Times Turn 8


Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the livestock of Liha.
In the mountain of Mustfolk lurks the Undead (497). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tunnels of Vatcontlem lurks the Dragon (593). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the wood of Clonway.
In the desert of Baldhanddhan lurks the Sphinx (489). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Baldhanddhan for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Adoclewn for the glory of the Gods.
In the swamp of Chenpedeard roams the Clan of Wild Men (205). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the furs of Deeland.
In the mountain of Varter roams the Family of Ogres (176). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Thesipaiss lurks the Sandlings (435). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Seek a token of the Ancient Ones legacy amongst the rootstone of Charseerpoo.
Build a Temple in Airghagen for the glory of the Gods.
In the desert of Ba'eld roams the Sphinx (216). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the desert of Ainglen roams the Sandlings (226). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


A long series of hiring, promises and sometimes threats (all three options work wonderfully with goblins) finally began to bear fruit: iron products marked with the "Desert Eagle" stamp began to arrive in the city on loaded camels. On the counter of the local blacksmith, they, not without a touch of pathos, lie in the department of rare imported goods.
It turned out that work for food is not only beneficial to the employer, but also is quite widespread. Richard did not know what this was connected with, but he assumed that goblins, accustomed to trade without silver, were not at a loss.
Desert Eagles (11)
"Hmm.. We discovered another takeover target, sir "
"Good. Although right now you'd make sure our immediate plans work as expected.. Are you ready?"
"Yes, sir!"
The bank (12)
More scouts found, more desert, what next?
Nils Olav (14)
From the diary of Dark Schneider:

Day 184

We are ready to attack. The guards and local populace don't suspect a thing. They lived in peace for too long to fathom what is to come. Let the dogs of war run free. 

Day 185

The battle was simple. Only four of the guards survived the first wave. A few of Filcist's men perished as well but these losses were anticipated.
Leira proved to be expecially talented with her fireballs. She roasted a baker's dozen of the guards. Moira and Neira killed another fourteen between the two of them. I mainly just observed the battle but still managed to kill 5 of the guards. The girls had no qualms killing their own kind. Seems like they are just as crazy az I am. Now I understand why they were so eager to date me. They were starved for company. Normal folk must have avoided them like the plague. 

Day 190

I promoted Leira from apprentice to first mage (after me of course) and assigned her the task to help her cousins improve their fireball spells.

Day 193

The girls had a surprise for me today. Hot baths! They found a small pond in the forest south of the town and heated the water with fire magic. We had a wonderful evening. Apart from the smell that is. Cooked fish and burned corpses of fishermen don't smell too good. I have to give the girls an A for effort though.

Day 202

We spent a week reading through all the reports of our scouts. We started with map data then tried to make sense of all the different creature sightings. Trents, dragons,  undead and skeletons were expected but Cloud giants? Evil magicians and sorcerers? The giants are one thing but I hate concurence. We need to check if we could use that Dark Mage tower of theirs.

Day 211

We had a fire drill today. Not the kind the town folk used to held but quite the opposite. I wanted to see how the girls progressed with their fire magic. We had another town to conquer in two months and we would not be able to practice next month when sailing on our raft. I was very impressed. Perhaps we won't need that many meat shields for the next conquest? We'll see.    
Silver Eclipse (15)
So, geography is one really, really interesting thing. We have not seen too much of this world yet, just a small piece in fact, but on an island(?), where we have been thrown by the fate, we have all types of terrain, even if it's just one hex of jungle or plains sometimes.
Desert dominating, however. But we wanted that, we got that, so no complains.
Gray Ones (16)
Some might think only a cruel and greedy master could send his vassal to die as bait in a trap, while writing humoruos articles about him for money. But what if there are lots of other vassals who need those money to live? 

There are always more then one view of the situation.
The Chosen Few (17)
"How go the negotiations with the Wood Elves?"

"They keep insisting on your first born for the city," said the first lieut.

"Well keep up the negotiating. Just in case I am allocating some more people to build longbows."
King of the Penguins (18)
A very crowded place... and almost no neighbors were responding to his messages... Newbies? Evil? Ghosts?
Black Tower (21)
The troops were ready to charge and the mages in position to drown the guards under a fire flow. Soon the city will be free!
And ours.
Silver Hand (22)
Guards have been defeated. Many more to come.
Scouts are informing that neighbors have many empty lands, that needs our attention.
Shipbuilding must be started soon!
Skalperians (24)
"What ! What do you say ?" screamed the tall mage with high-pitched voice.
"You mean in the stockade? Like a pig ... That's what you mean by tower ? " continued the mage.
"Temporarily. Imagine that you are in a palace." smiled the admiral at him.
"YOU IMAGINE THAT YOU HAVE A DRAGON WHEN I SUMMON YOU A BIRD !!!" slammed the mage with the doors.
Scoiatael (25)
There was a lot of travel and from the village lately. The efforts of all new imperial subjects were beginning to tell. If only the sourly city guards weren´t depressing everybody everything would look great.
Only one other nagging concern clung to Sildorals mind: Why had he still nothing heard about the Empire of Lund. News from abroad started to come in with the increased commercial traffic and diplomatic channels were revealing loads of interesting and vital information, but still nobody had even heard of his Empire. 
He had heard about another city near his own lands and decided to send a scout there. Maybe they were better informed.
Elves of Lund (26)
His mind flew over endless plains.

Suddenly he felt a disturbance. 

He opened his eyes, coughing from surprise.

Sir Carter turned to his aide. "There is ancient evil magic lurking in the north, powerful and deadly" he said.
"Raise troops, we must attack it before it spreads to the land"
Lost Sea Trading Company (27)
(Stories from ancient Darealone family book - Tales from Torsee Darealone - IV)
Reports were interesting. Nearby regions are all mountains, close to the sea. More important, a village was nearby.
Scout reported there were 40 guards, not much strong but armed.

A strategy was needed. Recruit more men. Some to mine, others to make swords. Get someone smart enough to know how to make sneak attacks to villages.
Yes, it's a good plan.
This is Paradise (29)
At the table sat men and ate.
The groom treated his guests to meat.
Everyone was snapping up dinner and the owner was happy
He talked about his wife all the time.

Men ate meat and drank beer,
They didn't know what the groom was talking about.

I learned recently: all of you, oddly enough, -
The groom's voice was hoarse,-
My grandmother was met in secret from me
And that is why I have gathered you all today.

Men ate meat and drank beer,
They didn't know what the groom was talking about.

I didn't follow her - that's my fault,
But tell me, is it really delicious?

Men ate meat and drank beer,
They didn't know what the groom was talking about.
Men ate meat and drank beer,
They didn't understand what the groom was talking about
Gyperboreya (30)
People believe they can stop our troops after they have mustered and the attack had already started with false messages of peace. There was plenty of time to do that before.

We seem to have found allies. Light is shining brighter. We will defeat Evil together. 
Sword & Shield Forever (32)
What a shiny little trinket!  And carried by such a foul-smelling creature.  I do wonder where they found it.
The Obsidian Order (34)
---Hegemony of Cone: Early years---
-----Chapter 3-----

By the next month already scores of local mountain orcs and hill dwarves had joined the Kingdom of Charles. Most of them were quite eager to follow once they saw the demonstration of fire power from the king. Now they were marching across Cermoud mountains spreading the Holy Cone's word with quite direct methods. The basic combat training of recruits were backed by Charles' fireballs and soon hundreds were included under the banner of the Hegemony of Cone and also first religious tax donations collected. While the guards of Metpool town prohibited taxation and combat activities in town itself, soon there appeared posters calling for death sentence of those that earlier had laughed at Charles' speech.

Outside of the town walls Charles began new recruiting drive. Those town guards were obstacles in the spread of the word of Holy Cone and had to be removed. That required more men and also more fireballs. Banners depicting brown pine cones were prepared and more orcs joined in to fight for the Holy Cone.
Kingdom of Charles (35)
what next? rebuild taxers, and begin to really explore
ClanJaguar (38)
A time has come!
No more restrictions!
We will feed and train our pets like never before...
Beastmasters (39)
Still no shaft... seems the gods don't like us.
The Hunt Begins (4)
.. the city will have to wait, but not for too long. Our tacticians are working on a permanent solution to determining battle results to make more confident moves ..
Miserable Maniacs (40)
Hurry, said Björn "Ironside" Greyfish. Man the raft and give orders to explore the seas. And tell them to meet me at the bay we agreed upon.
Greyfish (43)
The Ambassador carried on sending letters and breeding carrier pigeons. Perhaps the wolves of the forest would make useful allies if he talked to the mothers who ran the packs?

The scouts came to him and showed him their troop numbers. It was time to attempt the conquest - either they would succeed or be forced to resign in shame. Worst of all...it was time to wake up the general!
Children of the Four Winds (44)
Already neighbours are deciding to be a bad neighbour. This could escalate. 
Anuii (47)
From promotion to shoveling shit.  Jacelin cursed under her breath. Oh the celebrations, in a single month she was promoted and honored for her part in the discovery of the underground city.  The parties, the prestige of being in charge of the new scouts, and oh the looks from the guys.  Power hath it's privilege.  All to be lost by a single mistake, here she was in a pig pen.  Officially she was learning farming, in reality she was being punished.  How was she to know she had the sign the marching orders.  Oh the Head Fire Dancer was not impressed.  He had big hopes for those scouts.  Only they were not scouting,  They were hung over.  They didn't get told where to go!!!
Fire Dancers (55)
"Master, our scout in the mountain has not sent his report this month.
- Again? I hope he has a very good reason!
- I don't know Master, but another scout found his dead body near an Ogre nest.
- Hum. I suppose I could forgive him on that one."
The Guild (57)
First interaction with other factions went quite well. Is this a better version of the old world?
Semigallians (6)
Total disarray! A few simple orders, it seemed. No! 
Guards that were supposed to collect taxes with a new regiment, instead were drinking while all the good people were ready to part with their money. By the time guards stopped drinking and went for collecting money, people have already spent everything because they started drinking!
Those shipbuilders... They could've at least told me that I didn't give them all the correct orders! But no, they prefer to drink, all the while miming their work and all the experience that comes with it!
As for the usual builders, I don't even comprehend what happened. Somehow, they begged me enough to receive a grant of magical silver, even though I have few left. BUT THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT! They didn't even drink!
What are these people?..
Chaotic Neutral (62)
Hurray! I see a land! It's forest there. How pleasure the news is in the stone desert!
Royal Pinguins (69)
Nice to relax after the battles. Short peaceful days. Soldiers sent to rest. And only our lord does not allow himself rest, studies maps, makes plans.
Moon Knights (7)
Looks like an island... with few villages and at least one neighborhood? 
Will it be ally or enemy?
Anomymo (76)
Breaking news!

Zombie caravans and zombie traders!
Recently city people started seeing zombies trading tarot cards for thousands of silver, hiring new people and biting them.

What next? Zombie families? Zombie restaurants? City guard look scared but still holds control over the city. Is it undead empire growing?
Eternal Empire (8)
What I love about Atlantis: New Origins...

Learning the rules, the friendliness of the GM and the user community on Discord, the helpful mentors, the excitement of waiting for my turns, this is my kind of game, but also...

What I don't love about Atlantis: New Origins...

Getting picked on as a first time player after starting late on turn 4 by Sword & Shield Forever (32), seven scouting units destroyed in one turn, all this after initial messages back and forth that we could work together. It's just a game, but going after a new player who is still learning the rules like this is pretty brutal and not a great way to grow the player base. I will persevere and hope for the best under the circumstances, as disappointed as I am in this one player's behavior. I know it's not reflective of the entire player community.
Ovuna (80)
Leaving the desert Sangarios approached the gates of the city.  At the well just outside the gates he met the others and said "Come, there is much to do."  The others followed him, and they entered the city.
The Phrygians (83)
By the skin of teeth, sink or swim, the treasuries are emptied and we shall see if the rules of the universe match the rules of our mage.  One way or another, this turn, more than the last, will determine the way forward.
Luxadom (86)
Mistakes and excuses and delays. That's everyday bread of Fishmongers. 
Monsters - as far  no troubles with them but we know - they are around, hiding behind rocks and trees, ready to ruin every good or bad plan, especially one of delivery usable spoils.
Spoils - there were passages in old books indicating that it is profitable even very profitable to fight with all those robbers, pirates and mermen plundering sea trade routes. Then they have suddenly gone after ancient philosopher Ska'lp'er invoked "it's too good" spell.
Fishmongers (9)


All the elves belong to reservation! Join our movement to make our world better!!!
It is rumored that the prices for beer are going to increase massively.
Heretics shall be purged
How did Anuii and Black Towers end up next to each other again?
Who has the map, will have the whole world
Lady Elaine has been see with the stable boy.