Times Turn 3


In the mountain of Mustfolk lurks the Undead (497). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Adoclewn for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Liha.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Clonway.
Build a Temple in Airghagen for the glory of the Gods.


Walking through the goblin village, Richard unexpectedly found himself outside. Such is the desert, pitted with lifeless ravines and hills, cracks and depressions, representing a miserable sight. Such is the goblin village. Actually, therefore, it is not difficult for an inattentive traveller to find himself unexpectedly outside of it.
Having lost sight of the village, Richard decided to follow the footprints of the hooves frozen at a dry stream. Maybe a caravan of merchants recently passed here, with camels loaded with jewellery and spices?
In the end, he did indeed find camels, but without merchants. It was a small wild flock wandering in gorges in search of thorns. And the Sphinx.
The lifeless, stone statue looked at him with quite lively and meaningful eyes..
Desert Eagles (11)
Plains, just plans around. And oceans. And, for now, no signs of potential rivals. Perhaps we shoud take a forest portal (or something like that)?
Pax Romana (13)
Scout, Recruit, Scout, Recruit. Nils purse was getting lighter. 
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

Day 32

Some elven ladies noticed me on the streets today. Three cousins. Granted, I have my charms but this town is really a backward place if these young elven girls are so eager to hump the first stranger they see. They had a fight between themselves to decide who will go on a date with me. Ohh, the naivete. Like I would be satisfied with only one of them. They will learn to share. Note to self: I'm gonna need a bigger bed.

Day 33

I had a bed custom made for us. The girls decided to spend the night. All three of them. The landlord sent his son to complain about the noise we were making. I spared the kid. It's not his fault his father is an idiot. Breaking the window again would have spoiled the mood anyway. I'll have a talk with my landlord in the morning.

Day 34

I had a talk with my landlord. He graciously 'donated' the whole tavern for my personal use and realised he had urgent business on the countryside. He left the key for me on the table. Along with five of his teeth.

Day 35

Now that I had the tavern under my control I had a banner made. An eclipsing silvery moon. It was the girls' idea. I wanted a dragon head breathing fire and stuff but I got overruled. The seamstress is their aunt so we got it cheap. I'm not complaining. 

Day 36

The girls show talent. In bed and in the arts of magic as well. We are getting along nicely. It turns out they like meat. I still need to teach them not to use their teeth though. 

Day 41

We went shopping. The girls spent a fortune. I'll need to find an income source soon or I'll be out of money before summer. Now that would be a true silver eclipse.

Day 44

I went to see the town jail today. I bailed out seven of the toughest looking elves. I spent a day with them sparring to see what they are made of. They are terribly weak. If these are the toughest people I can recruit I'm screwed. Still, they are better than the average lot. They can look mean and threatening and might be able to collect some taxes.

Day 46

I sent out some scouts to the neighbouring lands to see if I can recruit better fighters.

Day 55

Scouts reported back. Elves and centaurs everywhere. No decent fighters within weeks of walking distance. They met the hirelings of three other powers in the region. I'll have to speed up training my three... What should I call them? Girlfriends? Concubines? Apprentices? Anyway, they need to learn some fire magic ASAP.

Day 58

A stranger showed up in town. Calls himself Bruk. Only seen him from a distance. The town guards say that he stepped out of a gateway just like I did earlier. He seems to have money to throw around. I should sick some thieves on him to help him lose his heavy purse full of silver. Only we don't have a thieves' guild yet. And the guards would catch my amateur crew if I started recruiting in a haste. So should I take out the guards first or train some proper thieves?
Silver Eclipse (15)
So, we have everything we could wish - town and then another town. Desert and mountains. Ocean. Sunny weather. Monsters to hunt. Nice place to live, so we ordered all our kingdom's families to have at least 5 children each. No, we have some strange kind of democracy, not real tyranny, but democracies need to fight too sometimes:)
Gray Ones (16)
Solitude is what Random granted to us. Solitude is what we desire. Four thousands weak peasants in a town and not a sign of any strong-willed person. Thy coins will feed our growing empire.
There is a village in 2 months walk from where I am, and our scouts did not face anybody on their way. Looks like Random is very kind to us in this incarnation. 
The Chosen Few (17)
Ahh the sea by the forest. I think I smell turtles. This is a good start.
Feed the Paw (18)
Some factions were already claiming territories... How optimistic or presumptuous! So many things could happen in the first turns...
Black Tower (21)
The land was empty from other factions. Time to time, a wandering monster made run the scouts. If there is no other factions, who will buy my goods? the monsters?
Silver Hand (22)
We have met many factions already, most members from Creature faction. Let's see how our relationships develop.
Skalperians (24)
Well, the island is quite small, we need to learn live peacefully together :-)
Scoiatael (25)
The more he found out about his surroundings the more confused Sildoral became. It looked like the village he arrived in last month was not part of the Empire of Lund. It didn´t belong to any larger political entity. Although there were city guards present who kept a kind of peace, they were empowered by the local village council. The few helpful younglings he had send out for a few silver pieces to get him reports about neighbouring lands had all returned. But those lands seemed wild und uncivilized. What is more they had never even hearded of an Empire of Lund. He must have gotten into the most remote part of the world with only backwater inhabitants with no grasp of the wilder world.
On the positive side they had met other travelers in the hire of powerful individuals. Even though he could not remember their names as either nobles or officials of the Empire of Lund, they must be of similar rank nonetheless. Initial greetings did bode well for future dealings.
Elves of Lund (26)
After one turn we meet new neighbors.
Cooperation can bring a golden future for everyone.
This is Paradise (29)
So we have met some strangers, they block our movement in one direction, and don't show themselves. 

Hmmm, do we consider them hostile from the start? 

I guess we will find out in time I guess. For now will have to be cautious. Hopefully they respond to our messages.
The Filras (3)
It has begun! Money has spent and silver will start to flow soon. Men are answering our call.
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
A brand new world !
Plains, forests, and a town. Quite good for now.
But I was not alone for a long time. I hope we get along well.
The Shadow of Z (33)
Time to jump again, but this time we're stealth.
The Hunt Begins (4)
The funds are running dry, the mood is Maniacal. Thous Miserably Maniacal Mages need Money! The swampy surroundings make this even more Miserable. But look there we see out first neighbor! We wonder are they as well Miserable or Maniacal or perhaps both?
Miserable Maniacs (40)
The Ambassador looked out on the land. It was a poor land, with people struggling to make a living by burning wood to make charcoal. Their soot-stained brows greeted him as he searched for civilisation. He found a small village which somehow supported forty guards. He asked why they had so many, and they explained this village was at the crossroads of four provinces.

Four provinces? for the Children of the Four Winds? Surely this was an auspicious sign.
Children of the Four Winds (44)
So our plains aren't empty after all, people coming from all corners. Will they be friendly? Will we be friendly? 
Filcist (46)
It is an interesting spot to live, this new world. Neighbours left and right, while city guards stare me down like I don't belong here. It is too early to feel comfortable.
Anuii (47)
Ice Worms? Realy? One should be very cautious when randomly jumping through gates. Looks like Ice Worms like the soothing hum of the magic gate and settle around. Fortunately they where pacified enough by it that another jump was enough to put some distance between me and them.
Nekojin Empire (48)
We've sent the settlers out to claim some lands. What a beautiful big plains this is. The grass cannot be greener on any other side.
Little House on the Prarie (49)
Our scouts discovered other lands further than the plain neighboring our colony.
they found marshes and other forests.
they will now go along the coast to know how big this island is or if it is big enough to be called a continent ...
French Connection (5)
Our fathers said: everything in the world came out of gelatin and everything will return to it.
But something will return before another...
Something silver...
Gelatin Wariors (50)
It was the third month. The first villages appeared on the horizon. It's time to prepare the army for the capture of the villages. There will be no mercy!
Gray Faction (54)
Silver is much needed here, compared to the calm of the Nexus, so if silver is needed we will get the silver.
Mighty Croc (66)
Desert. Camels. No food, no water. But, if I had a chance to start again, I would choose the same way.
Royal Pinguins (69)

Carbonari (75)
There is one thing which unites all worlds. Death.

Nagash, Supreme Lord of Eternal Empire waved his hand.

He waved his hand and his eternal followers appeared before him stepping from other side of the Death Vail.
They fell into their knees ready to serve as usual, as it happened before.

Supreme Lord felt they are weak now but they will learn Dark Path and Eternal Empire will raise again.
Eternal Empire (8)
Fishmonger Cluod has read reports of brave Boyz, which, for small reward, agreed to explore country. Place looks promising. Place is swarming with gnolls and elves. Soon they will find work. So far, place looks free. 
Cloud shruged. Bah, he could go to forest from Nexus - but this kind of place must be crowded now. Funny city mage was swearing that there is lot of water on surface. 
So, place is good.
And profit..yes, such oportunity is rare, yet it happens and it's happened to Cloud. 
Silver Galleys (9)


If you name your faction "dark", "shadow" or "evil" you should live up to the theme. Don't talk about peaceful coexistence and harmony you whiny little pieces of shit! Try to act like your name meant something. Prepare for war!
Be careful with the guides. Tax collection is not that easy here...
Blown through the $10k... what a night.
People speak of an unholy alliance forming, bent on conquering the world, leaving only corpses in their paths. A time of doom might be upon us. 
Silver Eclipse! You are completely surrounded! Drop your weapons! I repeat: drop your weapons! I'm asking you one more time this is your last warning, drop your weapons!
Сегодня не все могут выйти из нексуса. Вернее не только лишь все. Мало кто может это делать (С) :-D