Times Turn 20

The tundra of Toses is only partly explored.


In the desert of Cludgrahve roams the Clan of Wild Men (205). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Baldhanddhan for the glory of the Gods.
In the plain of Cathrun lurks the Evil Warriors (1706). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tunnels of Vatcontlem lurks the Dragon (593). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the mountain of Cie'ed lurks the Undead (726). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Beastcebick for the glory of the Gods.
In the cavern of Rendbrilsle roams the Goblin Horde (699). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Ba'eld for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Deeland.
In the desert of Baldhanddhan lurks the Sphinx (489). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the rootstone of Charseerpoo.
In the underforest of Ode'oth roams the Ettins (3122). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Airghagen for the glory of the Gods.
In the forest of Habach roams the Family of Ogres (176). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the swamp of Susartbrook lurks the Undead (1292). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


It was the most amazing time. Sphinxes and lich faded into the background.
The jungle did not go out of Richard's head while traveling along the tundra.
Desert Eagles (11)
I hope this letter finds you in good health. 
As requested, I update my half-yearly review. By the time you read this, I'd have sucesfully conducted another merger, and identified another target.
Yours truly, 

The bank (12)
The army is on standby waiting for new inhabitants of the lair
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

3rd of August Year 2

A few citizens of Fulford decided revolt against our guards. We put a quick end to it along with their lives.

7th of August Year 2

Leira is getting cranky again. She's 5 months pregnant. I was told that pregnancy for elves lasts for two years. I don't think I can put up with it for that long. I'm hoping that the fetus being a half-elf will shorten it somewhat. I wonder if there's a way to accelerate cell growth. Or personal time for that matter. Spending an hour with Leira in her bad mood feels like a day for me. I wonder if being constantly grumpy is the trick behind elven longevity.

16th of August Year 2

Studying inside the magetower is so much more effective. The rootstone walls keep everything out. Noise, temperature fluctuations, background magic radiation and unwanted visitors. All distractions are gone. Well, except for the girls. Maybe I should have another magetower built just for myself?

24th of August Year 2

The Marauder arrived back from the pirate hunt with some interesting stuff. A few pieces of yew and ironwood, some mushrooms, four healing potions, a glider and two giant turtles. The glider will come in handy for exploration and we'll get to use the wood eventually. Zodd wanted to make a soup out of the muchrooms and the turtles but I managed to talk him down to taking only the mushrooms. Now he and Talindra are back in their cabin high as a kite. Now I know why that bastard was so quick to take the deal and forget about the turtles. Maybe I should take some classes from our herbalists so I can identify magic mushrooms in the future? Then again, the magetower is brand new and the city is still recovering from the pillaging it suffered a few months ago. I'm not sure that getting high with the girls with our high level of fire and wind magic would be a good idea.
Silver Eclipse (15)
No mithril, say scouts, sent to investigate mountins. Bad.
No ironwood, say scouts from forest and jungle. Bad.
And then neighbouring friend sends a letter - U know, there are rootstones in your town!
OK. Might have been worser.
Gray Ones (16)
"Three longboats for exploration!"

"Should I look for turtles?"

"Nay. They are like cattle on land. What do you expect me to do send a Centaur on four of them water skiing?"
King of the Penguins (18)
How to develop the village if there is no stone. Should the valuable galleon be used as a stone barge? Or let inhabitants live without stone? Maybe the mages can pause their high-and-mighty studies and conjure us some stone.
Chaos Empire (19)
Fleet has been built and ready to sail, shame that sailors are bunch of unskilled drunks.
They tell me that's how it works at the sea.
Set 1 VODK limit per day, lets see how it goes...
Skalperians (24)
Sailed accross the seas and finally met old friend, now it is time to go home ...
Scoiatael (25)
Upon arriving in Pasaldon Sildoral was overcome with a kind of intense homesickness. Things everywhere reminded him of his home - the Empire of Lund. People in the street wore the traditional garb of the lundishmen. The conversations he overheard were in the familiar and long unheard language of the humans of Lund mixed with some dwarven dialect. At first glance it seemed he had come home at last.
On second glance some things were different though. Lots of the inhabitants were walking dead. That was decidedly different from how he remembered things.
Could it really be that the population of the Empire had become undead. He knew that efforts were ongoing with the imperial family and a young nephew of the Emperor had had astonishing skill with alchemy. It was possible that he had found an elexir of eternal life that worked almost perfectly by holding of death.
But what would that mean for him personally? He had taken oaths to faithfully follow the Emperor of Lund as his liege lord. Best to find out if the leader of this empire was the rightful emperor of Lund or just some pretender or even usurper.
Time to meet this Nagash! 
Elves of Lund (26)
Sir Carter and five of his guards entered the town hall.

"May I speak to the mayor please?" he asked the secretary politly.

"Yes of course, what shall i say will be the matter of your visit?" the secretary answered.

The sound of fighting can be heard form outside.

"You may adress hostile takeover" Sir Carter replied.

Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
(Stories from ancient Darealone family book - Tales from Torsee Darealone - XVI)
Torsee spent the next weeks studying the region dynamics. His network of spies gave him important information.
Understanding the locals was important, and even more regarding the most important families.
Some families would side with him if he brought peace and welfare to the village. He was already doing that, he thought. They would cooperate.

Merchant families would only look to profit. He gave them privileges regarding mining production and new lands to farm. Even a small company for building roads were created with public funds while administrated by an, until then, very poor but very old and reputable merchant family.

This companies were not very well managed, and Torsee was pretty sure the families were taking money for themselves, but that was the price for cooperation.

Noble families were put in charge of public services that Torsee expanded (a new shipyard committee was created, although there would not be a shipyard to manage for the next months). Other were simply bought with silver.

A small taste of fear was  also necessary. A small noble family related with the old guards, that nobody really liked very much, was murdered by unknown orcish mob. Simple message.

But that was not enough, Torsee though. Maybe it was time for him to bound with the families. A marriage was in order!
This is Paradise (29)
More people seen. At least there has not been too many agressive people. 
The Filras (3)
In an overgrown Park
There is an old house
Windows are clogged
And darkness reigns
Forever in it
I tried to tell you
There are no monsters on earth
But then there was a voice
A terrible voice in the dark
Voice in the dark
It hurts me to see white light
I'm better off in the dark
I am very many many years old
I only dream of food
I'm too confined
And I dream of one thing
Find your freedom soon
Chew through your ramshackle old house
Damn old house
There was a grandfather but he died
Blind and terribly angry
No one remembered him
C winter cold that
The neighbors didn't
He should be buried then
Only the boards got out
We decided to Board up the doors and Windows
It hurts me to see white light
I'm better off in the dark
I am very many many years old
I only dream about food
I'm too confined
And I dream of one thing
Find your freedom soon
Chew through your ramshackle old house
Damn old house
And this place ...
Bypasses rural people
And the superstitious say
There are ghosts living there
Gyperboreya (30)
The first step is done, Light helped us. There is  much to be done to erradicate Evil from the lands. And their liar friends too. 
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
---Hegemony of Cone: Early years---
-----Chapter 9-----
During the second year the scoutships of Holy Fleet found several smaller and larger islands. Most already had commanding presence of other factions. However, the greeting messages sent remained unanswered. The representatives delivered messages but provided no response, nothing. Is the communications going through and they are ignoring the words of Holy Cone? Or are their representatives malicious instead?!

However, one faction chose to visit our Pine Island and they at least were responsive. The Worshipful Order of Guildsmen expressed interest in our message and Charles was happy to find first of those that may decide to help spread the word at some later point in time. For now, it was decided to focus on more shipbuilding in order to visit all islands there is. 
Kingdom of Charles (35)
Not quite ready to build ships. Shipbuilders need more 
training or it will take forever.
Also more wood needed. Chop chop!
ClanJaguar (38)
Things are getting even more interesting!
Beastmasters (39)
We had our first encounter in the underworld.

A rather pathetic centaur (too long underground maybe?) rode into the city bearing the flag of Silver Eclipse.  We gave him instructions on the fastest way out.  Hope he makes it.


Also, we're the proud owners of another raft of faction 52.  Don't fret, we'll send this one back to where it came from as well.  We're hoping that the residents of Esttiptbiay can point us in the right direction.

The Hunt Begins (4)
Nothing exciting to report. We tried to pair some camels with wagons. Tried it in the front, then back, we even tried it upside down, but still it did not work. Turns out thous animals are not compatible with wagons. Here you go, for once, a less miserable advice for you and for free. 
Miserable Maniacs (40)
Apparently, we can't just plop down tax collectors wherever we wish. There are actually factions out there who just can't be reasoned with. Factions, that attack without even the courtesy of a diplomatic missive or two. Well, I guess the ships that were going to be carrying the bounty of far off lands, will instead be carrying a different cargo.
Northern Viking (42)
Björn thought to himself. There's a lot to do for a ruler. Find land, train people, build ships. Make weapons, train fighters and magicians. And above all to learn some magic yourself, it never hurts to master a little of the dark arts. 
Greyfish (43)
The strange horn was a curious find. The natives had fought to the end to defend it, but all it did was keep producing fruit. It was like an infinite fruitbowl. Somehow, this "cornucopia" was prized above all other things. Perhaps the Children of the Four Winds could put it to good use?
Children of the Four Winds (44)
Ships have found many new islands, and some settlers have managed to set up in the new lands, but it is too far and too little.

The settlers at home are getting restless. 
Little House in Denial (49)
We completed a quest that brought us strange and particularly solid armor.
A small attached word said: mithril armor [MARM].
For the moment we have no idea what that means but our scientists are researching what these armours can be made to reproduce them if we find the raw material and if our armourers know how to exploit it.
Our explorers report that the island has not been fully explored and that a peninsula may extend our island.

inhabitants of Sunis, Lapraerte & Adoclewn
French Connection (5)
Damn gnomes had reinforcements! OK back to studies of the lost arts of demonology and necromancy!
The Weird Company (52)
safe study has been set, lets just hope it will be safe also in terms of intruders.
Semigallians (6)
To my surprise I woke up to twenty one gnolls on eleven horses. And no, it was not another dream. However at first they did tell me something cryptic, which was not meant for my ears. Though later it became apparent that they've only come to ask for support of the Stones family, which we would be happy to provide.
Chaotic Neutral (62)
By the time you read this message, I will either be dead at the hands of the ultimate Atlantis bully, Sword & Shield Forever (32), in the city of Pelton (46,14), or I will have barely escaped by sea to migrate to the land of my allies.

If this is goodbye, I will return in the next game! Next time, I hope I arrive into the world next to a player who would rather help a new player learn how to play the game instead of killing him outright. Whatever guise of "Light" Sword & Shield Forever is hiding behind, it is a mockery of all things sacred. The true Light in this world is mentorship.
Ovuna (80)
It was easy to see that the people were happier.  The market was busier than anyone could remember.  Goods flowed into the market from the surrounding regions like never before.
The Phrygians (83)
Upon these glassy sands of lore,
The revolt rears its hissing head,
The horde, its numbers ever more,
A general will see the enemy dead.

Flights of men and orcs dancing,
A village ends draws near,
Barbarians killing what fills their fancy,
Here comes the ones that they call Wrasslers.
Luxadom (86)
Akhorahil invited his most trusted advisors to join him in his command tent, where they proceeded to study and hone their ability to handle complex magical patterns and the ability to throw massive orbs of incinerating fire and destruction.  Meanwhile, the goblin fleet was *supposed* to be searching for wood.  If they returned once more without the much-needed resource, the workers would be *replaced* by goblins that were more aware of the price of failure.  A much-needed quality that every goblin recruit should possess, but rarely did.
Riders of the Storm (89)
Farming is beginning in earnest. It seems silly to rely on buying supplies when we can produce food ourselves far more efficiently.
Social Distancing (91)