Times Turn 5

Be productive and multiply; fill the land and subdue it.
Players have visited 43% of all inhabited regions.
Be productive and multiply; fill the land and subdue it.



Warning to those who enter the sacredforests:  Walk gently, quietly, and respectfully.  Cut down no tree, harvest no herb, and hunt no fur.  Follow these rules, and you will be allowed to pass.  Do not, and the wrath of the ancients will fall upon you.

Tá rabhadh tugtha duit!
The Sidhe (11)
Making great strides after befriending the orcs, Leader stumbled into a caravan of Goblins. The goblins were in the middle of a solo performance. The long, sorrowful lyrics, intermingled by a stringed instrument, led the leader to try a cover by the Man in Black, Hurt. The goblins were surprised by the tones, but soon demanded more and more. It was dawn before the leader got a chance to sleep. More friends, more musics.
Legion of Boom (12)
Trudging through the mountains, the scout thought he saw the terrain ahead getting flatter. Could it be... there were plains ahead!
 He then saw the huge number of scouts coming the other way. "It appears a starting city or gateway must be in that direction", he sighed while writing his report back.
Children of the Four Winds (13)
We will code until very end.
Empire of Code (14)
Report of Imperial legate Gronnor:

"My Emperor! Our scouts, who were ordered to explorer nearby provinces, are reporting about wast plains north to our capital. If we will teach those mere humans and other races living there how to treat Mother Nature, we could get wast harvests from _our_ lands.

Our scouts encountered some strangers, hopefully, they are peacefull. They are different from races living on plains and we don't know from where they are coming. Scouts will try to track them till their home... We must know more."
Avalon Empire (15)
Where do the shafts lead to? This will be an interesting journey I believe.
Semigallians (18)
The Atlantis Critter Compendium
If you know your enemy, you can run more motivated
(The who is who of Scouts hazards)

Clan of Wild Men (Jungle) wild man [WMAN]
They are not really all bad, they are only very good in going wild. So their parties usually end in bloodshed. The average wild man can avoid most lethal blows at the above mentioned parties, but the unsuspecting adventurer will probably be killed in this activities. As already stated, this is not happening due to unfriendliness of the wild bunch, but to the inexperience of the visitor. It's a sad fact, that all attempts to establish touristic bureaus to avoid this to happen ended in failure as the clerks went wild.
Nekojin Empire (19)
As the early arrivals to this world scout the extents of the landmasses, alliances and enmities will start to develop, and interesting landmarks will be found. Information is an ever-valuable commodity for those in the know.
Jax (21)
There was a rumor that you can't trust Dii Minores, that rumor is true.
Proud leader of Skalperian nation is trying his best to support their villagers with grain and livestock,
protect them from evil that lurks in this world and their well-being is his only concern,
with no vile intentions what so ever.
p.s. he was right about watching tho, everyone likes that...
Skalperians (22)
The camp was noisy, from the knocking of picks, hammers and the roar of bulls. And of course, cursing people running around. But this did not prevent sweet sleep. And you yourself try to understand the economy, reports and check orders...
Life is pain!
Dark League (24)
The man with no name is looking for friends and allies
MalibuWest (25)
First neighbors.... customers? competitors? enemies ?
Silver Hand (27)
Fun times to explore the world
Demon's Duchy (28)
Ziry appears bona mirri vēdros adhirikydho
Valyrian Freehold (3)
So, there is a chance that we will rise up sails again. We have found forest, with good, plain, old trees. So many trees.  We have discovered an ocean which is an ocean. Full of krakens, pirates and merfolks waiting for us. They must have a treasures. Too bad that merfolks will share with us, probably, good stockpile of stone... where are times they had wings and yew and mithril.. ? Why o why?

Are krakens still so poor and unfriendly? 
Frozen Sails (32)
Leave the dwarves unattended and they will empty your coffers. 
Halflings United (34)
The first drops of blood have been spilt. We have the honor of drawing first blood. The great battle is coming, and in order to face it, we are creating a new, elite, frontline army. Fear the fury of the Gods of Ásgarðr! Skál!
Aasgarthr (37)
Mages still young, but already have been able find its place in this world. A new month is coming, and the thirst for knowledge draws them to new spells. After all, this world is full of magic, monsters, and wondrous peoples. Ambition and curiosity compel them to risk their lives incessantly, but as long as the blood is hot and the magic gift in its Prime, nothing will stand between them and the Treasury of knowledge.
Gyperboreya (38)
Muad'Dib looked around. Wild desert became home to his fremen. Now it's time for form his elite guard, Fedaykin.
Fremen (4)
Many lairs around... Many would see them as a threat, the Black Tower sees them a source of loot !
Black Tower (40)
well, let's see if I'm ready to take a village or not ...
ClanJaguar (42)
peasantmage (1355): STUDY: Only leaders may study magic.

What is this? Race discrimination of the most atrocious kind!
We demand that every man, woman and child... and orc, elf, gnome, gnoll and every other minority race have the same rights and opportunities afforded to them! We won't stand for this treatment and will pursue this issue until corrected.

Disclaimer: Thismightsaveusalotinwages. Wetakenoresponsabilityforanyfollowingprotestsofinferiorraces.
Disasters Inc (43)
Some polar bears wandered onto the plains, it is clear to all that they do not belong here. Lets help them out with a little force.
Anuii (44)
“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” 
In that case, the Guild can provide alternate services.
the Guild (45)
Gnarl had mixed feelings about the situation. The last couple of years have been relatively peaceful. He was by far the oldest member of the small goblin horde that occupied the swamps southwest from the lizardman village called Panedyn. The horde counted over four dozen families and they all trusted Gnarl to lead them while they were waiting for the 'Overlord' to appear. The stupid fools. They eat Gharl's story about the coming of their 'Master' with hook and sinker and were eager to follow Gnarl until the coming of the master. Goblins were small creatures compared to other races and had a tendency of being subservient to other races. They ralery elected a leader from their own and even more rarely did that leader manage to survive long. Being a goblin leader was a miserable task. Other goblins only folowed you if you led by example and other races knew that eliminating the leader broke a goblin horde's moral so whenever there was a fight they targeted the leader of the goblins and by killing him they made the other goblins flee. If the goblin leader chose to escape his fate by fleeing his attackers he lost prestige and rarely remained leader for long. So the goblins either lived under a constantly changing leadership or they elected a leader above them from the other stronger races. Such leader was often cruel and abusive but the goblins didn't mind. Their chance of survival was much higher with even the most abusive masters than with goblin leadership.
Gnarl served a few masters before and when the last died a half a dozen years ago he came up with a plan. He invented a prophecy of the coming of their true master. He calld him the 'Overlord' and told tales about the coming prosperity and good times under their future master. And while waiting for the new master he assumed leadership. "Just until the new master arrived." he told them. Everyone obeyed hime because he was the oldest and wisest and probably knew best how to run things until the new master arrived and he did not suffer loss of prestige for running from their enemies as he was a strategist, not a warrior. No-one expected him to fight. They were sure that the new master would surely avenge all the atrocities his goblin minions suffered from the hands of other races. It was the perfect system and it worked for years. Until that Stupid Giblet brought Uthark to their hideout. The goblins took the Aurora Borialis  as a sign and accepted their new master immediately.
And Uthark went with the flow, accepting his new role. So did Gnarl, bowing to the half-orc brute three times his size hoping that he would survive the coming conflicts.
For Uthark was ambitious beyond any previous masters and he seemed powerful enough to back his promises. And he seemed to be a benevolent master. He did not kick them. He only frowned even when that stupid Giblet misunderstood his instructions and set their hideout on fire. Giblet was the horde's smith and toolmaker. He always tinkered with something in his little forge and Uthark, seing his affinity with fire decided to teach that fool fire magic. Real magic! To Giblet! Well, Giblet and two others.
Uthark had Gnarl think of all the possible candidates with affinity towards magic in the area. They managed to approach two of them and Uthark did the talking. Gnarl was very surprised that nobody died in the process. The folks living in the badlands never got along well with each other. 
Uthark managed to recruit both of them. A lizardman pyromancer called Shakaa and Ryzzar, a gnoll shaman. They both had a grudge against the lizardman village and were eager to hone their fire skills and see the guards burn. Giblet was only the third and last candidate that Uthark added on his own as Gnarl would have never suggested it. Dealing with Giblet was like playing with fire. Accidents were a daili occurence with the clumsy goblin. Having Giblet hurl fire magic was a completely new level of crazy. Maybe it was a good thing that he was no longer in charge. All he had to do is stay far a way from the clumsy fool. A few hours of walk distance preferably.
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
  Let's continue talking about evil. There are those Naughty Princesses - all beauty and no shame. A simple honest person like the leader of faction Dii Minores could not even imagine all the horrors behind the sweet talk and peace and love. Those Princesses - they can easily  lure you in their wast network of criminally punishable pleasures. You can scream all you want - Guards! Guards! All you get is Naugty Princess dressed like guard and ready to beat all the cra... .ehm... credits out of you. Such an evil group of criminals they are!
Dii Minores (50)
well well well, I hope ya all are establishing well! We like those hard earned fruits!
MAFIA (52)
Centaurs ?!  F..k what ?! Centaurs ?! I must escape from here.  And the faster the better.
- Hey, traveler.  You are lost? Where are you from?
I slowly turned around.  It was a centaur. It looks about thirty years old, judging by the face, however how do I know.  Without weapons and quite peacefully smiling. Peaceful centaurs. What world did i get into...
Gray Faction (58)
the unknown location, the unknown town, the unknown guards, the unknown memories - everything just out of reach. my name - tuxhedoh timold.  feeling vulnerable, need to hide, escape perhaps. the mountains feel like they should offer shelter, at least from people.
Greaven Leads (59)
NOAID is important
Wodia Empire (8)


something is creeping in the underworld
Tentacle enjoyed life. It was able to escape from this monster. A monster in a pink skirt and a terrible face painting. Green goblin female, grrr.
It appears that some anger quickly
Frozen Snails sounds much better.
Do ye hear what people are talking about? They say Naughty Princesses arrived in Nexus and they seem very anorexic - almost no flesh on the bones. No wonder they came looking for better feeding grounds, but if they delay too long only skeletons may remain of them - very naughty skeletons.
wondering what a centaur baby looks like