Times Turn 9

Players have visited 62% of all inhabited regions.


In the jungle of Quellhawle roams the Grizzly Bears (132). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Tonhutont lurks the Troll Pack (406). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the tundra of Clatpe'ach lurks the Yeti (300). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
Build a Temple in Blialan for the glory of the Gods.
Build a Temple in Certicount for the glory of the Gods.
In the mountain of Poacla lurks the Giant Birds (1160). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!
In the underforest of Hawheci lurks the Troll Pack (364). Free the world from this menace and be rewarded!


Fan amach as ár dtailte!
The Sidhe (11)
After several more friendly conversations, the leader decided to end the night with Good Vibrations.
Legion of Boom (12)
"Sir", reported the aide-de-camp, "it appears we will be rewarded for slaying specific monsters!"
The general looked over his copy of the Atlantis Times, putting the crossword puzzle to one side.
"Would these include the giant birds that ate our scout?"
"Yes....."the aide replied.
"The giant birds that are so cunning, if I keep studying the tactical manuals it will still be a few months before it won't get the drop on us and eat our troops?"
"That's right sir".
 The general sighed. "It may be an amazing reward, but we simply cannot gamble that number of troops on roc hunting until we can be sure of success."
Children of the Four Winds (13)
Tunnels... nothing except tunnels. Who could imagine that it will be so boring?
Avalon Empire (15)
I witnessed that silence killed a leader.
Semigallians (18)
The Atlantis Critter Compendium
If you know your enemy, you can run more motivated
(The who is who of Scouts hazards)

Crocodiles (Swamp)
are coming as boots, girdles, bags, steaks or as a whole. The unpleasant ones are the last, the first are just some of the many incarnations of  bad taste. 
The unpleasantness of the complete crocodile is the fact, that it will use the average and unexpecting adventurer, who is looking for drinking water or way of passing, or is just plain stupid, as boots, girdles, bags or mostly steaks.
Nekojin Empire (19)
Alfred was scared as he had never been before. "I'm just a peasant, I have no idea of fighting... and I have no weapon but this sickle!"

Alfred looked at them men surrounding him. He knew all of them, this is a small village, and he could see that they were thinking the same. But the village had to be freed from its governor, and they had been said that an elvish sorcerer would help them with the guards.
The Lizards (20)
As our exploration leads from plains to mountains to swamps, we lament that the gods of the forest have forsaken us. What will it take to find lumber in this world? Fortunately we have discovered we are not alone, and our new neighbors are both generous and capable, and perhaps may know where some wood is to be found. Unfortunately our supplies have run thin and the first of our men died of starvation this month. Perhaps the last, but that seems unlikely.
Jax (21)
So far some proud members of Skalperian nation, while drinking VODK in pub, have read sneaky rumors, that you can't trust Anuii, Disasters Inc. and Dii Minores. And now Skalperians too?! 
"We should find the source of these rumors!", said the wisest and poured another one.
Skalperians (22)
- Urgent news! - shouted the ranger, running into the tent.
Seated leaders frowned and distracted from discussing cow supplies and tax collection. Let's be honest - small taxes from this god are forgotten places.
- Settlers discovered in the east!
- Hm... you can be free. One needs to be so fast as to communicate what has long been known. Okay, birdie by mail, Cirikord... Dviskop... or whatever? A convenient thing.
Dark League (24)
Holiday over, should have more time now.
MalibuWest (25)
These strange lizard men were impressive to the mage.  He was amazed by their ability to survive so far out to the sea and he was grateful for their service.  He did not understand a word of what the lizardman was saying however the translator informed him that the scout had found very little in his travels.  One tiny island and some distant mountain peaks but otherwise nothing except the endless ocean.  The mage instructed the lizard to beyond scouting the other side of the peninsula.  He needed to know what threats may be waiting close to his shores.
Covenant of Souls (26)
[Why is the avoid/hold flag important?]
Someone knocked at the door in the middle of the night
"Who's that? I'm busy! Do you think this old tome will reveal its secrets when i sleep?"
"Sorry Master! I have urgent news and you didn't put the sign "do not disturb" on the door..."
"Well, I should have. What's going on?"
"Our troops are under attack and they have sent a messenger to require your assistance"
"Why do I pay these strong idiots if I have to fight myself? Show me the way."
After a few hour walk in the dark forest, the guide and Orcinius arrived near to the watch tower.
"Where are they? Are they done with the fight? I hope I haven't been disturbed for nothing!"
"Maa... Maas... Maaasssteeeer! the trees seem to move!" screamed the guide, paralyzed in terror.
"The trees seem to move? Stop saying non sense, this is...." began Orcinius, but he couldn't finish his sentence, having been dismembered by an angry Trent.
Silver Hand (27)
Happy hunting for quests.
Demon's Duchy (28)
Daemys ardaerys emagon issare anointed se āeksio rȳ nesh syt se valerians   
Valyrian Freehold (3)
A Heretic may see the truth and seek redemption. He may be forgiven his past and will be absolved in death. A Traitor can never be forgiven. A Traitor will never find peace in this world or the next. There is nothing as wretched or as hated in all the world as a Traitor.
Ordo Hereticus (30)
As Ruri's mind left this world for a moment Ksiezycogryz has to oversee matters. He wondered, if this is a cost ? Cost, which one must pay, if one is  seriously sudying eternal foundations.  Or is it privillege ? Soon, this knowledge, will be his.
Frozen Snails (32)
Settlements start falling to foul magics. May different reasons are presented but there's one truth. Sorcerers lust for power. And they are never done.
Red Skulls (34)
"Master, one of our scouts saw Grizzlys!"
"Uhm ... there was an article, that there is a reward for Grizzlys ... but we do not yet have capable fighters.
What became of the Grizzlys?"
"We don't know.  We don't see them any more.  They most have wandered some place else."
"Good, may they stay away from our scouts ... and the scouts from them."
Atlantis Explorers (35)
What does silence of your neighbour entail? Especially coupled with ignoring of your diplomatic requests? Æsir of Ásgarðr are looking for peaceful coexistence. But instead of it we hear an awkward, deafening and breathtakingly hypocritical silence. Is there a storm coming?
Aasgarthr (37)
Forty guards armed with swords are all the guards of the village. They hardly possessed any significant martial arts skills. Tomorrow the village will be ours, the magicians no doubt. Fireballs easily cope with a bunch of meat in armor.
Gyperboreya (38)
It looks like not only Muad'Dib survived from Dune, Arrakis. His old allies found a way to open portal to a new world, called Atlantis. It's time to rebuild old relationships.

Harvest important resources, gather taxes from local lands, train magic... Everything goes according to a plan. There are so many survivors from destroyed worlds around... Let's see what they are up to. 
Fremen (4)
Raising his torch, the scout kept on exploring the cave. It seemed endless... Surprisingly, kind of trees and livestock seem to survive there. Maybe some tribes had found asylum here?
He was thinking of settling there, far from the wars occurring at the surface, when claws and jaws jumped from the dark to get him.
After some horrible screams and some weird noises of chewing, the only thing remaining from the scout was the torch in the ground, slowly fading.
Black Tower (40)
form new units, over and over again
ClanJaguar (42)
VP of Sales (1354) has been contacted by the people of the Clatpe'ach tundra to rid them of the problem of a Yeti that is eating the livestock of the already impoverished peasants of the region. At great cost to us, Disasters Inc claims the concession to mount a team for this undertaking, 

The white fur will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to fund the rebuilding efforts and provide food and aid to the ice dwarves of the region. Disasters Inc will also start an investigation into why these regions seem to have been pillaged dry of income.
Disasters Inc (43)
Living on the plains is rather boring. Chasing wild horses to ride on gets tiresome, although some centaurs love doing that all day long. It is time to open up new areas for profit.
Anuii (44)
The city was conquered! Nothing they have done or contributed to achieve though... But it was a good start! 
Soon, money will flow. With money comes knowledge, with knowledge comes power, with power comes ... 
Wait! What could be more desirable than power or knowledge ?
the Guild (45)
Lieutenant gathered hardly a few dozens of poorly trained and poorly armed gnoll peasants. 
The Lord was obviously disappointed to see a small group of wretches.
"That's all we have to take the village?" - asked The Lord.
"My Lord, that's all men we could get togather" - Lieutenant answered.
"We can't delay the takeover. We'll attack with all we have for the moment!" - said The Lord.
The Lord made some strange passes with his hands and fireball sparkled readily at his fingertips.
Nameless Faction (47)
Money, money, money, mah-ney!  MAH-NEY!
The Darkest Night (48)
"What the hell is that? I told you to build me a ship not a beaver dam." Uthark asked as he examined the crude contraption of logs tied together that remotely resembled a badly assembled raft.
"Master asked for boat. We built better. We built raft." The lead goblin of the shipbuilders said.
"This thing will come apart the moment we hit a bigger wave." Uthark grumbled.
"No. It's solid. I swam under it. Looks crude but it is seaworthy." Said Shakaa, the lizardman pyromancer of the tribe then added. "And modular."
"Modular?" Uthark asked with interest.
"Yes. The little ones know their shit. We could easily attach another one next to it on any side and we'd get a floating platform. With ten of these we could transport a whole army." the lizardman answered.
"What about speed? How slow is this thing?" Uthark asked.
"Slow. Very slow. But that's where your wind magick comes in Boss." Shakaa said with a smile.
"Very well." Uthark sighed and turned to the shipbuilders. "You did good. Build another one and join them together. We'll disembark in November."
Noizy Tribe (49)
Here we are again!
   We hear that somewhere in the jungle a Clan of Wild Women was discovered. They seem to be very angry that all other wild clans consist only of men. And those wild women appear to be interested in evil cultists - Skalperians -  experiment breeding elves with elves. But instead of just watching they want to participate and as one would expect - go wild.  We hear a rumor that this is where Brave Walkers usually come in... to watch. Such an evil bunch of very suspicious peoples.
   Hey, aren't those Walkers from Texas?
Dii Minores (50)
What is this being? What is his purpose? Spitting with precision? Interesting... we are going to produce these "khamels". Might be useful for future.
St. LongEar (54)
it was a wonderful battle.  the guards was completely defeated.  And we did not suffer losses.
Gray Faction (58)
Another jump, strong presence of others in the region, maybe there is no chance to find uninhabited land. Maybe I could ask somebody and agree to have a safe place for my studies, but who can I trust in this new world?
Malakoff (63)
January 924, 3rd Era (Actually September Year 1 here)

Woke up in a dark place. The Nexus, they called it... They said I was safe. Safe from him. Safe from The Devourer, Great Enemy, destroyer of all I know. They said I was not the first here, that other victims of The Devourer already were out there in Atlantis. "Atlantis"... That name inspires me.
A new home and a new life awaits me behind one of these Portals...

- William Tyrson
Deadly Tomatoes (65)
King Sabaton exclaimed, "It is nice how peaceful our area of the world has become."

Lieutenent Crakow replied, "Aye. Everyone has decided to work together against the Devourer. There are mighty smart people around here."
Feet of Fleet (7)
Devourer is coming
Wodia Empire (8)


Daemys Ardaerys has been anointed the master at arms for the valerians
There is no honor between Aasgarthr folk.
Why is there so much conflict in the Clatpe'ach tundra?
Dii Minores still cannot be trusted


Anuii cannot be trusted.


It appears that Noizy Tribe CAN be trusted after all


something is creeping in my pink underpanties and I produce rumor after rumor as if no tomorrow