Times Turn 36



“We're still here: the hoard went south.”
“There's a good chance they'll be back.”
“Yes but for now we continue our path.”
Grey Order (19)
The Children of the Four Winds wish to announce that they are taking over the southern Nazgubal (not the town in the north, the other one) in association with the Nekojin empire in a show of mutual defence.
Children of the Four Winds (20)
Who hired all those goblins? Their idea of entertainment is far from mine.
Fanhunters (25)
Fighting inner demons is not an easy task! That is why Guyels decided to fight outer ones first.
The Mystic Nine (26)
Revenge is near!
Silver Hand (27)
The news is, there is no news
MalibuWest (40)
This is Times advertisement looking for information on well equipped Lwa Law units recently seen in Dogmoeryx Sands.

They appeared to be skilled combatants and now many orcs are urging me to find them and let them go to battle. 
Hangry Orks (44)
Our reporters have filed reports indicating that the Gamesters are amassing large amounts of camels.  As this seems a losing proposition with no market for the beasts available in the area, it is unknown what the Gamesters intend with them.  It is unusual, and certainly they have some plans, but it eludes this reporter what it could be.  We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as we get more information.
Gamesters of Trisaklion (56)
I want 100 silv
Romans (68)
A new empire is rising !
Faction (83)