Times Turn 3



The whole Bill and Ted thing may have been a mistake.  Stay tuned...
Wyld Stallynz (11)
After meeting the locals, and learning of their propensity to drums, the leader was ecstatic to share "In The Air Tonight." He gained many who were interested in what other consecrated tunes could be witnessed.
Legion of Boom (12)
The scout walked out of the gate. He saw beautiful mountain air, and some orcs in the distance.

"At last!", he thought, "soldiers and miners to start our new colony!"
 Then he realised the orcs were already working to a purpose...someone had already got here and hired them! The scout sighed....time to start moving again.
Children of the Four Winds (13)
'Have fun exploring the world' they said, 'you will have the experience of your live' they said, 'It's and easy job, all you have to do is wander around and report back what you've found' they said. 'Just sign here, here and here, take the emperors shilling and report back every now and then to get another shilling' they said. Nobody mentioned finding a crypt right outside of my home valley, filled to the brim with skeletons, undead and even one bloody lich sending them back and forth. I hope they haven't seen me yet. What was the first paragraph in the scout manual they gave me next to the shilling? Ah, yes simple to understand ... *RUN*
Nekojin Empire (19)
In the plains of Acerne a new colony of brave men have stablished
The Lizards (20)
All who wish to trade information about gate locations and other interesting bits of geography are welcome to reach out. No detail too small, no continent too large. You show us yours and we'll show you ours.
Jax (21)
Different miracles are happening in the world.
What could be more fun, to meet in the new world a friend around the bend? God's ways are inscrutable.
Dark League (24)
The man with no name was lost...….

Wandering the new city, he was confused. What should I do??

His pockets were full with gold and silver, perhaps a few men to help him on his quest. But where could he get them?
MalibuWest (25)
The mage must have said something right because he now found himself trudging slowly across the frozen ground toward the distant dwarven settlement.  The first few minutes of negotiation were tense, for sure, but the leader of the company proved himself to be a very capable and savvy diplomat.  After some discussion, it became readily apparent that the mage and the dwarves shared a common vision for the region.  Thus, a deal was struck.

The village was smaller than he would have liked but it would suffice for now.  The dwarves' not-too-distant twin settlement would help to bolster the economy of the region and provide laborers and scouts.  He had dispatched an envoy to meet with the wild elves to the north in hopes of expanding his influence.  Their deep forests and the adjacent high mountain peaks would provide the vital materials needed by a burgeoning empire and would serve as a temporary barrier between them and the other travelers he knew had followed him to this world.

His time was short and there was much work to do.
Covenant of Souls (26)
The Silver Hand has almost settled its first camp and Orcinius looked at the workshop activities there with satisfaction but also with bitterness. How long before that the Great Devourer would find this world? How long before that a foolish prince tries to conquer this place instead of preparing himself against the Devourer?
He hoped that most of the people he met in the Nexus would be aware of the stakes and would be willing to construct a better and stronger world!
Silver Hand (27)
Ocean in the north, is it The Arctic. Where are polar bears
Demon's Duchy (28)
We continue to explore this foreign land, nothing of note... yet.
Valyrian Freehold (3)
"This world is wonderful. But it is in danger. I must train my Fremen so they can stand when Devourer will come. They should be better, faster and stronger." - Muad Dib  looked around. - "And i must found brothers and sisters who can stand shoulder to shoulder with me when time comes."
Fremen (4)
These orcs, though.  What a tough lot to work with.  They're sturdy as a rock but lack focus and vision.  I suppose I'll just give them a sword and tell them to smash something.
The hill dwarves, on the other hand, are a respectable group who know how to work a task.  I admire their tenacity.  They will be useful as we begin to build.
I've received word that we made contact with a settlement of high elves.  Now there is a race I can work with.  They are arrogant, or so I've been told, but they are intelligent and can appreciate my talents.
This fledgling empire may yet amount to something.  Time will tell.
Legacy of Krusk (41)
wasting a turn at the very beginning does not help
ClanJaguar (42)
We note that SoE (32) will be a frequent customer of disasters. We received word that the Dii Minores (50) has been spotted. They have earlier been classified as a huge customer by the analytics department based on previous history. Several other names show up in the ledger as potential VIPs. Business potential in this world will be immense.

The upper management are giddy with anticipation and give themselves a rise.
Disasters Inc (43)
I saw so many refugees in the Nexus that I vaguely remember from ages ago. The portal brought me to a lonely area, so many men are now out to scout the land for areas to live in and to locate neighbours. 
Anuii (44)
Uthark came to his senses and found himself in the Nexus again. Was it the fourth or fifth time? Maybe the sixth? His memories were foggy and he had a head splitting headache and a foul mood. 'I must have cast that damn wayfarer spell.' he muttered as he looked around. He saw a few hundred nexus guards in armor guarding the place and there were about a dozen other people like himself just waking up or in the process of examining the 7 portals that were arrange in a regular heptagram around the place. Nexi (or Nexae as his long dead wizard father called them in his tome of power) were sanctuaries in the arcane planes that were usually tied to one or more worlds by portals. They could be accessed through such portals or through the Wayfarer spell also known as the Spell of Last Resort or Spell of Exile that landed the caster in the nexus but also drained him of power.
'Must have had a good reason to cast it.' he muttered and faintly remembered something about being defeated and surrounded by enemies then shook his head. 'It doesn't matter. Let's see where to go next.'
Walking to the first gateway he stared into the whirling mess. He though he had caught a glance of plains and what seemed like high elves on horses. 'Nope. Definitely not that one.' He sighed and walked to the next.
Through the second gateway he glanced at some green forest and shook his head again. 'Too risky. I might end up in a forest full of pointy eared treehuggers.'
He turned towards the third portal and saw a few of the Nexus guards about to push a figure through the gateway. "No loitering is allowed in the Nexus!" they shouted and kicked the guy into the portal then walked back into formation.
Uthark looked at the guards with hate in his eyes. Ever since he killed his mad wizard of a father and escaped the Black Keep he had a great disdain for any kind of authority. It was in his blood like his high vitality and intelligence, and whatever else the crazed old man managed to conjure up when he created the experiment that became known on multiple worlds as Uthark Stormfist the half-orc dragonrider. Uthark never shied away from a good fight but he was drained, unarmed and there were about five centurions of the guards walking around the place. No need to draw attention with the third gateway when there were four more to chose from.
He walked to the 4th one and looked at the fuzzy image on the other side. It seemed like a swamp and Uthark thought that he could see the silhouettes of some bent figures in the distance. 'Some kind of monster folk. Definately not elves. It will do.' he thought and stepped through without hesitation.
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are first time!
  Hmm, there is a faint stench in Nexus... Like someone long dead but somehow still alive lying silently in a darker corner...watching, waiting. 
  Or was it just someone who left through those gateways...   I will find out who it was and kill the dirty bastard! Or is he still here? You there! Is it YOU?
Dii Minores (50)
Shadows awaken....
MAFIA (52)

King Sabaton looked out over the ocean. "I can see Icebergs."

Lieutenent Crakow replied, "Yes it is cold. Do you think this world has Ice Dwarves?"

King Sabaton thought aloud, "It would be nice if they did. Ice Dwarves are renown for their building skills."

"We will send out the scouts to find who they can," replied Crakow, "We need to work quickly if we are going to be able to crush the Devourer under our boot."
Feet of Fleet (7)
Wodia Empire (8)


Prince Pteppic has arrived back home.  Change is on the horizon.
don't trust Dii Minores
Chaf-chaf, slurp-slurry. Urrrr. Fshsh chafk. (The cute monster wants to get acquainted with the girl-wizard).
Is it just me or did it suddenly get very crowded in here?
I have found someone... I hope I don't have to kill them
Talhoffers are disingenuous tricksters!
Should we fight or should we unite to protect this world from Devourer?
Halflings United is composed is the new Disguised Gobelins
Deep with the bowels of the mountain, the cultists prepared the necessary ingredients for the ritual of the Devourer.  The sacrifices would bring his blessings upon them.
Asking poor farmers for a bit of their money seems folly. Much better to take everything and burn some shacks down.
Time flies and the Great Devourer is coming for you!
The workers in Courston are on strike. Unions have been formed. Elves demand a $20 minimum wage and free use of the magic wagons. City guards are calling in reinforcements to maintain law and order.
As a strong goblin woman I would like to take one or two strong centaurmen for a ride.
It is in everybody's best interest to exterminate all their neighbors.