Times Turn 6


Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Nicerrom.
In the tundra of Jitecpa lurks the Undead (599). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Cefelat for the glory of the Gods.
In the tundra of Pepaldil lurks the Undead (522). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Feapi'iss roams the Giant Scorpions (1882). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Agate for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the grain of Reprau.
Build a Temple in Bomospel for the glory of the Gods.
In the forest of So'o'at roams the Living Trees (470). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the plain of Cetheim lurks the Evil Warriors (503). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tundra of Cidplas roams the Giant Scorpions (164). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Anuhiant for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Borac for the glory of the Gods.
In the desert of Osdhan lurks the Sandlings (1309). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the forest of Reprau roams the Family of Ogres (292). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


Still gating.  We'll settle eventually.
Fresh Meat (12)
The General looked at his troops displaying their weapons. "I thought we hadn't been able to produce any weapons out here?" he asked a subordinate
"Ah yes sir, a group of wild men attacked our troops, we drove them off and captured their pointy weapons. No need to make weapons when we can take them off our enemies"
The General smiled at this. Inwardly, he was annoyed at the sheer number of monsters being thrown his way.
Children of the Four Winds (13)
Contact has been made to one of our neighbours, the other is now blocking our movement, so we must assume they will be unfriendly in the future.
The Filras (14)
We are gods. We can turn back time and start all over again. Watch me.
Loki (15)
The fools survived, so they will live to extort another day. They were able to outrun the danger that they could see, I am wondering if they will be that lucky for the ones which may be lurking unseen.
Fanhunters (16)
From the diary of Bohica Miaburn:

4th of June Year 1

A pair of lions decimated the elven thugs I've recruited to pillage a few elven homes north of Va'os. The survivors say they appeared out of nowhere. I put my bodyguards on high alert and told them to call me if there are any sightings of the bad kitties. I have a couple armorers who could make a nice furry leather armor out of them that would come in handy here in the tundras.

7th of June Year 1

Lachdanan now has 13 gnolls under his command including my three bodyguards. He drills them every day and calls them the Dirty Dozen. Apparently he can fight but cannot count if his life deped on it. Dislexic or something. I had plans to put him in charge of the troops but I guess I'll have to recruit a proper tactician.

11th of June Year 1

Apparently Lachdanan parents were bakers. He ment a baker's dozen which is really thirteen. I learn something every day. I'm still thinking about hireing a tactician though.

17th of June Year 1

I made a pact with the insipidly cheerful guy from The Culture (41). He has some skills. Calls himself an illusionist. Apparently that huge smile on his face is just an illusion. He still seems too optimistic to me. I'll have Regdan and Kresius check his skills by having them study magic under his tutelage. If he's any good I might join them. I could use some illusions myself and might even master invisibility.

21st of June Year 1

The Optimist seems promising so I instructed Lester to join the study group. Who's Lester? My pillagers found a 16 year old human boy torching a farmhouse in the plains last month and they sent him to me. The boy calls himself an alchemist but I suspect he's just a plain pyromaniac. We'll see soon enough.

26th of June Year 1

My scouts have finished mapping the landmass. If I want to continue to grow I will need ships. Big ones. And I'll need to learn how to swim just in case. Well, there's never a better time for that than the summer.
Indigo (17)
We declare ourselves 'Lords of the Spornmere Sea'. We're pretty sure nobody has surveyed as much of it as we have, and in any case, if you want to dispute this, you'll have to catch us. We've got a pretty fast ship.
Big Ol Bob (18)
The month started with tribble news from the north. One of our bravest and most decorated explorers had been slaughtered by magical forces near Va'os city. R.I.P.
But we are not stopping at the first setback(probably a lot more scouts will have to meet their maker), plans are being made and constantly revised to achieve greatness. 
Steve N Seagulls followers (20)
Local hunters had guided us to a sphinx lair. What a beautiful creature it is!
Our guides also told us about hospitality of the people living in the town nearby. We could have contacted those people...
Beastmasters (21)
Prince Brightflame was irritated. The small army of gnomes he hired in these cold lands turned out to be undisciplined and aimless. It seems they agreed to join him just out of idle curiosity. It was a miracle they survived a recent fight with strange tundra sandlings, or should they be called "snowlings" instead? And now was the time to conquer a little village...

The village was nothing more than a bunch of shacks half-buried under snow. To the prince's surprise guards surrendered almost without a fight, dropping their swords and running away. The vilage elder came forward, alone. Old, wrinkled, gaunt man with thin arms amd legs, muffling himself up in grey furs.

"Greeting travellers! Welcome to Coobank, our humble home! Come, sit by the fire and share a pipe with us", he gestured with his hand toward a larger shack.

Shrugging, the prince agreed. If he's going to rule the land, he should know their customs at least. The pipe smelled funny. Some local herbs, smoke was soothing. Soon he learned the tribe's name was Flan. They were peaceful people, not accustomed to war at all. Brightflame asked the elder about sandlings, but the old man candidly assured he knows nothing of such creatures. Strange, but the prince wanted to trust this people. There was something primal in the air. Something ancient. Something to be a part of.
Celene (24)
Kraken, bloody Kraken... It was painful to see how brave men dies fighting the beast 
The Black Obelisk (28)
"Where has all my silver gone to?"
"Sir, your subjects need to eat"
"But don't they work the fields and eat the fruits of the earth?"
"They do, but you have called a large number of them into your service, now they work for you and not for producing their food"
"Oh, then that is all well then"
"If you say so sir..."
Nekojin Empire (29)
The magic cast by the Emperor found its targets: a fireball (magic energy attack), attacked 16 of 16 times, 15 successful attacks, 0 blocked by armor, 15 hits, 15 total damage, and killed 15 enemies.
Avalon Empire (3)
I am sailing
I am sailing
Home again
'Cross the sea
I am sailing
Stormy waters
To be near you
To be free
Filcist (32)
Hills, rocks - the whole landscape, well, we skidded. 
Neither you are familiar with you, Nor the brooms over the river, 
Only the hills, stones, boulders, and the birch trees are a frail system.
Gyperboreya (33)
The Stormking decided he would need some lieutenants, so he went into town to hire two orc mages that, although young, showed remarkable intelligence (for orcs) and had an aptitude for magic.  Things were coming along nicely.
Riders of the Storm (37)
SoE (38)
The land looks nice but there are so many undeads and wild animals around us. Problems of the newborn world...
WindMasters (4)
I had thought that asking for Special Circumstances was bad enough, but when Special Circumstances gets shoveled out by the Interesting Times Gang, you start thinking whether there isn't a more safer place to be, like next to a start going supernova or something.
The Culture (41)
Report from Scout#5

Finally, another settlement! Come to me djunglefriends!
The Disinherited Knights (42)
I followed the Birds, and south the Birds went...

The land I'm in seems to be a peninsula of some sorts. It's pretty good, I might settle here for a while instead of sailing off with the seagulls.
Sparrows have sent reports. Elves, Dwarves and Orcs : more birds to join the crew.
Undead are less fun to deal with. They kill the birds.

A big city sits between peaks. The Heralds are about to make some silver.
Heralds of the Great Wahzoh (46)
More lands revealed. We will soon explore the seas.
Kingdom of Bogmor (47)
The Guild had established its foothold completely on one island and while traders started to establish trade routes, one problem became apparent very quickly. Terrible wandering monsters everywhere - sand men, land krakens, ogres and giants. 
While the faction initially had not aimed to make armed units, apparently strong expeditions have to be trained and armed to protect craftsmen against those terrors.  
The Trade Guild (48)
Anuii left and came back again. It seems they got attached to those ogres.
Red Skulls (5)
"I do not accept glory from men." - John 5:31
Truthseekers Alliance (50)
Have met some of the neighbors. To the north, they seem to revere the four winds; those to the south call themselves the masters of the wind... Good area for that, I suppose; plenty of wind around these parts.

The village will be liberated next month; two months at the latest.
The Greycloaks (51)
The adventurers had burned the city defenders and now ruled uncontested. But already this city was too small for them and their looked on new horizons
Last of Cone (53)
Bob the Cloud Giant was polishing his mountaintop when his eldest scampered up, panoply clutched in her still-gawky arms.
"Dad!  Daaaa-aaaad!  Mom says there are riders in the east pass!"

Bob pondered for a moment.  He was not among the intelligentsia of the cloudfolk, but he tried to be a good father, and that meant seeking out teaching opportunities for his offspring where he could.  "Well, Esme, what do we think about riders?"

Esmerinialla, daughter of Bob, pondered for a moment.  "You said that we should be careful, in case it was sorcerors and like, evil people who used to hunt us for treasure in the olden times."

Bob assumed the closest he could to a professorial air.  "That's my girl, now did you bring the manual with you?" She smiled and waved a rather dog-eared book.  "That's great, Esme.  Now, can y'all tell me what G-12 does?"

"Gee, dad, it says here that it electrocutes and windblasts everything within a two-hundred-meter radius, leaving only the fillings in their teeth!"

"Cool," replied the proud parent.  "Call that sucker up."






In the distance, stick figures of gnolls and horses cartwheeled and splintered before the fury of the elements made manifest upon their tiny frail bodies.

"Neat," drawled Esme.

Bob nodded. "So..."  He was on a roll, parenting-wise, and there were a few survivors picking themselves up after the storm's ruin. 

"...What does G-13 do?" 
Church of Light and Truth (59)
Swimmers discovered a city by a volcano across the see. Only one inhabitant besides the guards. A mysterious figure known as 'T'. Are they here to marvel at the volcano?
Podeans (61)
Need more taxmen!
ClanJaguar (64)
Quest: Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Strowon.
max (68)
Town guard are not so strong. 
Malibu West (7)
Tax anyway?
Fountain of Magic (8)
Highprince Azz desided to learn advanced magic but forgot about base magic he needed to know.
Not a problem! - he said. It was a plan to show that basics are more important than anything else.
Eternal empire (9)


Lean times ahead, these lands are not as profitable as hoped for
We are lamenting..