lost Sea Trading Company was standing alone in his small office, facing a window to the harbour of Nornglen.
He looked at the calm sea. "Soon" he thought, "the seas will all be ours".  
A knock at the door interrupted his further planning. One of the indigenous centauren holding a serving tray with a can of steaming tea came in.
"Leave it on the desk. Are the scouts ready?" Sir Carter asked.
"There about to leave, we will provide you with a report as soon as the arrive in the plains" the centaurn answerd.
"Tomorrow we will know were the winds have brought us" the chairman said, dismissing the centaurn.  
After taking a sip of tea he sighed.
"These savages will never learn to how make a proper can of tea" he thought, "but they have other useful abilities."
Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
The jump brought a what seems to be a good start. Mountain regions with a ocean nearby. Ocean is calling for adventure. Wood will be necessary. The search begins.
This is Paradise (29)
We exit the gate, look around and see we are in a jungle. We see some deserts and other jungle regions surrounding us, and the Ocean.

No Sign of anyone else yet. The local Orcs seem friendly enough.

Wonder if we have neighbours close by.... Will search for some. Time to prepare scouts and look for Allies in this strange world. 
The Filras (3)
need more gold
Gyperboreya (30)
Time to gate again we think!
The Hunt Begins (4)
The beginning is the most important part of the work. (Plato)
At least nobody is here to get in may way trying!
Miserable Maniacs (40)
An orc village was before the eyes of the emperor. They will be great warriors!
Avalon Empire (41)
Staring at the grimoire, it seemed things were not as straightforward as they looked. Slight mistakes in spelling meant spells wouldn't go ahead - a slight syntactic error meant the wizard hadn't gone anywhere, but remained in the Nexus. This time, surely things would work out.
Children of the Four Winds (44)
Lush plains, beautiful sight, and no other people around. Am I dreaming? Am I in Paradise? 
Filcist (46)
Gonna build myself a nice little house on the prairie. Should recruit some help for that.
Little House on the Prarie (49)
Amazing new world. I feel the flows of magic. So many new things to learn and understand. Explore and discover. Nice feeling.
Gray Faction (54)
We have landed on the island where VODKa and CAVIar are in abundance... Are you kidding me?
It seems like we are missing only the polar bear on the streets :)
Falcons (59)
The place I landed looks good so far, mages will start the study, but what about safety?
Semigallians (6)

Mighty Croc (66)
Hello new world. I'm coming
Carbonari (75)
Supreme Lord stepped through the Portal. Next second he stood in the middle of unknown city. His city. Living creatures do not know this yet but they shall know soon.
Unknown (8)
Cloud - father of the clan of Silver Galleys, entered city with funny name, worthy of to be noted - Befshuns. He looked like healthy fishmonger in good mood.

All mages have instant access to magic crystall ball. There one can see the Times. So, Cloud has 'read' it and whispered:  "So many imposters.. total Silver Blackout ". 

He has flapped mosquito.. and sighed..

Here we go again!

Silver Galleys (9)


This game gives me quite a headache.
Beigtais, I already miss you, you damned bastard... are you here?!
Evil Sunz is going to be killed...