Times Turn 8

Players have visited 70% of all inhabited regions.


In the tundra of Jitecpa lurks the Undead (599). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Feapi'iss roams the Giant Scorpions (1882). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the grain of Reprau.
In the forest of Reprau roams the Family of Ogres (292). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the mountain of Weatsquen roams the Yeti (192). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Osdhan lurks the Sandlings (1309). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Anuhiant for the glory of the Gods.
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the stone of Nicerrom.
In the forest of So'o'at roams the Living Trees (470). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Agate for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Borac for the glory of the Gods.
In the plain of Cetheim lurks the Evil Warriors (503). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Bomospel for the glory of the Gods.
In the tundra of Pepaldil lurks the Undead (522). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Ebigy roams the Pride of Lions (352). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Strowon.
Build a Temple in Cefelat for the glory of the Gods.
In the desert of Peglont roams the Giant Scorpions (164). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the yew of Crormel.
In the swamp of Cefrapes roams the Lizard Men (247). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


A great deal of blood has been spilled this month. Soon there will be even more.
Thane's Ring (10)
It's been a long time coming but we're pleased to announce we've eliminated our first target... hope it wasn't your unit!
Fresh Meat (12)
The Admiral was pleased with his cut-price plan to launch a raft to collect some fish, seeing as townsfolk would pay handsomely for cod and mackerel. Sadly, a minor intelligence failure led to the raft floating into the path of a passing kraken.

How to explain this? He decided to write to the Council of the Four Winds.
"Dear council, 'Operation Locate Treasure' has succeeded, but we fear our fleet is not capable of taking a top grade sea monster. We wish to requisition the best tacticians we have trained next year, a shipyard capable of building galleons and several hundred elite troops."
Children of the Four Winds (13)
So now both our neighbours are guarding our movement. This is not going to be nice. Unless things change.
The Filras (14)
Plan ahead is clear, need to take care of some nearby monsters and factions and we should be good. First attack this turn.
Loki (15)
It is official, we are surrounded by water on all sides. If we want to start opening our markets, we need to start building things that float. Who among those guys mentioned any experience with that? Not the centaur, for sure, maybe the hairy human?
Fanhunters (16)
From the diary of Bohica Miaburn:

3rd of August Year 1

As my properly motivated armorers/shipbuilders are busy with finding a proper place for a drydock I spent the day with selecting the four candidates to sail the yet to be built longship. I found 4 gnomes who I thought would do a good job and instructed them to learn everything they can about sailing until the ship is ready. They right away celebrated their selection by getting roaring drunk. I think they will be excellent sailors. They already stink of rum like Fannybaws.

7th of August Year 1

Still no sign of the lions that attacked my men in June. Not that I have proper rangers to track them. I'm just hoping that the pathetic skills of my troops will be enough to take care of them is they show up. My armorers will need hides to start making leather armor after they finished building the ship.

12th of August Year 1

Today I used my newly acquired illusions skills to entertain the locals and I made a lot of money. These surface dwellers are so easy to be fooled by illusions it's pathetic. Still, it's a good source of income. I'm a bit apalled to use my skills to entertain these nobodies but as it's just a temporary thing and I will endure the humiliation and I think about the whole things as an experiment. Who knows, maybe I can even distract the guards with my creations long enough for my fresh recruits to kill them. And there's always my more skilled companions and their fireballs. There's still a three or four months to go until we'll be ready to take out the guards. We will see who's laughing then.

21st of August Year 1

Our study group is functioning well. Lester is especially talented in the arts of fire. The lad is a pyromaniac for sure. Total psychopath. Yesterday he doused a chicken in oil then in copper powder and lit the poor creature on fire to see what color the flames will be. Then he did the same thing with iron powder. The sparks burned his eyebrows away but so did the feathers. I've never seen a chicken plucked of all feathers and still running around. I put it out of its misery with a dagger throw then brought both chickens to the cooks to make use of the meat. They tasted fine. Maybe I'll ask the lad to teach this method of instant plucking to the farmers. Although iron powder costs more than the value of the chicken or even a month's wages of the farmers. Never mind.

27th of August Year 1

The ship is ready! It looks like a proper longship. I knew the builders only needed motivation. Now where should I send that boat?
Indigo (17)
Around the table we mused that it would be great if we could find some jungle. Enough jungle already! Around the table we are now musing that some metal and maybe some sort of settlement would be nice. We can't see getting too much of that.
Big Ol Bob (18)
Pillaged lands in the north, both tundra and plains! Why, oh why, our scouts are screaming to the skies on their knees while crying like children who lost their 2nd stepparents to a pack of gnolls accompanied by a gnome and doing their deed with bare hands and no skill at all. 
High council is wondering if somebody was desperate and needed to fill their tummy or is this just violence or maybe a clever tactic. 
Steve N Seagulls followers (20)
What a twist of fate!
I can't believe this is happening to me...
Beastmasters (21)
Two months have passed since prince Brightflame came to Coobank.

It was a warm day. Little yellow flowers were trembling towards the pale sun of late summer. Two weeks more, and the snow will fall again, covering the vast empty fields. The old man stood leaning on the wall, and squinted in the light.
'Good day to you, esteemed Osho!' Brightflame nodded slightly.
'Ah, hello, Jomas-naj,' the elder noticed the prince's presence and smiled showing his half-missing teeth, 'Good day it is!'
They stood silently for a while, each full of his own thoughts.
'I've got a question that bothers me since my arrival.' the prince started at last, 'Tell me, Osho, you had warriors here, armed with your ancestral swords. Old, but still fine weapons. They could crush my forces easily. Why hadn't they?'
'It's been foretold that someday the man of power will come to us, with noniz.'
'What is noniz?' Brightflame asked confusedly.
'You call them nomiz maybe?'
'You mean gnomes!'
'Yes, them, noniz. So, Jomas-naj, there is power in you, I see it clearly. Try to focus and feel the earth, and you'll see for yourself.'
Brightflame closed his eyes and tried to concentrate, to touch the earth with his mind. It was there, he felt it all at once: strong roots of shrubbery, moss clinging tightly to trunks of dwarf trees, herd of reindeers running by, snow spirits under the earth waiting for their hour. The power was raw and strong, just within his reach.
Osho grinned. 'You thought Flan is the name of our tribe. It's not exactly so. Flan is all the land around you, and everything on it. Plants, animals, even your noniz - all them are of the Flan... Jomas-naj, you are Flannae now.'
Celene (24)
Volcanos are not so dangerous, if you leave hex next turn!
The Black Obelisk (28)
The moment of truth. The mages up the hill are sitting in their tents meditating. The fear of the auxiliary troops is almost physically perceptible. But the proud orc company does not know fear. They know some of their brethren will not see the light of the next day, but they do not fear death. They long for the hours to come with every fibre of their body. If, after this day there are still orcs in this company standing and the goal is achieved, they will have earned themselves the right to choose a company name. If not, so be it, they will rejoin their forefathers fortunate enough to pass to the great beyond through battle.
Nekojin Empire (29)
The Emperor with several soldiers prepared to embark on a small venture. In case of success, big dividends were expected... if not... so, at least they will get an experience and a session on how not to do business in the future.
Avalon Empire (3)
A big city, who would have though that this tiny fleck of land contains one. Are people already living there? And what are they up to?
Filcist (32)
The first guards do not welcome the scouts, blocking their way
Gyperboreya (33)
Trees sighted!  The scouts reported that they had discovered a large forest to the south.  So there was more to this new land than an endless range of mountains! 
Riders of the Storm (37)
We are poor but we can talk.
SoE (38)
The Island is pretty big but we should start exploring the open sea. Let's build a fleet.
WindMasters (4)
It seems that the locals are suckers for mind washing. An effector show which would not have impressed a non-sentient gets them to spend many times over the money they have. Should we be responsible or look at it as supporting greater good?
The Culture (41)
Report from Scout#5

My lord, we have discovered yet another town in the tundra to the north. I request that you send an emissary there as soon as possible to establish trade routes, but please beware as it seems there is a family of Ogres roaming in the forest nearby. I have tried to initiate first contact with them, but nearly lost my neck in the failed attempt.
The Disinherited Knights (42)
The Sparrows have sent reports. The island is small. No more than 15 HEXES (High Elves' eXtremely Estimated Size). Hope is scarce.

Sparrow III hasn't sent a report. Should I worry ? Maybe the Tower Mages...

May the Great Bird welcome his soul into the Nest.
Heralds of the Great Wahzoh (46)
The guildsmen had hired couple of managers and in few places developments went smoother. However, in the second outpost, some evil mages and sorcerers killed all expeditions with one quick lightingbolt. 
As the first tools and trade goods were being produced for the benefit of towns, some other issues became more and more urgent. Monsters eating scouts and locals charging too high prices. 
Solution for the former issue was still far away, but for the latter issue new managers suggested hiring some pillaging expeditions. These are told to achieve price reduction in no time.

The Trade Guild (48)
Oh yes, we took care of those ogres, rich ogres. And rumour says there are more wild beasts in the mountains.
Red Skulls (5)
"I have seen how much effort and skillful work spring from rivalry between people; this too is futility, a chasing after the wind."
                 - King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 4:4)
Truthseekers Alliance (50)
The dust cleared, and we had routed the guards; this will be the beginning of our new nation!

Humble beginnings, but it has to start somewhere.
The Greycloaks (51)
In a small ceremony in market square first of the adventurers was named "Hero of Blettkin" for his bravery in the battle. It was really insignificant, the other adventurers had no time for shallow titles, but they were more eager to learn the powers how to call upon primal forces.
Last of Cone (53)
A scout has been eaten by a pair of eagles. Bad sign.
Under Pressure (57)
Guard-Lieutenant Talenc watched the trader with a beady eye.  He'd been in his share of barroom brawls in this settlement, and his hackles were raising.  That gnoll was a wrong'un, he was sure of it.  
The lieutenant made a mental note to assign a couple of the lads to keep an eye on her, to make sure that she didn't put a paw out of place.  Who knew what allegiance a simple grain-seller might harbour beneath the deceptive honesty of her fur?
Church of Light and Truth (59)
Against all odds, every swimmer appears to have escaped unscathed. 

The land I'm on appears to be cold, flat and wet. Not a decent source of stone to be found. May have to ship some in if I'm to build some form of home here.
Podeans (61)
Faction members have encountered famine. Food reserved are non-existent.
Decision has been made to attack Lizard men in swamp area to get some livestock (hopefully) that they have been hoarding. Lizard scales will be used to make some armor to revenge 2 poor scouts that got attacked and killed by 2 wandering lions. Surviving is tough in this world.
Wildcard (63)
Still trying to get economy on a sound footing, 
not quite there yet. 
But nobody has starved.
ClanJaguar (64)
Why is it always a rush in the end? 
Malibu West (7)
Fountain of Magic (8)
Highprinces of Eternal empire said this land is peaceful but 2 swamp creatures appeared from nowhere.
They seem just sitting there doing nothing, but who knows when they will attack?

Eternal council calculated our chances to win and they are very low. Should we pray to The Seven Prairies?
Eternal empire (9)


Some people say that ice dragons can't fly. Should I beleive them?
Born of black wind, fire and steel
Born of black wind, fire and steel
Born to teach them all to heel
Born of black wind, fire and steel
Funds are tight. It's not that we're short of silver but it just isn't in the right places! Will our couriers make it to us on time?!
In taverns of Va'os they say that Big Ol'Bob has managed to kill first Anuii mage. Isn't that too fast?!

Anuii (934), Anuii (6), behind, leader [LEAD].
Anuii (934) loses 1.
It will be bloody!