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Faction # Faction Name Actions Orders Times
new Kiiran
new Children of the Four Winds
new Sunshine
new Githyanki
new Unnamed
new Kowards
new Fon
new The Grey Order
new La Orden de la Sangre
new Red Skulls
new The Trade Group
new Jadetalons
new Crimson Alliance
new SuperBober
new Distant Drummer
new Wenvonians
new Les Nains des Monts de Fer
new Under Mirk Wood
new Green
new The Lands Kepper
new The Gray Brotherhood
new The Best Faction Ever!!!!!!
new Mage
new The Merry Magicians
new Silver Hand
new Nekojin Empire
new Wistful Thinking
new Dark League
new The Lord of Drama
new Trader Enclave
new The Order of Tolin
new Elder Tree Forests
new Greywolf
new Queen XOT
new Buka
new Shestoper
new Voras
new Drow
new Mantzikert
new Filcist
new Fishmongers' Guild
new Gyperboreya
new squirrels
new Truth Seekers
new The Order of the Egret
new Stormbringer
new Kweo Keegii
new Sailors Guild
new Faction
new The Kingz
new Tellurus