Times Turn 7



General Tremones: I see the men arrived. But I heard of no troubles. What happened?
Hoggard: We don't know. We saw these mysterious guards again. But they did not challenge us this time. Maybe they were afraid. 
General Tremones: Or maybe there were just smarter then you. Did you get a good look at their badges this time?
Hoggard: uh uh - no. Sorry. I was not able to make them out. 
General Tremones: Oh you shortsighted fool. How should I plan anything if I don't know who we are dealing with? I guess I need to find someone with better eyesight and maybe some more sparks in the head...
Filcist (10)
The sylvan folk have wandered in the wilderness for countless moons, lost and leaderless.  They now flock to the banner of The Sidhe, given purpose again, their forgotten pledges to honor the ancient forests renewed.

Filleann an Sidhe!
The Sidhe (11)
After meeting some new neighbors, it would appear that diplomacy has won, Thankfully, the call of music is not something to fight over, but to mutually enjoy.
Legion of Boom (12)
The general had been scouting ahead, looking for a border to define the lands. At last he had found it, and an opportunity to use his education. As a young boy, he had opened a dictionary of quotations to the last page and read the famous words of Xenophon.
 Now at last, he had the chance to utter the words "The sea! The sea!"
Children of the Four Winds (13)
Thoughts of one gnome who recently joined Empire "Plains... those plains are everywhere... Ah... it would be so nice to find at least smallest rock here. Wait! What is this? Why that drow just disappeared and... how DROW ca be here?! This not underworld! Wait a moment! There must be a shaft, an entrance into the underworld... Emperor must know about it!"
Avalon Empire (15)
Security notice:

Due to problems with antisocial activity, units not revealing their allegiance in our territory will be presumed hostile.

If you find yourself in such a situation but would rather not be treated thus, please contact us.
Mortal Wombats (16)
Undead (Any terrain)
Also called zombies. They are generally to dumb to notice they are already deceased and to lazy to drop down. This wouldn't be to bad, if it wouldn't be combined with top level stubbornness that allows them to ignore barricades, brick walls or armors of any kind. Even more annoying is the fact, that cuting them to pieces will only produce multiple bodyparts who all tend to attack the hapless cutter.

Skeletons (Any terrain)
What will become from the before mentioned undead. They are less dumb and less lazy, quite to the contrary they are very agile and clever. This is especialy curious because they are lacking the brainmass the pre-skeleton undeads have. This in fact is demonstrating that having no brains at all is far better than having a rotting one.
Nekojin Empire (19)
Grotus, the Blacksmith, handles his men as he does with his Hammer.

It's not difficult, though, as his followers can be counted with the fingers in a hand... or maybe two. But don't be deceived because of that, a mighty seed is growing in them.
The Lizards (20)
Learn from my mistakes! Monsters can move before attacking in the same turn. Pillagers who lose men before attempting to pillage may twiddle their thumbs instead. Taxing does not exercise skills. Economic changes happen before you have a chance to buy or sell things.
Jax (21)
Nothing is so permanent than change.
Skalperians are changing every month.
They are also changing some towns and villages...
Skalperians (22)
Scouts Tales:
One man got lost in the forest. He wandered for a long time and, finally, at dusk came across a hut. There was nobody inside, and he decided to go to bed. But he could not sleep for long, because there were images of some centaurs, and it seemed to him that they were looking ominously at him. In the end, he fell asleep with fatigue. In the morning he was awakened by bright sunlight. There were no paintings on the walls. These were the windows.
Dark League (24)
Sphinx, Wild Men, Lich, Undead, Sandlings all spotted soon my trophy cabinet will be full.
MalibuWest (25)
Swamp, swamp, swamp.  For months the mage had trudged through muck and mire in search of more hospitable lands but to no avail.  The creatures he found here were useful enough, especially the lizardfolk and their innate ability to traverse the seas, but what he truly sought were resources.  Horses, camels, anything to give him relief from this endless walking.  The search goes on...
Covenant of Souls (26)
An hissing arrow missed him and stuck in a nearby tree. The scout changed his position. These orcs had been tracking him for days and they didn't seem to want to give up... He wondered why : nobody warned him about a forbidden territory or whatever. Maybe war was declared?

In his office, Orcinius was considering the letter from the other faction. What was a scout's life when long term plans were at stake?
Silver Hand (27)
Centaurs are expensive.
Demon's Duchy (28)
Jēda naejot ossēnagon se protectors    
Valyrian Freehold (3)
War is life. In war and in life nothing is so precious as the truth, and thus as the ancient wisdom holds: where truth walks, everywhere she should be shepherded always by a bodyguard of lies.
Ordo Hereticus (30)
So, time is passing slowly, yet all around is changing rapidly.  After longer consideration, Frozen Snails decided to subdue dwarves from Rhedon mountain. Shipyards of Frozen Snails need workers. Workers need silver. Forests, very good source of wood, unfortunatelly can't sustain such big shipyards. Ruri ordered to prepare plans to replace Guards with militia in Rhedon mountain. Guards, collect taxes, and do not share - and sharing is important. It will be free Town Of Havotell Mountains under protectorate of Frozen Snails, Atlantis Explorers and The Darkest Night, hopefully. 

The night is coming.

There are rumors that between refugees, there are ancient Evils already. What are they scheming? 

'Frozen (32)
A distant chanting could be heard in the West. What could it mean?...
Red Skulls! Red Skulls! Red Skulls!
Red (34)
We vanquished the enemy almost single-handedly. Nowadays we are enjoying days of peace and prosperity, hopefully a golden age for Æsir has just begun.
Aasgarthr (37)
Muad'Dib spent all month working or ancient tablet fremen found. It looks line Ancient Ones in this world worshiped 3 main gods in their pantheon:

Yog-Sothoth, who knows the past present and future

Yig, the Father of Serpents

and the final one, main god of their pantheon

Cthulhu, a Great Old One.

Can this gods help to make fremen strong? We lost Dune to Devourer, we were not strong enough... But maybe this time...
Fremen (4)
The mount seemed to be frightened. The scout jumped down the horse and walked to the hole in the mountain. The orders were to explore the neighborhood but he couldn't leave such a place behind. Who knew what could hide in the shadows... A monster's lair? A hidden treasure? Just a random cave ?
The scout lit a torch and began his descent...
Black Tower (40)
So much for the guards of the village of Wuirlpol - what next?
ClanJaguar (42)
After having found a shaft to the underworld, it was necessary to venture in to look for... venture opportunities.

The scout found a dragon and another dragon and another dragon and a troll pack.

Well, that's interesting... a troll pack.
Disasters Inc (43)
Some little skirmish with the cityguards is on the horizon. Analysts say the odds are in our favor.
Anuii (44)
Arriving from in the back of the army, four shadows slowly climbed the hill. From the bottom of the hill, for the few soldiers who dared to look at them, they looked like statues or dead trees, dark shapes in the gray of the dawn.
The guard which defended the city was to far to see them. But before they had a chance to fight against the charging soldiers, most of the guardsmen burnt under a rain of fire.
the Guild (45)
As my scouts range far and wide, I see peoples from many competing tribes.  But they are not here.  This land may yet be empty, but it is mine.
The Darkest Night (48)
"Giblet!!!" Uthark roared in a fury as he looked around him at the central square of Panedyl. The goblins all cowed in fear around him. They stopped looting the corpses of the dead guardsmen and all looked at their master. Everything was silent. Well, apart from the roaring flames that were consuming the buildings of the village.
Giblet walked to the master in terror. "Yes Mmaster?" his voice was lower than a mouse.
"What did I tell you about leaving the buildings intact?" Uthark asked in a calmer tone.
"Mmaster said to keep some standing. But the guardses master, the guardses. The guardses jumped out of the way and the fireballsies kept flying into the buildingses. We only practiced on straw dummsies master."
"Never mind. Gather everyone and form a bucket line. I think you know where the well is."
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
We would like it very much if  lord of Ruri (473) contacted us. If they decide to attack our Gate jumper, that will be a whole different story.
Dii Minores (50)
'You could tell me a story.'
'Shut up. I'm doing this only for money and if luck is on our side - triple amount. Somehow I remember, that in some far far away land in long long time ago there were similar Times articles run by... hunger."
St. LongEar (54)
3 months have passed since I got to Atlantis.  During this time, I felt the magical power of the world and was able to master a combat spell.  Frank told how this world works.  That the lands around the village do not belong to anyone.  I gathered a small army of like-minded people and decided to become the ruler of these lands.  The first thing to do was defeat the village guard
Gray Faction (58)
Another jump, looking around ... again these lands are also inhabited. So let's go for another jump to find our promised lands ...
Malakoff (63)
King Sabaton thought aloud, "It is weird to make alliances and make a solid base of loyal citizens here. We all know that if we lose to the Devourer it will be for not."

Lieutenent Crakow replied, "Aye. And last time we lost..."
Feet of Fleet (7)
Most got wipe out by a monster
Wodia Empire (8)


Hands up everybody who got caught by Atlantis Little Helper saying taxing wasn't a month long order, only to be surprised when the order checker disagreed. Oh...just me then?
It would be more accurate to say that someone died,
not because of a theft of 22 silver,
but because that theft showed how they intended to relate to their neighbours.
Tentacle suffered. Again. Not a normal world ... But he found the entrance to the dungeon. He felt that nothing good would be there. But hope did not leave him.
Time to kill the protectors
Stone is gold for mages
Oh sorry I was mistaken, it was not Anuii (44) that attacked my scout.
They say that Disasters advertisements hide ulterior motives.
They say somewhere there is an uninhabited island