Times Turn 4

Go into all the world, and tell all people that new world is great.


In the plain of Iewrun lurks the Tribe of Centaurs (776). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Adoclewn for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Clonway.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Liha.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Deeland.
In the desert of Baldhanddhan lurks the Sphinx (489). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the mountain of Mustfolk lurks the Undead (497). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Airghagen for the glory of the Gods.


Richard walked very fast. He almost ran. With the highest possible speed, allowing not to consider it a run. After all, will he run away from a miserable Sphinx? He is simply rushing to where he is going. And he goes in a direction away from the Sphinx, that's it.
Pretty quickly the landscape began to change, and now the jungle loomed nearby, and a settlement in them.
As he approached, Richard saw the squinting orc shacks. From a distance, by the noise and growl, it was clear that it is an orc settlement, but now it has been confirmed.
The orcs looked at the alien indifferently. The settlement was large, and the stranger were not the first alien here.
Having caught his breath, he changed his swift step to a confident walk.
By a chance, he noticed three orcish women looking coquettishly in his direction.
"No whores in the story of my adventures" - he said to himself.
Desert Eagles (11)
"The scout..."
"The last person who bothered me with the write-offs was... "
"Ugh, it' just.. he actually.. well, survived"
"Except.. "
"He just found another Magician's tower.. "
"Find a way to coopt them then!"
"Er.. I'm sorry, my CEO, but the last person who tried that.. "
"I want solutions, not problems!"
"Maybe we can send our raw recruits against them, and promise those who survive will get elite training?"
"Yes.. that's the way to do it! Ideas like these is what will make you a CEO one day.. "
"Thank you, my CEO!"
".. of a small subsidary in Tundra"

The bank (12)
Our farmers fellows got first harvest. It's not plentiful, and hardly enough to feed few dozens of people, but there will be more grains. Our explorers have see mountains on horizon. Mountains is nice, but we in dire need of woods.
Lucky Thirteen (13)
Recruitment progressing, the world is not empty. Friends or Foes? time will tell
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

Day 61

Bruk calls his people the Evil Sunz (73). Sons? Suns? Seems like a typo. He recruited a dozen rastafarian treehuggers who started a garden and planted some seeds. Village folk talk about them constantly as they can't figure out what those loons want to grow. They keep talking about bud cutting techniques and THC levels.

Day 64

The ladies are progressing nicely in their studies. Neira is the oldest and most temperamental. So far she only gave me friction burns but I have a feeling that she'll become a proper pyromancer quite soon. Leira is the toughest of the three. She is stubborn and has the highest stamina of the three. I have her study force. Moira, I haven't figured out yet. She says that magic bores her. She's quite observant and recognises connections and patterns. She wants to be a ranger. We'll see.

Day 71

Scouts reported the sightings of more factions. Our neck of the woods seem extremely crowded. I need to consider the fact that I can't conquer our island? continent? on my own. I'll need allies.

Day 74

A mob of three dozen angry villagers showed up at our inn today. They wanted me to stop our foresters from chopping down trees. That is until they heard how much I was paying for my men to chop down trees. Now I have three dozen villagers who expect me to give them work. Great. I told them to come back tomorrow.

Day 75

The villagers returned with their friends and family. Now I had over a hundred elves who all expected me to give them work. I had no idea that these people were so hungry for silver. I told them that I only needed 20 able bodied people so the 20 who would be still standing an hour later when I returned would get hired. Two dozen of them left immediately with a frown. The others? They started to fight each other. I had my 20 new hires in less than 10 minutes later. 

Day 76

I had to give the day off for the 20 new hires as they were too banged up and bruised from the selection process the day before.

Day 77

I paired up the 7 toughest of the 20 new hires with the thugs I sprung from jail a month earlier and sent them south with orders to collect some silver. I assigned the rest the task to build me a ship.

Day 86

My 13 overconfident shipbuilders launched their raft on her maiden cruise. The raft prompty sank after two minutes. It turned out that two of the shipbuilders could not swim. I ordered my 11 humbled shipbuilders back to the drawing board.

Silver Eclipse (15)
So, generals are making mistakes... OK, this happens sometimes. We go further anyway.
Gray Ones (16)
We were hoping for a peaceful game, but Evil factions are all around once more. This world is full of crypts as well, let's hope Evil factions won't join their forces after death...
Skalperians (24)
"No stone, no iron, sire. How do we proceed?" asked Jean-Paul.
Admiral Lionel looked at him and smiled at him "Dear Jean-Paul, many battles were fought and won without iron and stone." 
"Errm, yes, sire, but what shall I tell to the mages? They are asking towers to be built." replied Jean-Paul.
"Patience, young grasshopper" Admiral muttered.
Scoiatael (25)
Strange reports kept arriving. Sildoral was mystified. Reallly nobody had even heard of the great Empire of Lund, but it seemed there were several other Empires out there. He hadn´t heard of them in his past, but clearly they were powerful entities in the here and now.
On more promising news, there seemed to be barely civilized populations near the village. The usual wood elves, that always like to live near their betters. But also the traditional centaurs and even some orcs. The orcish habits weren´t always the best in taste, but they made nice warriors and really liked to wade through rivers of blood. One couldn´t ask for anything better to stand before the decisive elven archers in a fight. The Empire had always made good use of its orcish shock troops.
Elves of Lund (26)
Sir Carter studied the incoming reports. 

"Those elves will come in handy later" he thought.

Looking at the iron cash box, he sighed. Hopefully his subordinates were able to convince the surrounding tribes to support his efforts. 

Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
Scout unit found lair with undead and skeletons. Luck was on his side and avoided attack.
Gods we thank you!
This is Paradise (29)
The strangers we have met were friendly. They have joined us in the city. To help study this world.

We see more wanderers around, who are all old friends from the old world. 

Maybe things are not as bad as we expected. 

The Filras (3)
Evil is lurking around and trying to get hold on our neighborhood. We will root them all or die trying. The population must cooperate though.
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
So, they don't respond when contacted?  That's the height of rudeness or arrogance or both.  Either way, it gives us an excuse to hunt them down.
The Hunt Begins (4)
Misery loves company!
Miserable Maniacs (40)
The ambassador considered how two different factions had arrived into the village, and how many scouts in unidentified markings were in the woods. It would require extreme caution.

Picking up a copy of the local newspaper, he saw the first quests coming through....at least one was on his doorstep. Did quests only arise in the most contested of areas?
Children of the Four Winds (44)
The Primarch massaged his brow and tried one more to decipher the hastily scrawled reports from the scouts. "Am I correct in understanding" he asked his assistant "that we are on an island you could spit across with a following wind?" The assistant nodded uneasily and eyed the doorway, wondering if he could make a run for it. "And exactly how many trees are there, in this vast domain we control?" continued the Primarch, hefting a glass paperweight meaningfully.  "None, my lord" squeaked the assistant, ducking in anticipation. "Did you count them?" snarled the Primarch. "Twice, my lord" gasped the assistant, then bolted for the door, followed by the shards of a really quite expensive glass sphere. 
The Worshipful Order of Guildsmen (45)
The island that once seemed so large has turned out to be rather limited. And crowded as well. Maybe we should take to the seas, look for some beautiful Cities? People cannot live on the plains for ever.
Filcist (46)
Swamp, desert. Swamp and more desert. Jungle. It would be nice to find a change of scenery.
Anuii (47)
Time to settle down and start a family, this is such a nice peaceful place to live. That Linda girl seems to be a hard worker, might be worth courting.
Little House on the Prarie (49)
Water, there is water almost everywhere around us ...
water or swamps and on the opposite side there is a tundra.
For the moment no trace of sources of iron or stone.

inhabitants of Sunis & Lapraerte
French Connection (5)
Lets everybody do what they can: taxers tax, warriors kills, Gelatin grain make magic...
Gelatin Wariors (50)
Hard times began. Times of war and the capture of cities. Commoners do not understand that this is for their own good. Well, let them learn from their mistakes.
Gray Faction (54)
Well, the quest era has begun.
Looking forward to the adventures!
Falcons (59)

Carbonari (75)
- Supreme Lord, we see some unknown scouts in our lands. - lesser necromancer reported.
- Did you contact their leader? - Nagash turned his head to him.
- It looks like leader GATE-ed away.
- This means their leader abandoned them. Let's help those poor people to survive and transform them into zombies.
Eternal Empire (8)
Fishmonger Cloud decided that name of faction is too pompatic, besides there are so many 'Silver' branded factions. Ideal name for faction should be something  sounding... like Fishmongers! Chronicles shows that name of clan was changed many times in history. So, nothing new here.

In meantime scouts met  Skalperians and brought news. Area is overpopulated. Extremly. This what was considered like remote paradise, can change into tomb accmpanied with many smaller boneyards too soon - experience says so. Should we interfere? Nah.. early killing isn't good for purse. War is so boring comparing to fish industry.  Maybe we can offer place for refugees ? Who knows..

Silver Galleys (9)


A new darkness walks the lands. It brings terror and confusion to the peace-loving inhabitants of this world. 
Fucking useless these centaurs, fucking useless.
What if your faction is named something like "Little house"?
it is windy and cold here... 
There are some rumors that krakens are intelligent, try to speak to them.