Times Turn 25

The people of the plain (0,40) in Ialtoydil have not yet been graced by your presence.


In the underforest of Tantouv roams the Goblin Horde (334). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Ipria roams the Giant Spiders (315). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tunnels of Vatcontlem lurks the Dragon (593). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Cesokcar lurks the Undead (588). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the swamp of Susartbrook lurks the Undead (1292). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Deeland.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the rootstone of Charseerpoo.
In the plain of Cathrun lurks the Evil Warriors (1706). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Ode'oth roams the Ettins (3122). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tunnels of Splaher lurks the Demons (584). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Baldhanddhan for the glory of the Gods.
In the mountain of Cie'ed lurks the Undead (726). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the swamp of Chenpedeard roams the Clan of Wild Men (205). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Ba'eld for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Beastcebick for the glory of the Gods.


Sometimes events do not happen as we expect. And we are losing something, although we are not to blame.
Well, good, if this happens to those on the other side of the battlefield.
Kingdom of the Four Shores (11)

The Bank suffered an attack by self-proclaimed "disgruntled customers", even though most of the individual concerned had no contact with the bank whatsoever. The only one in contact, now so-called "Kindom of the Four Shores" aka Desert Eagles, seemingly leading the ransacking of the bank's vaults, despite being offered very generous terms during the previous peaceful contact, including a seat on the governing board. (we now hope he enjoys the corporate HQ, while drinking himself to death on the vodka he so craved before).

As a result, until the further notice, the bank is closed for relocation.

P.S.: This just goes to show that greed of some people is even larger than even a bank could have envisaged. Monarchies are worse than banks.

The bank (12)
The road system is expanding, balloons are in the sky, an airship next then were to go? 
Nils Olav (14)
So, next turn we are going to kill some more monsters. 
Some fresh kind of monsters, we have not met before... Army is not really ready, because tactician has been celebrating victory and drinking too much VINE in town, which was conquered previos month, but thise orcs and gnolls have reached so high level of self esteem, that most of them are ready to fight monsters without help of commanders at all... 
Let's see, what will play bigger role in upcoming battle - exxagerated self confidence of orcs, or general's riding skill, when he will try to catch his army before battle.
Gray Ones (16)
My subjects have informed me that the Silver Wolf is the natural enemy of the Penguin. I am not sure I believe such rhetoric, but I approve the deployment of troops just in case. 

And to think I lead a cub pack in real life...
King of the Penguins (18)
Evil mages have declared themselves evil, so they must be evilest of all the creatures. Let's see if we can convert them to evil dead mages.
There are rumors about aggression and violence all over the world, it's good that we killed most of trouble makers in our lands and can live peacefully.
Skalperians (24)
Ruff and Puff were just ordinary gnolls. Ordinary means not very smart, just smart enough as gnoll needs to be. They did not know tactics, nor magic but they excelled in smuggling. One day they were strolling through the streets of Nanesh, when they spotted Moon Knight walking down the main street. 
"Puff, meethinks this knight bee bad. Mee saw Moon Knights gutted in the townie." said Ruff.
"Ruff, yie, yie, Moonie squealled like a piggie, Mooniee is ... is the ... badie." replied Puff.
"Puff and Ruff kill the Moonie, bad Moonie. Ruff and Puff be rich as gnome, hah" smiled Ruff.

Too little they knew, that the lunatic ... errm Moon Knight ... executed by the order of Admiral Lionel was no state enemy, but it was honorable ambassador and his death was a terrible accident.
Anyway, the guards did not have much understanding for the two gnolls so it happened that there two gnolls less on the world.

Admiral Lionel sends his regards to Moon Knight, he deeply apologizes for the misbehaving gnolls. The families of both gnolls will be punished as an example to others who would think of similar hostile actions.
Scoiatael (25)
Sildoral was thinking about the future. Upon arriving on land again after his bouts of seasickness he vowed never to sail in anything that flimsy as those ships ever again. Maybe it was time to build some really big ships.
Elves of Lund (26)
The sea was calm and quite.

Dolphins accompanied the small boat, giant turtles could be seen every now and then.

The crew sailed southwards.

Then the look out shouted "Land ahoy"
The captian took his looking glass, inspecting the costal line.
"A town" he thought, "i have to report this to the admiral"
Hopefully a good place for doing business.

Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
(Stories from ancient Darealone family book - Tales from Torsee Darealone - XIX)
Torsee was feeling quite well after the last weeks spent with Adira.

He almost forgot his purpose on this foreign land.
The pleasures of matrimony and Adira's brightness and sharp mind made Torsee realize he had found the right person to help him in his adventure.
He soon realize Adira had his objectives too. She told him her family was quite old and came from the lands to the east.
They still had family ties with those lands, that she would soon explain in detail.
This is Paradise (29)
We land in a new desert, but meet resistance. A battle occurs. They suffer nealy 1000 loses. Us a couple of dozen.

Nice result
The Filras (3)
We have not money, Milord
Gyperboreya (30)
Our leaders are too distant from some of our troops, there are soldier acting almost on their own. We shall strengthen our communication lines and increase our leader ship. Soon Light will shine on more city dwellers. 
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
OK, hopefully I have a safe place to study now ...
ClanJaguar (38)
The only way to deal with the underworld is to flood the underworld!
The Hunt Begins (4)
Remember that time with the camels and the wagons. Turns out there exist magic wagons, they don't need a puller. They probably don't care if there is a camel either, but we want to test them out.
Miserable Maniacs (40)
The quiet before the storm. Still waiting for the storm. We know it's coming. We hear stories of ambushes, battles, and we see threats everywhere, but as yet we haven't been attacked (other than by monsters that is). I sure hope we're not in the loo when it comes.
Northern Viking (42)
Mynstain grew and grew and Björn thought about paying a visit after the capital. Strange, he ruled over the empire, but had never been in his capital. He had spent all those months and years travelling and at sea, and had seen truly strange things in the world. "Time to tell the stories in the old hall, I'll still have them when I'm old," Björn thought and gave his captain the order to head southeast. The visit to the capital will have to wait.

Greyfish (43)
As the first galleon neared completion, it was discovered there was a shortage of crew.
"Quick!", yelled the admiral, "hire some locals!"
His midshipman coughed and pointed out the locals were centaurs, and therefore took up a lot of space below decks. Perhaps hiring goblins would work better?
Children of the Four Winds (44)
We took everything on the 5 galleons. Filled them up to the brim with settlers and sailed. Hundreds of settlers, everything we could carry and the kitchen sink. This time, the settlers were not going to get evicted so easily.

The settlers made landfall just outside a city, likewise with hundreds of inhabitants. They resisted. Again.

Not all of them survived. This might have been avoided, but now it is too late.
Little House in Anger (49)
Yallo minyë hröantar ner ontainë Ardo hrávello, i Eldar olostaner cemeno súmassë, undu i laiqua salquë, ar cuivintë ya tuianer aquë. Nan Minyë Eldar - estainë Alaontanë ar Eruonyar - úcuiner ilyë aquë. Eru vallë sa ilya Elda caitanë yo marta vesserya. Nan neldë Eldar cuivë minyë ilyallon ar nentë i neri, an nerion hröar nar poldë ar neri nar veryë ar canyë etyanórissen. Sin neldë Eldatari nar estainë yárequentassen Imin, Tata ar Enel. Entë cuiver sin onótiessë, nan titta lúnen imbë ilquen; ar tellon - equë Quendi - i quettar an min, atta ar nel ner ontainë: anyárë ilyë notessellon

While their first bodies were being made from the 'flesh of Arda', the Quendi slept 'in the womb of the Earth', beneath the green sward, and awoke when they were full-grown. But the First Elves (also called the Unbegotten, or the Eru-begotten) did not all wake together. Eru had so ordained that each should lie beside his or her 'destined spouse'. But three Elves awoke first of all, and they were elf-men, for elf-men are more strong in body and more eager and adventurous in strange places. These three Elf-fathers are named in the ancient tales Imin, Tata, and Enel. They awoke in that order, but with little time between each; and from them, say the Eldar, the words for one, two, and three were made: the oldest of all numerals.
Istari (55)
so far many territories are denied to entry, people are unfriendly to everyone they don't know? that just seems paranoid, we are friendly folks, never attacked anyone. Peace & love.
Semigallians (6)
Rumors of distant wars are getting closer, just like wars are. It's starting to affect our relationships, though now it does in a good way. Where friends are lost, there is an opportunity to make new ones. Just have to be careful not to make many friends who don't like each other.
Chaotic Neutral (62)
Fishing was underestimated resource. A lot of fish everywhere!
Royal Pinguins (69)
- Sir, we discovered the habitat of the Wing Horses!
- It's great!
Moon Knights (7)
So... looks like there is no free lands left.
Thats sad for newbie faction...
Anomymo (76)
Many new friends have been made.  The vision is becoming reality.
The Phrygians (83)
It isn't wealth when compared to the four beach loads of sand from the scribes of the world in regards to silver, but it is a significant point in development when a city's flower petals unfurl and its nectar is available finally.
Luxadom (86)
The fleet returned!  Akhorahil personally went down to the docks to inspect the haul of fish that the fishermen had brought back.  He was already running numbers in his head how much silver the fish would add to his war chest so that he could hire more men!  He was pleased with what he saw and instructed the fish to be sold and left to discuss some new spells with his team of wizards.  Things were looking good.  Until later when Akhorahil got a report that the fish never made it to market.  It all got put into pots and turned into fish stew and doled out to feed his men!  He was furious!  He was going to blast all the incompetent goblins with a fireball!  Before he found the guilty goblins, he was intercepted by his quartermaster and his tactician, who talked some sense into him, reminding him that silver was actually saved, because the troops ate the fish instead having to go into town and purchase their meals.  Sure, the town would not grow, this month, but coin *was* saved this way.  “And”, the quartermaster pointed out, “we have enough silver to hire TWO more warbands now!”  That made Akhorahil smile.  He decided not to incinerate the goblins.  This time.
Riders of the Storm (89)
They say the bank was robbed totally.
Where is this bank ?
Fishmongers (9)