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Welcome to Atlantis New Origins!

Atlantis is a play by email game.

When you sign up for Atlantis, you will be sent a turn report (via email). Your report completely details your position in the game.

After going over this report, you determine your course of action, and create a file of "orders", which you then send back to the Atlantis server.

Then, at a regular interval, Atlantis collects all the orders, runs another turn (covering one month in game time), and sends all the players another report.

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Game Status: Accepting Signups

Signed Up: 51

First Turn: September 9, 2024


Join our Discord channel for game news, players communication and much more.

Download Client

Download game client and ruleset config.
It supports Windows, Linux and MacOS. You will find all instructions in download page.
Development team is working on Web Client, it will be available in future.

Read Rules

Rules are the most important part of Atlantis Game. If you have any questions ask players / game masters in our Discord channel.

Atlantis Engine Version: 5.2.5

Game Start Date: September 9, 2024

Turn Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11:59 AM PDT

Miss a turn?

No worries, we automatically apply your repeated (@) orders towards next turn.
It's better to manage your turn by yourself but in case of emergency you got covered.


Development team is constantly working on bugfixes and improvements to make sure that game runs without any issues.
Although we are working on balance changes, we do not introduce major changes to the game, only improvements and fixes.


Every turn we backup all game data to remote servers so no risks to lose any turns and orders data.