Times Turn 7

Players have visited 60% of all inhabited regions.


In the tunnels of Vatcontlem lurks the Dragon (593). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the mountain of Mustfolk lurks the Undead (497). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Baldhanddhan for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Adoclewn for the glory of the Gods.
In the mountain of Varter roams the Family of Ogres (176). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Ba'eld roams the Sphinx (216). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Liha.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Clonway.
In the plain of Iewrun lurks the Tribe of Centaurs (776). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Deeland.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the rootstone of Charseerpoo.
In the desert of Baldhanddhan lurks the Sphinx (489). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the swamp of Chenpedeard roams the Clan of Wild Men (205). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Airghagen for the glory of the Gods.
In the desert of Ainglen roams the Sandlings (226). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


The cliche standard of the stories of the beginning of the world must necessarily include a city with a description of residents and city walls, a tavern, acquaintance with magicians, allies, and histories of camp life.
Richard avoided the taverns. Not that he did not like the atmosphere of revelry and fun, he just really did not want his story to include a description of the tavern either. And there were only orcs in the city, who is there to describe? There were city walls, but it was the orcish city walls. Sheer disappointment.
Richard found mages on the way to the winery. The one with excellent shiraz. At first two, and few months later two more. He promised them women, power, boundless open spaces of the seas and magnificent feasts. But of course while there was only wine and four beds.
However, the magicians did not complain.
Desert Eagles (11)
"We must speed up our preparations! We saw more and more enemy scouts! They will interfere in our plans to take over the world!"
"How do you know they are enemies, sir?"
"Everyone who's not with you, is against you. You'll learn.. Or not."
"Maybe we can persuade them to cooperate?"
"If the wished to do so, the address is on our door. Did you head anyone ringing?"
The bank (12)
Well, we are on very small island. Not very good news for us. We need to think, how to get out of here.
Lucky Thirteen (13)
building the empire has slowed, we really need that tax revenue
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

Day 159

We set sail on the raft. Seems solid enough. Weather is fine. Still it will be a rough four weeks on the sea. We are travelling along the shoreline. 

Day 161

The girls are complaining about sleeping under the stars. They say that the waves are making them wet and not in a good way. I thought about offering them a sip of wine but chances are they would get drunk and fall overboard. Maybe I should teach them how to swim?

Day 168

I managed to teach the girls how to swim in just 3 days. Now they don't drown if they fall overboard.  They were extremely quick studies. I'd like to think that it's due to my efforts as a teacher but I bet that it was the cold water that sped up the process. They wanted to get the lessons over with as soon as possible. The girls like their bath hot and steamy not cold and salty. As a matter of fact so do I but I don't understand why they kept complaining. It's July and we are in shallow waters with the shore always in sight. The water is far from ice cold. They are just too soft. I guess they are not ready for endurance training yet. Let's stick with fire magic for now. 

Day 169

I've mastered the winds! Well, not eactly but I can speed up the raft enough that we can half the time of our next voyage. They girls seem happy. They don't care about my new powers they are just glad that we won't be spending that much time at sea.

Day 172

I tried to increase our speed even further but failed. I can summon stronger winds but the raft has its limits. We need a better ship.

Day 176

We successfully arrived to Teanside. It's just another elven town. The girls went to check out the local market while the Skalperian mages and I decided to meet our ally and take a look at the defenders. Defense seem to be the usual for this size of a settlement. 80 elven guards with with iron swords. It will be a piece of cake to take the town as long as the human troops of Filcist (46) fight well in the front line. If only I had a human clan to recruit from near Kishbank we would be sipping wine in our town not helping a neighbouring power conquering this one. Well, at least the girls are cranky enough from the sea voyage to take out their frustration on the guards. I hope they don't burn down the whole town. But if they do it's not my problem.

Silver Eclipse (15)
An elf named Unit received a package from his master. There were some coins and a letter:
"Unit, take some of those coins, buy a huge piece of meat and tie it to your belt. Dont spend all of the coins, you will need the rest of them. Shake a bag with coins while walking to make ringing noises. Meat and coins are very fashionable this year, everyone in the city does that. 
By the way, any news about kobolds?
Take care of yourself, Rocky"

This was a ridiculous order, but what could he do? Master knows better
The Chosen Few (17)
Ahh the frozen tundra. The cold so feels good in your muscles as you exercise. Let's hope we can talk the town guards into working for us. 

Then it is time for Penguin Fritters!
King of the Penguins (18)
rocks... sand... water... where are the promises green pastures?
Black Tower (21)
Blocked in the south and in the north by other factions, blocked in the west and in the east by ocean... Good starting position! 
Silver Hand (22)
First town on island might fall this turn.
Let's hope for the best and that their swords will be used for more good deeds...
Skalperians (24)
Admiral Lionel was working late in the night. He was studying the maps when suddenly he heard somebody knocking on the door. 
"Huzz there? Identify yourself!"  commanded the admiral. 
"It is us, we are humble ambassadors of Lord Ironside Greyfish." replied somebody from the behind the door. 
"And you want what?" asked the admiral.
"We want to discuss." the ambasador said quietly.
"And how many of you are there?" the admiral wanted to know.
"Two" was the answer.
"Then discuss between yourself! And begone!" concluded the admiral.
Scoiatael (25)
City Guard was acting strangely lately. Silgolas was puzzled by this. Even as he arrived he thought that the city guard was way to large for such a small and pastoral village as Croisabrook. But now they were always eyeing everybody suspisciously and grouping together, going nowhere without at least 5 people as backup. Maybe the rumors about the predicted rising mortality rate of city guardsmen had gotten to them. 
Elves of Lund (26)
"Finally finished" Sir Carter thought.

He looked at his paperwork, knowing that this optimization would give this little village a boost.

Then he focused, sending his mind to the lands northwards. 

"Lets see what is there" 
Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
(Stories from ancient Darealone family book - Tales from Torsee Darealone - III)
Best gotta start doing something! - Torsee thought.
Hill Dwarves were put to work, a very small tax force were raised (damn!, this land is very poor), others were sent to learn mining. There is a lot you can do with iron, nobody can't deny it.

For now it was enought. Well, maybe send some men take a look to nearby regions. Information is key! And taxation even more!!

This is Paradise (29)
This is Paradise (29)
More desert. more swamps, where are the mountains?

Looking around, stumble on a second shaft to the underworld. 

I guess I should explore it now. Will send an orc down, see what happens and what evils are down there.
The Filras (3)
In a provincial town
 There was a holiday, music sounded, 
But in the cheering crowd
 The ominous face of the tramp appeared... 

He walked as if alone, 
 The crowd didn't notice him.
And something strange about it
Watched the local dogs...
Gyperboreya (30)
Evil is spreading lies and people are turning their backs at the Light. We will redouble our efforts and thank the Gods for their gifts.  
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
---Hegemony of Cone: Early years---
-----Chapter 2-----
Charles stood up from mud and thoughtfully evaluated burning bush. He muttered "Holy cone..." and then tried to repeat his own hand motions from before and once again fireball sprang from his fingertips and ignited bush again even despite continuous rain. A satisfied smile spread across his face. He walked down from mountain repeating words and actions many times and meadows and haystacks were left burning. "I have been granted the power," he said to himself. And looked at the pine cone that he still kept in his hand. "... power, to bring the message of Holy Cone to the whole world."

A couple of days later, king Charles had gathered his people at town square and made his prepared speech: "I have been granted divine powers by the Holy Cone and has received the message - its divinity will grant powers and luck to us in our fututre endeavours, if and only if we stay strong on our path! " Charles got more excited as he spoke and more self-confident, some people from his faction were actually impressed and some only formally, while town onlookers were only vaguely curious, as the speaker continued: "From this moment we will keep true our belief in the Holy Cone and my faction, Kingdom of Charles will be its followers until the end of time. With this I establish the Hegemony of Cone that will unite not only our faction, but all factions and people that will follow the Holy Cone! And no one will stop us!"

Speech were followed by shallow applause from the followers and laughs from onlookers. But by next month they did not laugh anymore.
Kingdom of Charles (35)
ruinous casualties, but the town guardsmen are at last overcome
ClanJaguar (38)
7 hexes were pillaged for the sake of the Nature.
The "guards" will be punished soon...
Beastmasters (39)
It is disappointing that no shaft to the underworld has been found.

Perhaps if we dig a little deeper, we may be rewarded?
The Hunt Begins (4)
Funds are ass low as possible, would we have known that one can simply tax with combat skill and riding and weapon is not required. But maybe this makes us stronger. 
To deal with the funds problem, we are slowly preparing to take our first city. Hopefully this will not be a miserable failure.
Miserable Maniacs (40)
Björn - Ironside - Greyfish, the last of his name looks out over the eastern sea. "Order the boat builders to finish the ships now, I don't want to wait any longer". As he whispers this to his corporal, he is reminded that in the event of his death, he must arrange for his succession. He thinks about it and orders a maid to come to his chamber at night. 
Greyfish (43)
The offers were coming thick and fast. It appeared that in this poor land, everyone preferred talking to violence, as few could afford to lose troops.  Others wanted to share maps - but who could trust a stranger's map?

In the meantime, it was time to speak to the spirits of the forest - the centaurs and dryads would need to kept spiritually satisfied, and the Children of the Four Winds were nothing if not spiritual.
Children of the Four Winds (44)
The new assistant was a little concerned. There was altogether too much quacking coming from the Primarch's study for comfort. Braced for the worst, he peeked around the doorway to see the new Primarch nudging a few ducks around the room with what looked like a shepard's crook. 

"What are you doing?". It was considered poor form to question the Primarch, but the words slipped out of the assistant's mouth before he had the chance to consider them.  "I'm getting my ducks in a row" replied the Primarch earnestly. "My predecessor talked about it all the time. It's supposed to help." He frowned, realising this didn't sound very imperious. "I mean, I'm acting in accordance with the wisdom of the forefathers." He cast around the room, but the writing desk had been pushed away to make room for a small tin bath, currently containing muddy water and a few feathers. "Do you happen to have a paperweight on your person?"
The Worshipful Order of Guildsmen (45)
The town guards suddenly don't look so frightening anymore, with our reinforcements coming in. Are we ready to take over the settlement? I think we shall see very soon!
Filcist (46)
Ah, the life on the plains is nice and calm. The sun is shining and the breeze is soothing. The centaur children are frolicking in the grass. The settlers are working happily in the fields. Ahh... The Settlers. Fond memories.
Little House on the Prarie (49)
We have finally concluded a vested benefits agreement with our neighbors.
Explorers are part of a mountain range to the north west and east.
They also discovered two passages to the underworld. Which we will visit later.
Recruitment of troops to attack the city continues.
We should be able to fight the 80 guards present in 2 months with the help of magicians and untrained troops to create numerical superiority.
We have also planned to build a temple in the swamps.
inhabitants of Sunis, Lapraerte & Adoclewn
French Connection (5)
Intelligence continues to send reports on new lands. The army is preparing to capture new cities. One thing is certain. This world is living and inhabited.
Gray Faction (54)
The Sparks dressed in their finest red tunics descended down the shaft.  Covered with a new layer of grim they were not impressed.

"Why does the head Fire Dancer demand such a pointless thing?"  The female demanded, trying in vain the hold the ropes study.

The exhausted male scout did not have the breath to answer but merely pointed.  Around the bend, at the bottom of the shaft a whole city was just coming into view.
Fire Dancers (55)
We are sharing a very tiny island with no wood... How to expand ?
The Guild (57)
Finally, we have left our island, forgotten by all gods...

But nothing aside for Ogres and krakens is around ...
Falcons (59)
Ah, sweet silence now that business hours are over. Though it gets a bit lonely. First time you meet someone you're overwhelmed with endless opportunities the meeting heralds. You're drowning in options, surely considering your opponent does the same. But then you get to know each other and everything becomes predictable. There's no more excitement, you're both minding your own business. There I were, thinking I had had a beginning for a good story. Bored.
Now, for that "mapping the world" endeavour...
Chaotic Neutral (62)
Oh, town, my town. Soon you will be mine, my preciousssss!
Mighty Croc (66)
This was hard month. Really hard! Too much servants, too much orders. 
Royal Pinguins (69)
- The village is at your feet, sir!
- Good. Now our next goal is the city.
Moon Knights (7)
Magic is an interesting thing. And it is not easy to comprehend all sides of this new force.
Carbonari (75)
Dead Lizards met a lot of other creatures even one Kra....
Eternal Empire (8)
I wake from a dream. The vision is as clear as day...Build ships and head southwest. There you will meet two powerful wizards who will lead you to salvation. The dream sticks with me for the entire week. I cannot shake it. I gather the wizards and our faction elves and explain to them that we are leaving Pelton. I order the people to gather wood, build ships, and learn how to sail. We leave as soon as our efforts will allow. Into the sea mist we will go. To our victory or to our doom, we will follow this vision through. May the peace hold in Pelton until we depart. We want no business with these wars.
Ovuna (80)
For thirty days Sangarios dwelt in the desert eating locust and dressed in a camel hair tunic.
The (83)
Between ocean and desert lies an Oasis at the end of a Nexus gate, a lush land of tall thick trees and strange reptilian creatures.  The air smells of flowers and the food is well flavored.  The fear of the unknown has given way to the knowledge of a lack of knowledge.  The city must be taken.  The land must be ours.
Luxadom (86)
Fishmongers are creating first voyage. It's a comfortable raft but still just a raft. Destination is close enough but there are monsters nearby. We must recruit Deck Soldiers. Yes.
Fishmongers (9)


It is rumored that General Tivlig is plotting against the King.
Everybody stop talking at once! What is this, kindergarden?
The seas are a harsh mistress.
Dwarves refuse to join any faction with goblins!